GW2 Fashion Week - Day 5

Eolla, mesmer. Pile of glittery garbage. A precious fairy who’s beyond and above that gender nonsense. Has a wild (in every matter) fashion sense and needs all those frilly shiny sparkly things right now.


    •  Helm: none
    •  Shoulders: chronomancer’s epaulets
    •  Chest: priory’s historical vestments
    •  Gloves: winged gloves
    •  Pants: conjurer pants
    •  Boots: savant boots
    •  Back: glittering wings
    •  Weapon: zenith avenger, bonetti’s rapier, glittering focus

Dyes: celestial, rose ice, glint’s sanctuary, glint’s crystal, electro blue, electro purple

I’m planning to replace the chest and epa with nightmare court robes and acolyte (already have) or inquest mantle. If only I wasn’t such a lazy little shit I am, I’d already have the skins before the fashion week ends. D:


I’m stuck on a Zenith loop again.

I could listen to this a hundred times in a row and still get goosebumps every time it gets to the first “now and for always” and the second “come unleashed, you’re set free”.  

Summer Sky

A week at my sisters in Switzerland with proper skys and excellent MIlky Way watching. This is a long exposure of Cygnus and all its surrounding nebula and stars. Taken in Arzier Switzerland 29/07/2016 with a canon 700d and samyang 24mm lens. 

Inspiring Dabs

(From a home brewed game system with original classes and races. The party members were unknowingly poisoned with a sleep drug by some creatures that eat people. Two were unaffected, one fell asleep. This is how they decided to resolve it. ) Characters
Name. Race. Class.
Zekt (Draknir) Castor
Iolam (Psion Host)Zenith
Zom (Daemon) Soul

Zekt: I jump up and start dabbing before leaping into attack. I roll percentage to see how on point my dabs are.
*rolls 90%*
Zom: (OOC) Try waking him up with your dabs while I kick him!
Zekt: I wake up my friend (Iolam)with my glorious on point dabs
DM: Roll to wake him
*rolls nat 20*
DM: He wakes up and is inspired by your godlike dabbing skills
DM: The bad guys are vaguely impressed with your dabs and are stunned. You get one free round to act.