zenith e

I’m curious because I know that like naija afrobeat because majority of its production or w/e comes from Lagos there’s a lot of Yoruba influence. But like nollywood which was a big naija export before the afrobeat reached the beginnings of its zenith (i.e now) in the international sphere. Much of nollywood’ films are obviously rooted in eastern Nigerian culture I.e Igbo culture (not to erase other eastern Nigerian cultures).
Okay my question is how Yoruba culture especially clothing has become so popular among other Nigerian ethnic groups and even in other parts of the continent (like I saw a Ugandan bride wearing aso-Oke with iro, buba, aso-ofi, and gele). Not that it’s bad or anything I’m just a little confused why Igbo clothing is not as popularly used by other ethnic groups because Igbo culture is a really big and influential part of mainstream Nigerian cinema/cultural sphere tbh. its really rare and maybe until recently that Yoruba culture is used in nollywood narratives I.e English speaking films.
I saw on a website that Yoruba clothing is the most popularly worn/incorporated especially for weddings and I see it a lot too and I’m not sure why it. I’m really curious why other peoples adopted it considering it’s also expensive: the aso-oke, ileke, getting someone to tie the gele properly. Or is that part of the allure the idea of wealth and respectability.