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  • Zen would be the dad that tries to enroll his kid(s) into every performing art class ever
  • He would be the only dad in the sea of moms  waiting for their      kid to finish ballet practice
  • But he would also make sure that their kid doesn’t feel pressured, he takes them on “trips” to relax from all their hard work


    • He would be the kind of dad to have the kids who are covered in glitter and stickers
    • The first time you let him go grocery shopping by himself with the kids would be the last because he came home with 0 of the things on the list and missing one of the kids
    • He would always help them build their pillow forts and other messy endeavors
    • “Y/N  I REFUSE TO LIMIT THEIR CREATIVITY!” is the answer you      always get from him when you tell him he should be a little more strict with the kids 


    • Jumin is the dad that wants to be “trendy” and “cool”, solely for the reason to try to have a better relationship with his kid(s)
    • He’s also the dad that makes terrible burgers at his BBQ, yet the other dads(MM CREW/Unknown) praise him for his store bought patties.
    • He also always makes sure to be there for his kid(s),
    • he makes sure they know that they can come into his office/call him whenever they need him and that he will stop everything he is doing just to be there for them 


    • “Yoosung I know for a fact those games are not for the kids, put them back”
    • Yoosung will forever be a kid at heart and as a result, his kids will have the happiest childhood anyone could have ever wished for
    • Though he’s an amazing dad, the talk about “the birds and the bee” did not go so well and MC had to step in before the kids got traumatized
    • He’s also the type of dad that would be 100% supportive of his kids in all aspects of their life (including career choices/ sexualities/etc.)


    • The “dad that scares all their kid’s friends away
    • This upsets him because he wants them to know that their home is always a safe space for them the "hang” at
    • He’s such a big softy
    • He’s always baking/cooking for his kids.
    • His kids love him and always run to him whenever they need a hug
    The signs as Mystic Messenger characters

    Aries: Jumin
    Taurus: Seven
    Gemini: Zen
    Cancer: Jaehee
    Leo: Seven
    Virgo: Yoosung
    Libra: Jumin
    Scorpio: Seven
    Sagittarius: Yoosung
    Capricorn: Jaehee
    Aquarius: Zen
    Pisces: Jumin


    Jumin for @wealtheir and a Zen for @imagine-your-party-hosts 

    Thank you for the tags you guys always put on my art ;-; it always makes me so happy to read them <3

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    Tho I would love a Choi Twin Bday Dlc, I have a strong feeling it's not... Usually w/dlcs, Cheritz releases them way before the event (valentines Christmas + April fools) so if it was a bday dlc I would have expected it to come out weeks ago. It's gotta be Mysme related, so (I think) it's either a new character or something for saeran or v (tho it might not be a new route). sry im speculating too much but cheritz is making me anxious haha! (plot twist: it's actually Elizabeth the 3rd in a suit)


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    What’s Left

    Sorta Genji X Zenyatta ficlet. When Genji first arrives in Nepal, he hasn’t truly mended. //

    The brothers’ gazes chill him the first time he enters the monastery, and every day he spends on the mountaintop feels colder and emptier than the last. He feels restless, his legs bounce when he tries to join them in meditation, and he’s acutely aware of each featureless omnic face that turns in his direction. Some get close enough that he catches glimpses of his own reflection, of his scars and the lines in his skin where bones have been replaced by metal. He avoids looking at any of them directly.

    They tell him he should embrace the machinery that keeps his heart beating. That he is one step closer to enlightenment, one step closer to shedding his mortal trappings. Some part of him wants to tear them apart. Its irrational, and more violent than he ever cared to be, and he knew they didn’t deserve it, but anger was a sensation that made him feel human. It might have been all the humanity left in him. He clung to it, held on to that little ball of fire somewhere in his chest, as much as it pained him, as much as it burned, as much as it felt like he would be swallowed up in the flames and crumble to ash some days.

    On one of those days he slashes a straw dummy across the chest, imagining it’s one of the brothers and instantly hates himself the moment the thought crosses his mind. They did nothing to deserve his hatred, had been nothing but kind, but god, did he hate. He wasn’t even sure if he hated them. He just hated. He hacks at the figure of wood and straw ferociously, chipping bits of the strawman’s skeleton off with every blow, until he felt a roar escape his chest and cut him down with a final sword stroke. A head, arm, and part of the dummy’s chest were all that remained in the pile of straw strewn across the courtyard. Its face was as empty as the monks that move away when his gaze falls on them. Bits of straw kick up in the wind and scatter over the railing to drift down the mountain.

