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My Favorite Light-Haired characters (So far): • Gin (Hotarubi No Mori e) • Allen Walker (D.Gray Man) • Zen (Akagami No Shirayuki-hime) • Natsume Takashi (Natsume Yuujinchou) • Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul) • Otonashi (Angel Beats!) • Oz Bezarius (Pandora Hearts) • Usui (Kaichou Wa Maid-sama) • Lavi (D.Gray Man)

Zen: *points to Yoosung’s shirt* What color is this?

Jumin: Gray.

Jaehee: Gray.

Saeyoung: Gray.

Zen: *looks at Yoosung* Now tell them what you think it is.

Yoosung: Dark white.

My boy’s ...

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Mika-kun, He’ll always be the first <look at that baby blue eyes he has 💓>

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even Prince Hakuryuu-dono is on my list, I love him of course. :3

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Rin-kun even though your the son of ….can’t say it…but your really brave and cute! lemme fangirl!!

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Okayyyy since I added Rin-kun’s dad the Demon Lord…or should I say…Sa- Maou-sama. :)

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Zen-sama why!! you blessed my tumblr already thank you very much!!!

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of course I cannot forget about my dear Gray-sama as well :)

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and lastly but not the least…TH FUTURE KING, ALIBABA SALUJA!!! MY FAVE BLONDE TOO. ❤✌

(( i guess that my part 1 for a while.))