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A/N This is a pretty crappy one (not gonna lie) but I just wanted to write something… so here you guys go!! I’m probably gonna write a part 2 because I have a few ideas in mind… Anyways hope you enjoy this!

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, ft Harrison Osterfield and Zendaya

Word Count: 1, 218

Warnings: None? A lil angst?

Inspired by The Deceitful Man by @webslingerholland!!


| Part 2 |  

You sat down on the couch. Excitement bubbled inside of you. Tom was landing today. You were ecstatic. Tom had been away for 6 months, filming Chaos Walking and going for press tours. You couldn’t leave London due to your job, so you had to make do with Skype calls or texts. You missed him so much and you couldn’t wait to have him in your arms again. The late night skype calls weren’t enough. You were desperate to touch him, hug him and kiss him.

You smiled to yourself as you looked at the picture of you and Tom hanging on the wall. Oh how you wished time would pass faster. A buzz from your phone snapped you out of your thoughts. You picked up the rectangle block. A text from Zendaya.

Call me on Skype. It’s important.

You frowned. What happened? It couldn’t be Tom. Harrison would’ve called you if something happened to Tom. You rang her up on Skype.

“Hey Zend-”

“He’s cheating.” You could sense the nervousness in her voice.

You furrowed your brows. Who was cheating? Tom? Not possible. Was Zendaya’s boyfriend cheating on her?

“What? Who?”


You couldn’t believe what you heard. You blinked. Was your head processing this right? Tom?  Thomas Holland? Cheating? On you? No way. You refused to believe it. You laughed.

“That’s a good prank Z. Thomas wouldn’t cheat on me.” You said flatly.

“But he did. Y/N you need to believe me. I have proof.”

“I don’t think so Z.” Your voice quivered a little.

“I’m so sorry.” She said as your phone buzzed. You looked down. A picture of Tom holding another woman, smiling as he kissed her passionately. You refused to believe what you saw.  

“Are you sure that this isn’t from Chaos Walking?”

“It was taken during a get together three weeks ago. There was no booze. Nothing. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have kept it from you for so long. I just didn’t know what to do.” She apologised with a sorry expression plastered on her face. You knew it was true.

“It’s alright. Does Harrison know?”

“Yes. You alright?”

“I’m fine.” You’re not.

“You’re not.”  

She was right. You were broken. Torn. Hurt. You bit your lip hard, trying to stop yourself from breaking down. But you couldn’t hold back. Hot tears started to trickle down your cheek as you thought of Tom holding another woman, with the hands that held you. You thought of Tom kissing her, with the lips that said ‘I love you’. You thought of Tom’s smile, the one that could light up your day. You thought of him, until the familiar ringtone sounded through your house. It was Tom.

“Hello?” You put the phone on loudspeaker so that Zendaya could hear.

“Hey. Haz and I just landed. But you don’t have to come see us. We’re really tired. Gonna head to my house to rest. I’ll see you in a few days at your family dinner alright?”

“How about tomorrow? We have tickets to watch a movie remember?”

“Oh… about that… I’m sorry but I’m really tired and I want to take a few days to rest. You can take your sister instead.” He sounded nervous. You could tell that he was lying through his teeth.

“My sister is studying in Singapore Tom.”

“Right… sorry.”

“It’s fine. I’ll see you soon. Love you.”

You said, waiting for an ‘I love you’ back, but the line went dead.

“Oh God. I’m so sorry Y/N. I can come over tomorrow to watch it with you?” She suggested, hoping to lift your spirits.

“It’s fine. I have something to do anyways. You’ll hear about it though.” You smiled.

You were fine. You had skipped the whole crying and wallowing in self pity phase of a breakup. You spent the night singing happy breakup songs and clearing your house. You packed up all of Tom’s things into a box. You cleared all the clothes you took, all the pictures and all the gifts. You packed it into two cardboard boxes. You loaded the boxes into the boot of your car and you headed off.

“Y/N?” Harrison looked surprised and extremely uncomfortable.

“Hey.” You smiled.

“uh… what are you doing here?” He leaned his weight on the door, such that all you could see was him and a little bit of the house.

“I thought that I could come surprise Tom. I have somethings for him.”

“Oh… well but Tom doesn’t want you here right now. Plus he’s out.” Lies. Tom’s shoes were by the shoe rack.

“It’s fine. I’ll just leave the things here.”

Harrison reached to take the boxes, but you pushed your way through and walked into the house.

“Y/N, I said you’re not supposed to be here.“ 

You dropped the boxes. Now you were angry.

“Why? Why Harrison? Why am I not allowed here. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t be here.” You were fuming. How could Harrison not tell you? He was your best friend too.

“I said, Tom isn’t home.” Lies.

“I’m not blind Haz. I can see the pair of high heels sitting next to Tom’s shoes. I know Harrison. I know.“ 

By then you were raising your voice. You didn’t care if you were disturbing Tom and his girlfriend, you needed to let your pent up anger go.

“Geez what’s with the noise?”

You turned to see him. Standing on the steps of the staircase. He froze. He went white. You desperately wanted to go up to him and kiss him. You wanted to scream at him. You wanted to hug him. You wanted to slap him into another universe.

“Y/N… what are you doing here? I told you not to come.”

You shrugged.

“I told you not to come. God why can’t you just listen? I wanted t-”

“To spend time with your new girlfriend?” You fired back.

