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In modern society most of us don’t want to be in touch with ourselves; we want to be in touch with other things like religion, sports, politics, a book - we want to forget ourselves. Anytime we have leisure, we want to invite something else to enter us, opening ourselves to the television and telling the television to come and colonize us.
—  Thich Nhat Hanh

The background is shitty but I tried :”)

I still love social media edits they’re my KINK!!

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You called for angst? HC's for the RFA and minor trio reacting to getting into the first real argument with MC.

This took so long to do, but I sort of really like this one. I will do the minor trio in a separate post! I spent a lot of time working on this one (I mainly got really lazy in between doing them, yikes) I hope you enjoy!


  • He failed his finals
  • You knew it was because he was on LOLOL the night before
  • He got no sleep due to his gaming
  • You were furious
  • You took time out of your day to help him study, but he just threw away those hours of studying
  • “Yoosung, how did you manage to fail it this hard? I helped you study for days!”
  • “I got distracted the night before…”
  • “What? By LOLOL?”
  • You snorted out loud and glared at him
  • Yoosung knew that he was in trouble, you’ve never glared or yelled at him before
  • “Yeah…”
  • “How am I not surprised! All you do is play that dumb fucking game!”
  • He glared back at you
  • “It’s not dumb! The game supports me better than you do!”
  • “Exfuckingcuse me! You know that’s a damn lie! I have done nothing but support you!”
  • “Psh, yeah, sure. Rika always supported me!”
  • Boi just crossed a line ohohoh
  • “Fuck you, Yoosung Kim, fuck you.”
  • You angrily stomped to the bedroom and locked the door, throwing yourself onto the bed
  • You let out a few angry tears, growling
  • Your anger soon dissipated into sadness, which resulted in loud sobs to wrack through your body
  • Yoosung sat on the other side of the door, feeling his heart break at the sounds coming from you
  • He felt horrible
  • He knocked on the door gently after standing up
  • “Leave me alone”
  • He knocked again
  • “We need to fix this, MC”
  • Sighing, you opened the door to the bedroom before walking back to the bed
  • Yoosung sat beside you on the bed, laying his hand on your knee
  • You wiped away the excess tears that still remained on your face
  • “I am so sorry, dear.”
  • You looked at Yoosung, sighing again
  • He looked back at you, frowning more when he sees the puffiness under your eyes
  • “Please forgive me? I’ll quit LOLOL and do whatever you want. I promi-”
  • You cut him off
  • “That’s not going to fix what you said…”
  • “I know it won’t, I feel so terrible for what I said. I was angry and said the only thing that I knew would make you mad. I regret it a lot.”
  • “…You know I try to support you as best as I can? I’m sorry if it seems like I don’t. I just want you to succeed”
  • He pulls you onto his lap, kissing your head
  • “I know you do. You do a really good job, dear. I’m so sorry for saying that in the first place”
  • You place a gentle kiss onto his lips
  • “I forgive you, Yoosung”


