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Genyatta week, Day 4, AU

I love so many aus ;;;w;;; but wanted to draw Genji’s oni skin so here it is. The AU where Zenyatta is called to deal with a demon problem someone has (u know bc he’s a monk and all), the demon just sulking around the house and creeping everyone out. And then Zenyatta talks to him a bit and Genji not only leaves the but starts following Zen around. Then cute things happen. This here is the moment Zenyatta arrives and sees the demon in question for the first time just… sitting there on top of a shelf.

The Expat Life

Where to go in SE Asia? Saigon, Vietnam

Lots of little hidden gems in this city! Don´t let the run down buildings fool you. 


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Living abroad

Where to go in SE Asia? Bangkok, Thailand

So much to see and do! Take a ride on a boat and drink some Chang. After exploring Bangkok take your butt to the beautiful Thai islands. Magical is the word.

This is a good friend I made while living in South Korea. We met up in Thailand during our Christmas break and traveled together for a bit. We parted ways on the island of Koh Tao, and reunited once we got back to Seoul:)

Check out our fun instagram:


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