zen gray

Zen: *points to Yoosung’s shirt* What color is this?

Jumin: Gray.

Jaehee: Gray.

Saeyoung: Gray.

Zen: *looks at Yoosung* Now tell them what you think it is.

Yoosung: Dark white.

ID #89494

Name: Dei
Age: 16
Country: Australia

I’ve had pen pals before but a few years ago and we fell out of contact. I would really love to write via snail mail. I think it would be really fun and I love letters.
I’m currently reading both “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde and “The Sorcerer and The Crown” by Zen Cho which I am very much enjoying. As well as reading I also like to write although I have difficulty finishing anything of length. I’ve written quite a few poems, the beginnings of a few stories, and a (not quite finished) song. When I can I like to play video games, my favorites are the Dragon Age series.
I take agriculture at school and also run a small gardening “business” with some of my friends. I like to bake, although I don’t have the time very often. I’ll leave some mystery to myself for the letters now simply for the fact that I have two small cousins who need my attention.

Preferences: 15+ and I talk candidly and would prefer to talk to someone who would do the same.


oh, my goodness. you guys seem to be loving this soo much. thank you for letting me do this bc tbh weddings are my weakness (i say that every time). 

hopefully, this one doesn’t seem too..uh..stupid but it’s a big part of the wedding to me, 

if you want any requests in regards to this wedding/honeymoon thing just request it!! my box is always open for any type of request and conversations :)

PART 3!!! color schemes

here’s part one

here’s part two


Yoosung wanted pink. You wanted some type of blue. 

To be honest, the two of you argued for months about various shades of pinks and blues. You guys would agree then suddenly..one of the complementary colors didn’t match with something or one of you two stopped liking it so you would have to change it. 

One day while talking about the wedding plans with the RFA you two admitted to arguing over such a small thing. That’s when Jihyun suggested using a navy blue as a base instead of a pink, pink should be complementary to the blue, not the other way around. 

After that, you two started pairing colors with blue and came up with this theme. 

Needless to say, the wedding planner (helper more like) wasn’t too pleased throwing everything together a couple of months before the wedding. 


surprisingly, arguments were basically nonexistent. The only argument you faced was ZZen complaining about his tux not being black since he has to match. SO, you told him he could wear a black one and his best man can wear gray. 

Zen was the one who recommended red because let’s be real, red is your color. and where did all the roses come from?? you were supposed to have red carnations since they’re known as a “July flower”???? oh..Zen’s best man bought them… 

“there goes trust fund kid throwing his money around”

“Zen, be grateful. and if you’re going to act like that, why did you ask Jumin to be your best man?”



Jaehee suggested going with neutral bright colors after you panicked over having to choose between burgundy, maroon, and wine colors. thanks for that you unprofessional florist. You simply asked for help with choosing flowers and 30 minutes later you were calling Jumin and begging him to let Jaehee pick you up. You explained the situation and how Jaehee knew most of the information. Jumin made no hesitation to let Jaehee go and offered to cover the venue bill for the inconvenience. 

After discussing everything about the wedding, the dark red color idea was off the table. You stayed over at C&R until everything was calm and you were able to rearrange everything with the new colors. Jumin still offered to cover something but you refused and said “the most I would let you help is buying me McDonald’s right now. I’m hungry.”

Next thing you and Jaehee knew, you were having a private lunch with wine and new chef for your wedding. Thanks, buddio Jumin. 


Jumin naturally set up a wedding planner without you knowing. So when you were bringing Jumin lunch to his office, you found someone in there. 

“Juju! I made us lu- oh, I am so sorry for interrupting.”

“No, no. Babe, come back.”

When you entered you noticed the room full of different flowers and color scheme post boards. You walked over and stood behind Jumin, who was sitting in his chair. He explained the situation before noticing that you were upset. He asked the planner to leave and then you two started lunch. You asked Jumin why he didn’t talk to you about hiring a planner and his answer was that he didn’t want that stress on you. 

You explained that you didn’t mind and appreciated the thought but you wanted to know what was happening. it was your wedding as well after all. The two of you spent the lunch trying to decide on a color scheme before combining a few and coming out with this one. 


Wedding planner? No. Idea’s for color schemes? No. 

Saeyoug admitted that he always assumed that the bride just threw together colors and the groom had no say. That’s when the two of you had the brilliant idea of choosing colors randomly. 

You two drive down to nearest hardware store and went to the painting aisle. You guys took turns closing your eyes and spinning before randomly pointing at a color. Saeyoung bout the colors you randomly chose and picked up a backdrop to try out the different colors. 

Saeyoung’s blue and your cream color turned out to be the best colors and the only ones that complemented each other.

So after that, you two went to an arrangement center and had help discovering the rest of the colors. 



This color scheme was recommended by Jaehee after seeing a similar scheme on a wedding invitation (Jaehee actually gets invited to a lot of things she just can’t make it :( )

Jihyun really liked how pastel it looked and you enjoyed the soft colors. Surprisingly, you two pulled everything together yourselves while staying within a budget – Jihyun insisted not to worry about one but you didn’t want to be extra and spend loads of money.

The only issue you two had was the fact that had originally wanted a later winter/early spring wedding and the colors didn’t really match. Eventually, you two said fuck it and kept the date and sent out the invitations.