  • Zen always insists that you go to his practices with him
  • You ~inspire~ him to work harder
  • You usually love going with him, but this week has been the W O R S T
  • His female co-star keeps feeling him up
  • Some girl keeps touching YOUR man
  • Subtle little touches everywhere
  • His bicep, his thigh, his face, his hair
  • She’d also do this annoying giggle with it
  • Today was the last straw though
  • She decided that she would walk out on set in only a very revealing lingerie set
  • That’s not even the worst part
  • He didn’t even hide it, he full on looked her up and down
  • Then, this bitch started dancing in front of him, and you were P I S S E D
  • You literally up and left the theatre
  • Zen must’ve heard you leave because he started to call after you
  • You quickly started to walk home, not wanting to deal with this anymore
  • You two didn’t live too far from the theatre, so it was and easy 20 minute walk
  • When you got home, you saw Zen’s motorcycle parked in the driveway and sighed
  • Damn him for knowing you too well
  • You walked into the house quietly, not wanting any attention from him
  • “Why did you run off?”
  • You bite your lip and look over at him
  • He was sitting on the couch, staring at you
  • “I didn’t feel well”
  • “MC, you’re lying. You are crying right now, so it’s obviously more than that”
  • Zen never missed a beat
  • “I don’t want to talk about it”
  • You made a move to go to your shared bedroom, but he was on you in a flash
  • “Tell me, MC”
  • You tried to shrug his hand off your shoulder, but he just tightened his hold
  • “You really don’t know what’s wrong?”
  • He shook his head
  • “Hmm, why don’t you think about how that stupid bitch was all over you all week? Or about how you stared at her ass when she came out today!”
  • Zen frowned immediately
  • “It was part of the scene, MC. Besides, she has no interest in me due to the fact that she doesn’t even like guys”
  • You were completely shocked. You’ve been jealous all week because of this?
  • “Zen, dear, I’m so sor-”
  • “I can’t believe that you would even think that I’d let that happen! Do you seriously have no trust in me?”
  • “No! That’s not it! You would have gotten jealous if I would have done that same thing!”
  • Zen looked furious. Oh no
  • “No, I wouldn’t! I would understand that it was part of your job! I actually trust my significant other, unlike you!”
  • “I do trust you! I just got worried!”
  • “You obviously don’t trust me, MC!”
  • Zen made a move to leave, but you grabbed his hand
  • You were NOT finished with this fight
  • “You sure sound like a hypocrite right now! What about your whole ‘all men are beast’ shit that you always dish out?! You get jealous if I even look in Jumin’s general direction! You warn me about all of this shit, but the moment I bring up my concerns I’m labeled as the bad guy!!”
  • This was getting H E A T E D
  • This was the first time Zen had ever really yelled at you which caused your eyes to start watering
  • Zen realized this too, and he immediately looked apologetic
  • He tried to backtrack, but you let got of his hand and wiped away a few stray tears off your face
  • “MC… I’m sorry for yelling at you”
  • Zen pulled you into a tight hug, running his hands through your hair
  • “I’m sorry for not trusting you, Hyun…”
  • He leaned down and kissed your head gently


Honestly, I don’t know how you and Jaehee would get in a legit fight. She’s so calm, and she’s dealt with a lot of shit with Jumin. I feel like that’s trained her to be able to withstand a lot of shit. P r a i s e Jaehee. I love her


  • Jumin had been working a lot recently
  • He was barely ever home
  • You were left alone in the penthouse for almost a whole week
  • He would come home and be there for no more than five hours
  • You were already asleep when he would come home
  • You just really missed him
  • Your loneliness got to you, and you decided to hang out with Zen
  • You two went to a small cafe in town
  • Zen let you complain about your husband’s absence
  • He ranted back about how much of a jerk Jumin was
  • At the end of your get together, Zen gave you a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek
  • Which is pretty typical for Zen, but the media didn’t know that
  • The media started a shitstorm of rumors
  • You sighed softly when you saw an article that said you were cheating
  • It was just a hug? Zen hugs you and Jaehee like that all the time? Why did they think a simple hug and kiss on the cheek was bad?
  • You turned on the TV to find a movie to watch, but the front door slammed open
  • You quickly turned to see Jumin walk in, looking furious
  • “Jumin! Are you okay?”
  • You walked over to him, trying to hug him, but he pushed you, rolling his eyes
  • “Leave. Now.”
  • You looked at him confusedly
  • “Excuse me?”
  • “Go!”
  • “Jumin, dear, what’s wrong?”
  • “You really thought you could get away with this? I want you out”
  • You gently touched his arm, only for him to shrug it off
  • “What are you talking about?”
  • “You making out with Zen! It’s all over the news, MC! You know, I never thought you to be the type to cheat, but I suppose I was wrong.”
  • “I didn’t make out with him!! He kissed my cheek and gave me a hug! That’s all! I would never cheat on you, honey!”
  • Jumin pulled out his phone and showed you an obviously photoshopped picture of you and Zen kissing
  • If you looked closely, you could see that your lips weren’t even touching
  • “Jumin, that’s photoshopped”
  • He shook his head
  • “You were out with him at a cafe for two hours, it sounds like a date”
  • You glared at him
  • “Maybe I wouldn’t have had to go see him at a cafe if you would actually pay attention to me!”
  • You flinched at his words, eyes filling with tears
  • “I would never cheat on you, Jumin… I can’t believe that you’d think I would.”
  • You started to walk towards the bedroom, wiping at your tears
  • “Where are you going?”
  • “I’m doing what you wanted, I’m leaving”
  • You walked to the bedroom and grabbed a bag to begin packing your stuff
  • Jumin had followed you into the room, sitting on the bed with his head in his hands
  • You packed your necessities, leaving out everything Jumin had bought for you
  • “MC… I’m so terribly sorry. Please don’t leave me. I love you so much, dear”
  • He grabbed a hold of your hand gently, kissing the back of it
  • Jumin had a few stray tears falling down his face
  • You brushed away his tears, looking into his eyes
  • “I love you too, Jumin”
  • He kissed you softly, causing you to smile


