So I’ve been thinking about how The Confusion Ending is the “true” ending of The Stanley Parable.

Cause the narrator spends the entire game just going on and on about how both stanley and the player have no real choice inside or outside the game.

But when you get to The Confusion Ending, you realize that out of the three of you, the narrator is the one with the least amount of choice of all.

You get hints of it sure. You get the second narrator talking about how stanley and the narrator need each other. You get The Wife Ending where the narrator bemoans not being able to get stanley to make a different choice. In The Line Ending he’s legitimately surprised that his resets are part of the game. And in the Zending he’s very visibly distraught at the idea that the game is going to reset, even after he tried to make a choice of his own.

It’s because the narrator can literally do nothing unless the player/stanley does something first. Yeah the player/stanley have limited choices and option that have a limited impact on real life/the game. 

But the narrator has no choice at all.

dido18j replied to your chat “me: i’m in the zone, no stress, i feel at ease and calm group project…”

Aaah succes Sanne! Kan me voorstellen dat het super stom is dat je dit zo opeens doen, maar ik zend al mn positieve vibes naar je toe, je kan het!

Thanks! Ben er gewoon een beetje klaar mee, ze maken zo gebruik van het feit dat ik geen extra vakken heb, wat prima is, maar geef me wel tijd om voor te bereiden op z’n minst..
Maar dankje c: eind april ben iig van de experimenten af! 

citybabie  asked:

1, 2, and 33 😊😊😊

1. Selfie

2. What would I name your future kids?

    I always said if I have a son I’d name him Zende lol

33. Something you want to learn

    I’ve always wanted to learn Capoeira and how to hot wire a car haha