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Still on his extended vacation with his loving girlfriend, the ever faithful collared boy, Zen, had been secretly scrounging up materials in order to craft another crossbow. The same he'd armed himself with in combat. "I... heard that handmade gifts are more preferable to purchased ones. Especially if they remind you fondly of the gift giver. If it pleases you... I want you to have this for your birthday, Amy." He means well, wanting to express his love. Even if it's far from the societal norm~.

{✱};— Amy was so happy that her boyfriend could join her on her birthday. In fact, she was glad that her boyfriend could stay with her within her realm so they could spend more time together in general. Zen said he had a surprise for her–knowing Zen, it could be literally anything. Even after knowing the collared boy after all these years, Amy still couldn’t figure him out completely. In some small way, it was a blessing because that would leave more surprises for her.

… However, she wasn’t entirely sure on what to think about this ‘craft’. It wasn’t that it wasn’t well made–in fact it was so well made that it looked far nicer than what one could find at a store–but a crossbow of all things certainly was jarring.

Still, Amy smiled at her significant other.

“It’s really lovely. I love it in fact!” She gigged as she held the crossbow close to her. The pinkette stood on her tip toes and gave Zen a smooch on the cheek. “Thank you so much, darling~”

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