Back to school bookish photos from my first week back. I’m currently reading Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings and I am loving it! An all girl gang of space pirates? Sign me the fike (😆) up! It has gotten me out of the horrible reading slump I’ve been in for the last month and though I’m not done with it yet I highly recommend it. I am also now the proud owner of a Sirius Black Pop! Fucking finally! I’m starting a bullet journal tonight which I’m super excited about so if any of y'all have any tips please shoot me a message ☺️ Also I’ve ordered 5 books online (pictures to come) even though I’m super broke. I need to be stopped 😪

A waterspout is a vortex appearing over a body of water: a terrifying link from cloud to sea. These sketches are from a 1798 pamphlet in our archives.

This image is the foot of a spout from 6 January 1789. The caption reads 

On the left hand are seen the clouds which rise towards the zenith, but still considerably distant. This foot had plumes elevated nearly like sails, and was driven towards the shore by the wind. In proportion as it came near the land it contracted and was reduced into a column of mist, which the wind overset on the land the moment the supply of water was wanting.

 This next image is from the same day:

“Nothing could more nearly resemble a ship of war on fire than this phenomenon, excepting that no flames appeared. I have endeavoured to shew the continual jets of its surrounding vapour, and of the water which issued from the center. At b are seen the remains of a water spout after it has been destroyed by the foot having touched the ground.

On the left of this next illustration, a represents the foot of the second water-spout ready formed, which was probably the third. It has yet no spout. At b is seen a protuberance tending obliquely towards the east, and advancing to the west with the cloud to which it is suspended.

Finally, this illustration shows two spouts. The authors writes that the wind was less strong on this day than the 6 January spouts above, and the phenomenon was proportionally less. 

It may be seen at a and b that the surrounding plumes of the foot had not the power to raise themselves up as in the preceding figures, but were kept down by the wind.

And here’s a modern-day photograph of the phenomenon:


Ok ok just imagine Junkrat making those little bombshell casings with silly faces on it-the ones he makes Satya in YBIAW- and instead of leaving the cases empty he puts bells in them or little beads and attaches a grip to the casing aND MAKES A BABY RATTLER FOR HIS CHILD

Imagine most of his free time dedicated to making toys like these for his children, just…imagine

if we replace every noun of a 30 second-long Family Guy clip with the The Nutshack theme then we’ll immediately reach the zenith of human achievement and everything else will just be downhill from there

“There was a time, usually late in August, when summer struck the trees with dazzling power and they were rich with leaves but then became, suddenly one day, strangely still, as if in expectation and at that moment aware. They knew. Everything knew, the beetles, the frogs, the crows solemnly walking across the lawn. The sun was at its zenith and embraced the world, but it was ending, all that one loved was at risk.”
― James Salter, All That Is