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Television: Some old classics in new formats.

⬆ Legendary! Voltron is back at No. 2.
⬆ You’re shouting from the rooftops about Scream, and now it’s No. 8.
☆ Baz Luhrmann’s Bronx-based The Get Down debuts at No. 15.

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Movies: Look at all this bright and shiny newness.

Hidden Figures (No. 4) is all about black excellence, and we’re all about that.
☆ Stop animated Kubo and the Two Strings debuts at a perfectly middling No. 10.
☆ No surprise to you that The Handmaiden debuts at No. 16.

Music: Blond/Blonde is the new GIF/GIF.

Frank Ocean finally deemed us worthy of his music, moves to No. 1.
Janelle Monáe debuts at No. 10 due to her part in Hidden Figures.
Britney Spears (No. 16)  will be back at the VMAs this year, presumably with less snakes.

Celebrities: Everyone is so ready for this Spiderman.

Zendaya (No. 1) is playing Mary Jane Watson in Spiderman: Homecoming and holy shit, YES.
Zac Efron is at No. 7 after bestowing a kiss upon America’s Sweetheart, Simone Biles.
⬇︎ Tom Hiddleston falls five to No. 16. Is his summer fling losing its appeal?

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Games: 🎮 🎮 🎮

Final Fantasy XV jumps VII spots to No. VI.
Metal Gear Survive doesn’t seem to be thriving, but still debuts at No. 15.

Web stuff: Featuring an entrepreneur at only 23.

Critical Role makes some critical moves up to No. 7.
Achievement Hunter unlocks No. 11.
☆ Mogul Connor Franta (No. 19) will be on the cover of next month’s Entrepreneur Magazine.


Tom Holland | Don’t Stop The Music

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A rant I went on Facebook concerning people being angry over Zendaya as MJ

“Maybe instead of changing established characters they could make original ones”.

You do realizes there’s hundreds if not thousands of minority characters who were written to represent us and, a lot of the time, they go unnoticed and are given no support by consumers?

Nerds bitch and moan about Riri Williams taking over for Iron Man, but are they reading any black female hero stories like Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur?

Gay men complain about Iceman being gay (and yes, I was one of them, but I’ve come around), but where were they when Midnighter got his own series, which actually delved into his life as a gay man?

Whining over a Muslim as Captain Marvel but can’t even talk about Dust, an Arabic Muslim who observes the hijab, and is one of the best young X-men characters alongside Armour.

You want them to make new characters? How about you actually fucking support them and give them a reason to make these characters branch out into other media?

Until then, Marvel and DC are free to cast how they fucking want and you can expect me to laugh at you if you bring up the idea of “forced diversity”.