Peter Parker, also known as the popular superhero ‘Spiderman’, is roughly 16-17 years old, meaning he was born in either 2001 or 2002. Contrary to popular belief, this place him firmly in the ‘Gen Z’ category, rather than the millennial category that many place him in. By extrapolating this information, we can conclude that Peter Parker not only knows what a furry is, but constantly has to grapple with the fact that his spider-centric identity is, in fact, his fursona. In this essay I will-

zendaya at the met gala makes me feel like i’m a princess of the crown in the 1400s and she’s one of the knights in my guard sworn to protect me and we’ve grown up together and secretly fallen in love but our romance is forbidden because i’ve been betrothed to a prince from a far off kingdom and we can only confess our love to each other in the royal garden by the light of the moon or in dark stone passage ways by candlelight


All the Met Gala-inspired drawings I did this year (so far) I LOVED THIS YEAR SO MUCH. Please follow me on Instagram to see progress and additional pieces (and to vote on the next piece!)

so there’s this awesome post here that suggests a live action kim possible movie with zendaya, tom holland, and jacob batalon like so…

and i was like daaaamn but then it go me thinking about everyon else especially our good ol favourite lesbian shego… which i concluded should be portrayed by kehlani and then her and zendaya can be super gay together

now if we have shego we’ll need drakken too so I’m thinking michael mando who plays vic the dick on orphan black and if you’ve never seen orphan black then clearly you’re not a lesbian and I can’t help you with that

now for kim’s parents dr. james t. possible and dr. ann possible i was thinking gay icon john mulaney and gugu mbatha-raw who plays bisexual kelly in san junipero and yes her parents are like 35 but you’re just going to have to deal with it

letitia wright as monique

bonnie will be lesbian jesus hayley kiyoko and her crew will be the other cheerleaders

and lastly rufus will be played by gina linetti’s shirt

I can just imagine Tom Holland sitting behind his computer typing Infinity War in the search bar and reading all the theories cause lord knows this boy is just as confused as we are