  • You were really moody this week
  • Saeyoung was pretty grumpy this week too
  • You two had been fighting over stupid little things all week
  • And I mean reaaaaally stupid things
  • The one fight was about the TV remote being on the couch instead of on the coffee table
  • Another was about how the noodles you made were under-cooked
  • There were so many things you two had fought about this week, but none of them lasted very long
  • You felt horrible for Saeran because he had to be around you two’s yelling all week
  • So you decided to make him some cookies as a way to apologize
  • When you went to give them to him, you didn’t notice Saeyoung sitting on the couch, watching you
  • Fuckin creepo
  • You knocked on Saeran’s door with the cookies in hand
  • Saeran opened the door and stared at you
  • “Hey Saeran. I’m sorry you’ve had to hear Saeyoung and I’s fighting all week. I made you cookies as an apology”
  • Saeran took the cookies out of your hands
  • “Thank you, MC”
  • You nodded and smiled at him
  • “You’re welcome, dear”
  • “Oh, so now you’re cheating on me with my brother!”
  • You and Saeran both looked at Saeyoung
  • “What the fuck are you talking about, she simply brought me cookies, idiot”
  • Saeyoung shook his head before speaking
  • “I’ve noticed how she looks at you. She loves you”
  • You snort at Saeyoung, rolling your eyes
  • “He’s my brother in law! What the hell are you on?”
  • Saeran rolls his eyes as well before retreating back into his room
  • “Maybe we should divorce so you can live your life with Saeran!”
  • “You really are an idiot. I’m not going after Saeran. You must be blind if you think I am”
  • He glared at you
  • “Then why did you bring him cookies?”
  • “I felt bad because he has had to deal with our fighting all week!”
  • You begin to walk away, but Saeyoung grips your wrist
  • “Let go of me, asshole!”
  • You felt tears well up in your eyes as your rip your wrist out of his hand
  • “Fuck you, Saeyoung”
  • You took off your wedding ring and threw it at him as you ran to your room
  • Saeyoung looked down at the ring on the floor and felt his heart break
  • You grabbed your suitcase and started throwing your things into it, sobbing harshly
  • Saeyoung walked into your room and pulled you into his chest
  • You struggled at first, but you stopped when your heard him start to talk
  • “P-please don’t leave, MC. I l-love you a lot. I’m such an idiot, I’m sorry.”
  • You shoved your face into his chest, soaking his shirt with your tears
  • You felt his tears falling into your hair which made your heart break more
  • “I love you, too, Saeyoung. So much.”
  • He held onto you tightly for a couple of minutes, letting the two of you cry it out
  • You looked up at him and kissed his lips softly
  • Saeyoung grabbed your left hand gently and slipped the wedding ring back on your ring finger

If you do not get it from yourself, where will you get it? -Zen

I had a lot of thoughts about that quote and wrote them out in layers and layers of paint pen. :)

Scraped black acrylic paint, collaged card, and layered writing in red and black Sharpie water-based paint pens.

Yoosung x MC - Rika’s Exposure (Pt. 3)

y’all are too cute!! I’m so happy that you guys like my writing oml thank you guys so much :) I’ve put my other requests on hold to work on this continuation so i hope you guys like this haha  (⌒▽⌒)☆

You couldn’t believe your eyes… was that really Yoosung? That disfigured and broken boy lying on the hospital bed, it just couldn’t possibly be him. Your vision blurred as your eyes started to fill up with tears. How could this have happened to him? Biting your trembling lip, you reached out for his hand, wary of his bandaged wrists. 

“MC, I’m sure he’ll be okay, he’s a strong boy.” V patted your shoulder reassuringly, but it didn’t stop the tears from streaming down your face. 

“H- how did this happen?" 