He was stunned. He figured that you wouldn’t have found out. He figured that if he hid her well enough, no one else would find out.

“Oh yea. It was supposed to be a secret. My bad. Zendaya happened to spill the beans. Whoops?”

“Zendaya…” his hand curled into a fist.

“Don’t blame her. I think I deserve to know if my boyfriend doesn’t want me anymore right?”

His face softened when you said that.

“Y/N… it’s not that I don’t want you. I do. I’m so sorry… it was a one time thing. It was an accident. I was drunk. I didn’t know what I was doing.” He pleaded.

“No wonder you won that award at the BAFTAs… you’re a really good actor.” You crossed your arms, pretending to be wowed by his performance.


“Zendaya told me every single detail Thomas. There was no booze. You were definitely in the right mind… and judging by the pair of high heels over there… I’m pretty sure it’s not a one time thing.” You stated flatly.

“No Y/N… It’s not… no… Please forgive me. I’ll break up with her…”

“It’s fine Thomas.”

He looked at you, his eyes lit up. He was thankful that he was given another chance.

“It was nice while it lasted. Goodbye Thomas.”

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I’m on vacation! I also don’t have my computer or coloring things, so here’s this I guess.
Okay listeN I DIDN’T MEAN TO MAKE IT SAD IT JUST HAPPENED. The Zending of The Stanley Parable is my favorite and so I decided to draw this. This is the Zending, btw, even though there is no background. Anyone who has seen the Zending will know what has just transpired.
I also have the Narrator new hair (not that you can really tell from the back) because I hated the hair I gave him before.

anonymous asked:

hi~ can i request RFA (or... whoever you can think of something for idc) reacting to MC coming on and posting disturbingly suicidal things, but in the morning if they mention it she's like "late night sentimentality, happens to all of us"

I’ll try my best but I’m not really experienced in how people handle these types of situations so the headcanons are only short


  • Hella confused   
  • highkey worried about MC
  • tryna cheer MC up 
  • confused part 2 in the morning 
  • discreetly tries to interrogate MC on their behaviour 
  • fails
  • MC’s like ‘lol wyd’ 


  • d i s   b o i
  • showers MC with praise to make them feel better 
  • low-key gets annoyed at Jumin for not doing anything 
  • hounds MC for an explanation of last night in the morning 
  • didn’t really get the answer he was looking for
  • begrudgingly lets it go
  • lowkey more protective over MC


  • poor babe
  • can’t really say much cause she still knee deep in paperwork 
  • chips in with the odd comforting words
  • suggests watching Zen’s musicals as that cheers her up
  • doesn’t press MC for answers in the morning like the others 
  • still keeping in eye on them 
  • Eagle Eyed Jaehee activated 


  • lol this child is bad with emotions 
  • someone help Jumin
  • gives really blunt answers
  • getting scolded by Zen and Jaehee 
  • solves this the only way he knows how 
  • money
  • sends like 5 care packages to MC
  • MC said he didn’t need to 
  • he has no regrets 

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • spams MC with memes
  • tries to lighten the mood 
  • jokes aside he does try to cheer up MC
  • considers sending MC cat videos, no one can resist them 
  • isn’t fazed by MC’s reaction 
  • probably understands the situation the mostly 

these are shit sorry 

~Admin Petty

anonymous asked:

What about Stanley himself?

((a couple of these asks got buried in my drafts, whoooppps))

Let’s begin again.

Note: I like this ask in particular because ‘Stanley’ is basically a fabrication based entirely on the player’s experience and the Narrator’s cues, and yet…

  • Why I like them: Stanley is so perfectly bland, and yet so perfectly serene that way. There are very few instances, in the Groundhog Day-type hell he’s been sentenced to, where he appears to display any visible panic. Anyone else would be climbing the walls, but not Stanley. Come hellfire or high water or Well I’ll be honest, I don’t recognize this place at all’s from the Narrator, he approaches everything with what seems to be a rather accepting, “que sera, sera” attitude. The Narrator belittles him as simple for this, and it can almost trick a person into thinking Stanley’s docile, but considering his conscious acts of defiance and free will that crop up here and there, I believe Stanley has simply achieved some form of Nirvana.
  • Why I don’t: There is nothing to dislike about Stanley, only things to be pitied.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): The refusal to give into the blank oblivion of the Zending, the heartwrenching, dogged determination with which he climbs those stairs to his death, over and over.
  • Favorite line: “….”
  • Favorite outfit: The neatly pressed shirt and slacks he wears to work. No, no, not the ones he wears on Tuesdays; specifically, the ones he wears on Fridays. Sure, in every manner they are identical to what he wears on Tuesdays, or Mondays, or even Thursdays for that matter, but there’s something about the ones he wears on Fridays; the subtle anticipation of the weekend, maybe.
  • OTP: Stanley/Narrator.
  • Brotp: Stanley/Break Room, or Stanley/Broom Closet.
  • Head Canon: See ‘Stanley has achieved Nirvana’, above; I also don’t believe that in the alternative to the Zending that Stanley’s actions were out of spite toward the Narrator. I’m even inclined to believe he was doing good by both of them, at a great personal sacrifice.
  • Unpopular opinion: N/A??
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: It’s too late. A myriad of the worst things have already happened.
  • My nickname for them: N/A