This is Xintang, China. If you own a pair of jeans, there is a high chance they were made here. What used to be a small rural town is now home to over a million jeans factory workers. This town now turns over more than 260 million pairs of jeans a year- that is more than a third of the world’s supply. The streets are full of old men and women cutting loose thread from jeans- and this is just the smaller businesses cashing in on a much larger industry.


(from wikipedia) - Baishuizhai (白水寨). A high waterfall. This is a pleasant spot to visit set in pleasant surroundings not far from the city (Zengcheng). The waterfall is no giant but is claimed to be the highest in mainland China: it is best appreciated from a short distance away. If you enter the park, entrance about 70 yuan, the entire pathway to the mountain summit above the waterfall has been developed. In the lower reaches it is a plankway, some on swinging chains, often crossing the cascade. After that, it is what appear to be granite steps. The park claims there are 9999 steps. For the less strong there is a bus service for ¥20 yuan. If you are walking you should allow maybe 5 hours for the return trip from the entrance. There are unnumbered buses from Zengcheng to the park and the trip takes a little over an hour.