The only “regret” that I have about the move to Virginia is this –

We are no longer just 2-3 hours from the Catskills. More importantly, we are no longer just 2-3 hours from the Zen Mountain Monastery, possibly the only “religious-ish” organization in which I have felt at ease in years. We do have the lovely Blue Ridge nearby, and the whole Shenandoah Valley. But there is no Zen Mountain Monastery, no Ryushin, no Hojin… That place, that’s the only hole that I don’t think will ever be filled here. The only nostalgia…

Proceed Clearly, Do Not Cloud The Mind

I’ve read that each precept contains all the others. In my head I get that, but in Proceed Clearly; Do Not Cloud The Mind I see it clearly. Killing, lying, gossiping etc. cloud the mind and are not an example of preceding clearly.

Historically this precept has to do with alcohol and drug abuse which seems obvious, but I manage to cloud my mind with ease and with almost anything. I don’t do it on purpose, but I do it all the time, and having a beer or two is the least way. I know I have to watch that.

How about daydreaming? Some weird extension of childhood that takes me out of the moment. It would be cool if I was dreaming up ways to reduce hunger or get a better wi-fi connection, but mine are never that poetic or constructive. They just cloud what is right in front of me.

I often wonder if my writing or my guitar playing are just so many clouds. I like to think it is something about intention; somewhere in the how and the why.

I continue, and I try to stay persistent within the question.



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