Got my hands on a ASUS Zen Fone5. Back case color is black. Very matte. 16gb memory.

What do I think? Just some insights while using the phone for 3 hours. I slept after I received the phone. Haha.

*ASUS Zen Fone 5: First Glance*

1. It felt very lightweight. No stress on my hands. Might have to be extra careful while using it or it will say bye bye bye and will go fly fly fly.

2. Not used to having back speakers anymore. Might as well adjust it. Sound quality is good, though. Need to test it on music and stuffs.

3. Camera is good. Lowlight shots are noisy. But most lowlight shots I have from my other phone are noisy too. And some has pink leopard prints on it. Hehe.

4. User interface is good. Very simple.

5. Battery, not really awesome.

But they said, any kitkat powered device has bleak battery performance. And, well, considering this only has more or less 2100mah battery, I don’t expect this to last for more than a day with the way I use my phone. Hehe. My hTC Butterfly S barely keeps up with me when I play CoC, and that has more juice than this one, so .. yeah .. whatever.

It’s a good find for P6995. No regrets. Better than buying china variant samsung phones.

BTW, I saw an hTC one m8 china variant and it was really awful to look at. Didn’t even notice that it was an m8 up until the seller told me. It broke my heart while I was testing it. It ran on mtk. It was sad. And it only costs more or less 3k. And you can still haggle. Ugh.

A friend advised me to just buy the Zen2. (Wait, what was the name of that phone again?) Well, I can always save for it, if I really want to buy it, right?!

I just got it 8hrs ago. Will be putting my sim card in for a more enjoyable experience. Hopefully, will have an in-depth review after one week. If I don’t enjoy using it, I might purchase a 2nd hand hTC one m7, without any issues, instead. :)

Ok. See you. ^_^ Ciao.

Saya tak nak letak title

Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. hp kesayangan saya masih x jumpa lagi. ada 2 kemungkinan mungkin,

i: tercicir daam dk1 fkp

ii: tercicir dalam keta syaza

iii: tercicir kat meja makan

iv: tercicir dalam beg dan x jumpa

esok dahlah nak g hotel

2. saya x pack barang lagi. saya x list lagi nak prepare pa

3. saya x list lg knp saya mst bli zen5/ bli hp canggih sikit dr yg saya ada

4. saya x tau knp brg saya sokmo hilang. Allah x redha ke? rezeki x berkat ke? duit haram ke? saya haram ke?

ah sudah.

cukup sampai sini, saya m jarang update, skrg cinta sy pada laptop da berkurang saya malas nak bersamnya, cinta saya skg kt lain,

kat quran.


typo? isti’jal dlm menaip? dah lembab nak mampuih kt sini, no 4 pon x kua lagi, dah lah. nak gerak tdo. Astaghfirullahalazim,

s1. semoga jumpa fon esok

2. semoga siap pack mlm ni

3. Semoga Allah redha

4. semoga Allah jaga

5. semoga Allah kabukan permintaan

mls layan typo