"I… don’t know. After I got your message, I went his apartment, and the door was unlocked. Then I went in and I saw Yoosung lying on the floor with-" 

"Stop. Please, no more. I don’t want to hear anymore." 

You were too afraid of V’s description of Yoosung’s broken body lying in a pool of blood to allow him to go on. But more than anything, you were afraid of the truth. The truth that this was all because of you. You didn’t want to hear it - not from V, not from anyone, because you already knew the answer. It was you who broke him; you who cut him, hurt him.

Though the rest of the RFA had visited, you greeted them with complete silence. You stayed by his side and watched the monitor tirelessly, making sure his heart wouldn’t stop beating until night fell, and you finally opened your mouth to speak.

“This- this was all my fault. Please just wake up. I won’t ever bother you again… I just need you to live. I know you can’t hear me right now, but I wanted to let you know that… that I love you, and I’m really, really sorry. I was a selfish, inconsiderate ass and I know I can’t take back what I said. I don’t deserve you, but if you could listen to me just once more - please don’t give up. You have to fight through this, I know you can. The RFA will be here to support you. As for me… I don’t think I have the right to stay with all of you anymore.”

With a deep breath and whatever will you had left in you, you got up from the visiting chair and left the room. Fighting the urge to turn back, you limped your way back to your room, got dressed and disappeared into the night.

A year had passed. Funny how time passes so quickly even when your days are full of guilt and fear. Everyday you wondered how he was doing. Like whether or not he was eating healthily, or if he found someone new, someone better to lean on. There wasn’t a hint of jealousy, only pain and heartaches. The RFA tried to contact you the first few months after you left, but they stopped after that. Maybe they gave up, maybe they realized that they didn’t need you, or maybe they found out the hideous nature of your actions.

But it didn’t matter, right? The RFA had nothing to do with you anymore, and you had nothing to do with them. Then why did it hurt you so much whenever you saw Jumin on the TV? Why did you get an empty pang of guilt in your gut seeing Zen on social media? Why did it break your heart every time you saw the game shop on the corner of the street?

It was because you owed them. You owed them an apology, owed Yoosung an apology. But there was no way you were going to see them again. You couldn’t face them - you didn’t have the right to see them or talk to them. And you certainly did not have the right to see Yoosung. 

On a particularly early morning, you walked groggily into a Starbucks and mumbled your regular order. After what felt like forever, the barista handed you your drink, and you turned around carelessly, conveniently bumping into the person behind you.

“Sorry about that… thank God this had a cap on it.” you said, more to yourself than the other person. You remained staring at your cup of coffee with your mind half awake.

“Yea, it’s no problem.”

There was something familiar about his voice. Something nostalgic. Something sweet. You sighed and finally raised your eyes to meet his. 

Your breath hitched in shock at the sight of his eyes. Purple. 

His eyes were purple. Could that be Yoosung? 

No, his hair was brown. Yoosung had blond-

“Yoosung-oppa! What’s taking you so long? Who are you talking to?” a girl with an annoying tone disrupted your thoughts as you watched her approach him from behind.

“Sorry, I just accidentally bumped into her. I’ll get your coffee now.” He flashed you a kind smile and turned to leave.

And then it hit you. She called him… Yoosung. So it really was him. It was him but he… it was like he didn’t recognize you. 

It was almost as if he had forgotten you completely.

I hope this is okay haha (´•ω•`๑) thanks for reading~ 

P.S. not sure if this can go for part 4 but if anyone’s interested I could churn something up LOL

also regarding the Rika thing uhh i can’t really explain it?? It was just what the original anon requested so xD sorry about that.  And if you’re wondering how V can see let’s just say he got an operation after what Rika did lol.

~Cherry L.

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RFA and V finding out MC is actually a professional Cosplayer? Like, she spends hours working on costumes and wigs, competes at conventions, has professional photo shoots done and all that?


