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  • MJ: Did it hurt when you fell?
  • Peter: From heaven? No, I'm not giving you my numbe-
  • MJ: No, I mean when you fell out of the taxi. I saw you trip on your foot and just kind of lay there on the pavement for about ten minutes.
  • Peter:
  • MJ:
  • MJ: We all saw that.

Zendaya: Anybody under 5’9 can’t talk about fighting someone. Like, what are you gonna do? Headbutt someone in the nipples?

Tom: Say goodbye to your kneecaps, asshole.

As soon as the camera is on her, it’s astonishing. She’s a true star, a true hardworker. When she dances, and she is with twenty of the best dancers in the world, your eye goes to her. When she sings, I mean, when I would do my vocal sessions with Justin & Benj, they were like: “No, this way, this way.” Like, really. And with her, they’d just let it go. She is a pure natural. She is unbelievably respectful to everyone she works with, incredibly professional. And, it really hasn’t happened very often in my life, to work with someone where it’s so blindingly obvious, that she is going to be, if she wants it, the biggest star of her generation. And that could be in music, or dance or acting, whatever she wants.
—  Hugh Jackman on working with Zendaya for The Greatest Showman

[Steve and Pepper are excited for Peter and MJ’s baby, Tony not so much]

Steve: I’m gonna be a grandpa. A grandpa, a grandpa. Or a Pee-Paw Or a Pop-Pop.

Pepper: I’m gonna be an Auntie. Or an [poshed accent] Auntie. Or a Mimi.

Tony: I’m gonna be Tony. And if anybody says the “G” word, I’m pulling out my blade.

Tom: who the fuck?!

Harrison: language Tom!

Tom: oh! Whom the fuck!-

Zendaya: He said ‘language’ not ‘grammar’ dumbass.

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  • Peter: Bro.
  • Ned: What bro?
  • Peter: Tell the whole world we're bros.
  • Ned *whispers*: We're bros.
  • Peter: Why'd you whisper bro?
  • Ned: Because you're my whole world bro.
  • Peter: Bro.