zen in bloom

We are both blooming and wilting

A garden is both blooming and wilting. At every moment there are births and deaths. It is the same with our lives. We are neither blooming nor wilting. We are both happiness and suffering. It is only a matter of where we look, what we perceive. If I regard the blooming hibiscus, I will forget about its sister wilting below. Also, the fact that flowers are blooming does not mean that the leaves would not fall or that the ants would not die. When I perceive happiness, there is too suffering, somewhere in my spirit. The converse is true. When I am suffering, somewhere in my spirit, there is joy. We must remember that we are both blooming and wilting.

* BITE / BARK. I’ve mentioned it in passing, but I’m going to go into a little more detail on: Zen’s ‘fangs’. Now, all spider and vampire jokes aside, Zendras actually does have a slight ‘mutation’ in that his upper and lower cuspids ( also known as ‘canine’ teeth ) are longer than normal people’s, by about two inches ( upper ) and an inch ( lower ), respectively. Yes, this does effect his speech ( he can usually disguise this by taking more care when he pronounces words ).

He does not often show these teeth, having learned from a young age to smile without revealing them ( in part, this is why he does not smile open-mouthed very often ). He finds them to be  a flaw, and has even considered filing them down.

Another reason he has to take more care in pronouncing his words, is that these ‘fangs’ are, as they were intended to be, rather sharp. With them protruding further than most, he has to take care not to bite his tongue when talking.