  • he’s so shocked but in the best way possible
  • he’s always been so impressed by cosplayers?? 
  • how they put so much time and effort
  • and look so amazing
  • they’re like irl masters of disguise and he loves them
  • so MC being a cosplayer is like a Great Thing
  • he may ask MC to help him
  • bc he lowkey has always wanted to cosplay


  • MC thought maybe she’d be judgy
  • but NO
  • Jaehee knows one thing very well:
  • if something makes you happy you should pour your all into it
  • and if MC is happy cosplaying you can bet Jaehee is 200% supportive
  • does she understand very well the concept of cosplay? nah
  • does she still go to conventions to cheer on MC and such? YES
  • she’s really impressed with MC’s skills 


  • he’s super happy when he sees MC with their finished cosplay
  • also he has a high level of admiration??
  • because when he has to wear intricate costumes he doesn’t make them
  • but MC makes their cosplays
  • and honestly if he isn’t amazed I don’t know what he is
  • he knows MC has photo shoots but he insists on always taking a selfie
  • MC becomes super known because since they stick with Zen at conventions the media takes photos


  • he thinks it’s a nice hobby
  • so of course he does the thing
  • y’know
  • the thing where he buys MC all the even more expensive materials and wigs
  • honestly…. he wants to be of help to MC and that’s the only way he can think of to help
  • he’ll also gladly call in a high-end photography studio for MC’s photoshoot
  • bonus: can you cosplay as catgirl elizabeth 3rd


  • since he had seen pics of MC he had been so hyped to talk about cosplay
  • he wants all the advice possible
  • “how do you safely store wigs??”
  • “what makeup technique should I use to make my eyes appear bigger?”
  • he goes with MC to their conventions but of course he’s dressed as a maid
  • he may or may not start a fanpage for MC. who knows. 


  • aaaah this sweet man
  • he doesn’t really… get cosplay culture
  • but he’s super happy MC has something they love doing
  • so he supports them 
  • he offfers to do MC’s photoshoots for free while his eyesight still allows him
  • sometimes he wishes his eyes weren’t so screwed up
  • because then he’d be able to see the fruit of MC’s labour so much better

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omg the request about reader being a young hero was the good stuff seriously, please do share more of your headcanons they are to die for!!!

eyyy bouta go see my therapist, but here’s this in the meantime? should I make tag for this? uhhhhh #young recruit should do it! check that tag to see what this is a continuation of, if you don’t already know!

  • Sombra and D.va are great gaming buddies!! 
  • Sombra is a prankster. You two are complete partners in crime. Reaper blames just about anything that happens at base on you. “Yo, the ice maker’s weird aga-” “Y/N and Sombra.” 
  • Based on those notes she left herself at Watchpoint Antarctica, Mei has both a youthful spirit and a habit of drawing a little. You like to spend downtime with her. Don’t tell anyone, but you like to draw little parodies of all your coworkers. Jack tends to be an old man who falls asleep in the middle of the war zone. Shh…
  • Genji has a clever mouth. And you like to laugh, plus you’re too young to really scold him. This means that during conferences and boring meetings, it’s normal for him to lean down and mutter funny little tidbits in your ear. Whether it be a stupid meme, some song lyrics he was reminded of, or a joke at the speaker’s expense, the rule that everything is 100% funnier when you can’t laugh is fully present here.
  • Zenyatta can make any kind of work way more fun. “Goddammit, I hate paperwork.” “Think of the pen as a river, and you control the flow.” “Mmm…” “A water slide is another good option.” “Heh, thanks Zen.” 
  • One of you favorite things to do is catch candid photos capturing your friends in compromising positions. You always put, “explain this picture to someone who doesn’t know anything about Overwatch,” as the caption. The comments are hilarious. 
  • You, D.va, Lena, Lucio, and Zenyatta all run the account. This makes for a wide variety of posts. At first it was just you, and for a while you were always behind the camera. Eventually people wanted to see your face, and that started the idea of having other people assist.
  • Sombra will occasionally hack into it and post what she calls ‘Fails of the Month’ or similar mocking posts. They usually are lists of funny insults or incidents that happened to everyone else. 

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Completely self-indulgent but: how does the RFA react when, a few months into their relationship, MC confesses to them that they're nonbinary?