    He imagines how easy it would be to follow suite as he peeks over the edge to the cloud tops below.

    “Nothing that can’t be fixed.” Startled by the voice, he whipped around to see one of the omnics setting the shattered strawman back on his post. Zenyatta the others called him, though it was almost impossible to tell most of them apart. They’d really only spoken in passing. Why he decided to approach at such an inopportune time, Genji could only guess.

    With some effort and a little bit of stripped burlap twined around the wood, the strawman stands once more. “There,” Zenyatta said with just a hint of something close to pride, “isn’t that better?”

    Genji slashes through the wraps keeping the strawman upright with ease as he walks by. This time he repairs it with the sash from his robes, and Genji hesitates when he goes to cut through it again.

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    What are your thoughts on people who like zen but hate jumin?

    First of all, everyone has a right to their own opinion. But obviously, there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. I think that we should respect everyone’s likes and dislikes. If you wanna talk about why you don’t like a character, you can do so respectfully.

    Another thing: No one character is more special than the other. Hell I don’t even think that Zen is more special than the others. I make all these theories about how he’s probably the canon end but they’re JUST THEORIES at the end of the day.

    I think none of us should act entitled in any way just because we think that the character we like is better. Kind of off topic from what this question is asking but it really has to be said because most conflict that happens in the fandom is caused by a fan thinking that THIS character is the best and that THIS character is perfect in every way compared to this OTHER character who’s flawed and bad. News flash. None of them are perfect.

    Now moving on to Jumin in particular.

    I see a handful of people talking about how he’s abusive. I personally thought that Jumin was such a sweetheart. He made me uncomfortable at first, not gonna lie, but it was obvious that he just really didn’t know how to properly respond to the situation. He made it known that his intentions were pure. Plus, he told MC stay at his penthouse for her own safety. Watching his character develop over his route was… an adventure, I guess? He’s an unconventional, complex character. Let’s leave it at that.

    Maybe I’m just not reading enough posts that claim that he’s abusive (because I don’t agree) but I really don’t see it, and I can see why so many of the MysMe blogs I follow love him so much (lol you know who you are).

    I don’t know what to think about people who like Zen but hate Jumin because I really like the both of them. Overall I think the whole fandom should just respect one another’s opinions. It’s okay to dislike a character. It’s okay to like a particular character over other characters. In fact, it’s okay to think your favourite character is better than other characters!


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    Yandere Skids crawling through your room in the vent. Sees you holding the anonymous love letter he sent. He's all giddy as you blush madly while you read it. But his spark drops when you suddenly get up and just leave it. Did he go too far with his words of praise and charm? He meant to make you happy, not to cause you harm! A second attempt will be made, to wait at your desk. You must be aware of your beauty, so picturesque! 💙 (if you can't tell: I love some yandere stuff... and rhyming)

    I got the biggest fragging grin on my face when I read this!!  Adfghjkhdsuj SKIDS!!!  He’s totally got that whole “Angel of Music” vibe going on, not gonna lie!  XD  I love it!

    Holy frick this is so good!  I love reading about all the yandere Autobots on the Lost Light!  OMFG!  Just give me a whole ship full of adorable creepers thanks!  <3 <3 <3 

    Rules of being a “Bishounen”

    I think that we all can agree with the most of this

    After researching, paying lots of attention (to characters) I have finally come to the conclusion what a “Bishounen” makes a “Bishounen”

    Here are the following “must-have’s” to be a “Bishounen” :

    - Beautiful hairs that blows in the wind.

    - Hot glares/smirks.

    - But still have that beautiful smile.

    - Can be cute and hot (at the same time).

    - Look good in ANYTHING.

    - Still looking hot while being injured/sick etc.

    - Could be in a boyband before you know it and look even hotter.

    - Hot bodies *wink wink*

    - And the most important of them all: THE EYELASHES.

    The most unfathomable schools and sages have never attained to the gravity which dwells in the eyes of a baby of three months old. It is the gravity of astonishment at the universe, and astonishment at the universe is not mysticism, but a transcendent common-sense. The fascination of children lies in this: that with each of them all things are remade, and the universe is put again upon its trial.
    —  G. K. Chesterton