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Name: Dei
Age: 16
Country: Australia

I’ve had pen pals before but a few years ago and we fell out of contact. I would really love to write via snail mail. I think it would be really fun and I love letters.
I’m currently reading both “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde and “The Sorcerer and The Crown” by Zen Cho which I am very much enjoying. As well as reading I also like to write although I have difficulty finishing anything of length. I’ve written quite a few poems, the beginnings of a few stories, and a (not quite finished) song. When I can I like to play video games, my favorites are the Dragon Age series.
I take agriculture at school and also run a small gardening “business” with some of my friends. I like to bake, although I don’t have the time very often. I’ll leave some mystery to myself for the letters now simply for the fact that I have two small cousins who need my attention.

Preferences: 15+ and I talk candidly and would prefer to talk to someone who would do the same.

Zen: *points to Yoosung’s shirt* What color is this?

Jumin: Gray.

Jaehee: Gray.

Saeyoung: Gray.

Zen: *looks at Yoosung* Now tell them what you think it is.

Yoosung: Dark white.

My boy’s ...

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Mika-kun, He’ll always be the first <look at that baby blue eyes he has 💓>

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even Prince Hakuryuu-dono is on my list, I love him of course. :3

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Rin-kun even though your the son of ….can’t say it…but your really brave and cute! lemme fangirl!!

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Okayyyy since I added Rin-kun’s dad the Demon Lord…or should I say…Sa- Maou-sama. :)

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Zen-sama why!! you blessed my tumblr already thank you very much!!!

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of course I cannot forget about my dear Gray-sama as well :)

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and lastly but not the least…TH FUTURE KING, ALIBABA SALUJA!!! MY FAVE BLONDE TOO. ❤✌

(( i guess that my part 1 for a while.))

Get to Know Me~

Wow I almost forgot about this O_O

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Name: Shermaine

Nickname: Sherms
Height: 154cm
Ethnicity: Chinese
Favorite Fruit(s): Bananas, pears & peaches
Favorite Season: Well, I’ve only experienced summer (summer all year round here) and winter (when I went overseas). I like neither LOL.
Favorite Book(s): I don’t have a favorite LMAO I have yet to read a book that compels me to read it a second or third time because I hate reading books twice so I’ve kind of forgotten most of the books that I read and liked now.
Favorite Flower(s): Sunflower and baby’s breath!
Favorite Animal(s): Dogs

Favorite Beverage: Nestum & Milo

Favorite Fictional Characters: Saeran Choi, Hyun Ryu/Zen, Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia, Phoenix Wright, Ogino Chihiro and Haku (The Kohaku River) 💕
Number of Blankets You Sleep with: 1 (tf who would sleep with more blankets in this heat)

Dream Trip: Stone Church in Karuizawa for my wedding (but i have no $$ so this shall forever remain a dream lol)

Blog Created: Started tumblr last year in October :) 

Number of Followers: 694 

If you wanna do this then go for it!

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Birthday: january 19
Gender: Female
Relationship status: dating zen 
Favourite colour: purple, gray and blue
Pets: none :(
Wake up time: 4pm but i lost a year at college so right now i dont really know what to do 
Love or Lust: Love, i dont have normal desires i think
Lemonade or iced tea:  lemonade
Cats or dogs: i think both, but im lazy to go out so i guess im a cat person
Coke or Pepsi:  coke of course
Day or night: Night because i can be by my own and think about everything
Text or call: text, i get anxious when i call someone
Met a celebrity: im my own celebrity kay
Light or Dark hair: dark hair is the only hair acceptable
Short or tall: short, 160cm 
ChapStick or lipstick: none lels
City or country: City, never lived in country
Last song I listened to: Mr blue sky - ELO

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