As a nonbinary person myself I know it can be hard to be in a relationship and come out to your S/O. It makes it even harder if that person is not in the LGBTQIA+ community. Personally I have only had one good experience coming out (which is when I came out to the other admins actually) so this was a lot of fun for me to write. It was a little therapeutic honestly, so Thank you for this <3

Admin Rina ;3c


  • When MC comes out to Zen he isn’t really that taken aback by it
  • He has seen himself as genderfluid/nonbinary for most of his life but just picks to use he/him for the media
  • He is very supportive with MC
  • He knows how hard it must have been for them to come out to him
  • Honestly he would try and throw them a “Coming Out” party to try and have them feel better about coming out
  • MC says that they don’t want to really have one until they have a chance to come out to the rest of the world
  • MC worries that them being nonbinary is going to hurt Zen in the media
  • “MC if anyone tries to come at you with that shit I will fight all of them.”
  • MC just laughs and thanks him for being so supportive
  • When MC comes out to the rest of the world Zen could not be more proud of them
  • The next week however a report asks Zen “Zen tells us about your Girlfriend/Boyfriend!”
  • MC has to hold him back because this child is about to fight about 6 reporters


  • Yoosung came out as Trans* early in his life
  • So when MC comes out to him he is so excited for them!
  • “MC thank you for trusting me with this! It means so much to me that you are comfortable enough with me to come out.”
  • MC tells him that they are nervous about coming out the rest of the RFA
  • Yoosung understands the fear that they have, he felt the same way when coming out.
  • He tells them to take their time and when they are ready he knows that the rest of the RFA will love them the same way they all did before
  • “MC don’t feel like you have to come out. Only do it when you feel comfortable!” he is always telling them that when they are having issues with coming out.
  • MC couldn’t be more thankful for him


  • When MC comes out to Jaehee she isn’t really sure what Nonbinary is
  • She had heard about it before but she never really knew anyone that identified as that
  • And she never really looked it up
  • So after MC explains Jaehee makes sure she uses the right pronouns
  • She also would be sure to correct other people when they use the wrong pronouns for MC
  • MC talks about how tiering it is for them to keep having to come out to people, and that they are just about to give up on correcting people
  • “Would you like me to start helping you? Like correcting people for you?”
  • MC says that they would be okay with it as long as Jaehee is comfortable doing it
  • Their at a restaurant one night and the waiter goes “What can I get for you ladies tonight?”
  • Jaehee sees MC get uncomfortable but she is quick and says “Oh just one lady tonight, but my partner and I need a little more time to look at the menu.”
  • The waiter is taken aback by this and just kind of is like “O-oh i’m so sorry! I’ll give you lad- I MEAN I’ll give you two more time.”
  • MC thanks Jaehee for that but reminds her that she doesn’t have it if she isn’t comfortable with it
  • Jaehee just tells them “You had to come out to so many people, the less I can do is help you with the strangers.”


  • Jumin has no fucking clue what MC is talking about
  • While he has never really seen gender as that important, this also means that he had zero clue that their was more than the 2 genders
  • “So you don’t see yourself as a man or a woman?”
  • “Well sometimes yes. But also sometimes feel like both.”
  • “So it can change?”
  • “Yeah gender changes all of the time!”
  • This honestly blows Jumin away, he had no idea that you could be both, either, or even somewhere in between
  • He has MC show him the LGBTQIA+ site so that he can get a better understanding of MC’s gender
  • He does slip up sometimes (using their old pronouns or referring to them as a man/woman)
  • He always kicks himself when he does this, saying sorry to MC probably a million times
  • MC tells him that it is okay and they understand that it takes some getting use to
  • But after about a week he uses their pronouns right and MC is so happy that he was being so supportive
  • They have to stop Jumin for firing people a lot of the time because an employee referred to them as his “Wife/Husband”


  • The way that MC comes out to Saeyoung is very casual
  • Like they are both just sitting in their underwear eating chips and watching a stupid movie when MC turns to him and goes  “Hey I’m nonbinary, I’m going to use *insert pronouns* from now on okay?”
  • Saeyoung has known he was genderfluid for a long time
  • So when MC comes out as nonbinary he couldn’t be happier for them!
  • “Okay got it captain!” is all he really has to say about it
  • “You don’t have any questions? Or like…anything for it?” MC is super confused because they assumed that he would have at least the “when did you know” question or the “are you sure? What made you start thinking that?” question
  • “Nope, I figure you’ll tell me if you want to!” and then he goes back to watching the show
  • MC wants to cry because how did they get so lucky to have such a supportive partner?
  • MC just cuddles up to Saeyoung and thanks him
  • Now he is confused because he didn’t really do anything?
  • Oh he also is like 100% ready to throw down any time someone doesn’t use MC’s pronouns right