everything in its season

Fandom: Vikings
Characters: Ubbe/OFC, Ivar/OFC
Rating: Explicit
Words: 1466

Notes: myth!AU that started at @splendor-e‘s suggestion of Ivar as Hades waiting for Persephone to return. I didn’t do the myth straight up; I replaced Demeter’s role with a fertility god husband played by the dashing Ubbe. It turned out less smutty and more emotional than I intended, but who can control the muse?

Ao3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11016876

For you, the first sign of autumn is a rumbling under the ground. You smile softly to yourself. Ivar is growing impatient.

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EXO - 170528 Zenith News report: Exoplanet #3 - The EXO'rDium [dot] press conference

Credit: Zenith News.

let go.

Summer Sky

A week at my sisters in Switzerland with proper skys and excellent MIlky Way watching. This is a long exposure of Cygnus and all its surrounding nebula and stars. Taken in Arzier Switzerland 29/07/2016 with a canon 700d and samyang 24mm lens. 

Because I could write the Crows doing all the mundane things

Brushing their teeth:

Matthias is stereotypical guy messy since being away from the fjerdan army. Spits. Gurgles loudly. Water, listerine, you name it.

Nina weirdly likes cinnamon toothpaste. Keeps her area relatively clean. Disgusted by matthias’s gurglung. Always tries to out gurgle him. Both usually end up choking and spitting everywhere.

Jesper leaves the water running the entire time. Fast brushing that leaves you wondering how he has teeth. Taps the brush obnoxiously against the sink when done. Smiles saucily at reflection. Water still running.

Wylan wets toothbrush just enough and turns off water. He brushes for 2 minutes exactly and then flosses. Inspects teeth in mirror carefully, but blushes when he sees Jesper grinning at this. This happens every time.

Kuwei awkwardly hovers around Jesper, trying to share sink. Normal brushing. Flosses occasionally.

Inej brushes slowly, contemplating life. Tends to stare off into mirror or space. Sometimes walks around the bathroom doing other things while brushing. Hums.

Kaz stares in moderately horrified disgust. “Why do we have six sinks?”