Surprisingly, the two of you decided to have a winter wedding. A few days after the new year because “a new year, a new happily married couple,” and Saeran said he wanted to start the new year with his new queen.

But why pink? easy. you guys also had another announcement to make at the reception. You and Saeran took bets to see who could put the missing pieces together.

So, Saeran got teased by his brother and Zen because they assumed that you had him whipped.

It was Yoosung’s question of “wait, why aren’t you drinking any wine? you love wine!” to make people notice and question things. Yoosung was the first one that put it all together. You now owed Saeran twenty dollars.

You, Me, Us (Part I)

Mystic Messenger Angst Fic

You, Me, Us: Part II | Part III | Part IV | FINALE | Es&Es


  • Minor spoilers for Zen’s After Ending and Seven Route
  • Trigger warnings (emotional abuse, mentions of death and hints at suicidal ideation)

“We are each other’s mirrors and our paths.” 

His words stayed even when you’ve lost yours.

It’s been two years since you agreed to become Zen’s manager. You watched him shine brighter by the day and take the whole world by surprise. He was a well-known musical actor now with international offers coming left and right. 

You were happy for him. You really were. But there was something fundamentally wrong. It’s been wrong for a while now, but you were powerless to fix any of it. 

“MC, where’s my gray shirt?” Zen called from your room. 

Crap. “It’s in the laundry, Zen. It’s been raining the past few days and I couldn’t just stick it in the dryer!”

Thud, thud, thud. Here we go. 

“I told you I needed that shirt today,” Zen growled as he came into the dining room wearing a different gray shirt. “The fans say I look best in it.”

You try a laugh. “You look best in everything, Zenny?”

He made a sour face. “Your opinion is different.” 

He might as well have said that your opinion didn’t matter. Still, forcing a smile, you served him his breakfast. Zen didn’t even think to wait for you to sit before he gobbled up his breakfast. 

Feeling awkward just standing there watching him eat, you decide to go prepare to pack his lunch.

“Ah, I don’t need it today. I’m having lunch with the director.” Zen called without looking at you. 

Disappointment sat at the pit of your stomach. “Oh. I didn’t hear about that.”

Zen’s fork stopped midway. “The director told me directly.”

You decide to laugh. “What’s the use of a manager, then?”

You startled at the sound of a metal hitting ceramic and turned to see Zen glaring at you from the table. “I don’t appreciate your sarcasm, MC. And just because you’re my manager doesn’t mean I have to tell you everything.”

You knew you should speak. You hated mornings that started like this. They tend to lead to you falling asleep while waiting for him to come home. Like always, words didn’t come. You only nod and smile. “I’m sorry.” 

“MC!” Jaehee greeted as you walked into her cafe. It was flourishing! It’s only been a few months shy of a year since she quit Jumin’s company and she looked a lot happier than you were. 

“Sorry for taking your break like this,” You tell her, though it was hard to be sincere while knowing you really missed having Jaehee around. 

Jaehee laughs at the formality. “It has been a while since we’ve seen each other. This is nothing. Still busy are you? I’ve seen Zen’s posters at least twenty times this morning.”

You laugh when you’re supposed to. “Zen’s busy. I mostly stay home now.”

Jaehee noted the change in your voice. “What happened to being his manager?”

You shrug, trying for playful. “It doesn’t matter, I guess? It’s been going out of my hands anyway. He needs a better manager. One he could actually have on set.”

After working 4 years under the stoic Jumin Han, Jaehee had learned to read people. It was more than instinct that told her there was something worse going on in MC’s head. 

“MC, Zen works til late and leaves early in the morning.” She begins to say, not knowing how else to approach this situation. “What do you do then if you can’t meet any of us in the RFA?”

Jaehee watched your face freeze. For a minute, she could have sworn the serene expression on your face faltered, but it was gone soon as it came. 

“Well. I prepare his schedule, mostly. Adjust his meals according to the activities he’d need to do that day. It takes a considerable amount of time to clean a basement apartment too. And Zen has a lot of clothes so-”

Boisterous laughter cut you off and Jaehee glanced behind you to see girls with makeup thicker than Jumin’s files and shirts with Zen’s name on them laughing at volumes unfit for a cafe. 

“So you’re basically his maid?” One called and your blood froze. “You cook, you wash, you clean and wait. How is that different from a housemaid?”

Don’t mind them, don’t mind them, don’t mind them, don’t mind them .

But they most certainly mind you. Soon the three girls were passing by you, bags hitting the side of your shoulder as they laughed. 

“Talk about falling from grace.” One snickered and you felt sick to your stomach. 

Jaehee, on the other hand, was more than ready to pour coffee down their shirts. “How dare they?” 

When she turned back to you, she almost thought she’d imagined the whole thing as your face was already the picture of calm. You lightheartedly told her you were fine and that you were used to that sort of treatment, but Jaehee knew better than to believe you. 

A call came and soon you excused yourself, smiling and telling Jaehee you’d come visit again. The ex-assistant agreed and asked you to do so soon. Watching you go, she desperately wished you soon would. 

Because she knew what masks were, she just never thought she’d see one on you. 

“MC, would you mind bringing my script to the studio? I’d brought the wrong one.” His stress was palpable. “The director suddenly asked to rehearse a different scene and change the blockings.”

Your heart fluttered. You were going to see him act again! 

“Sure, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” You chirped. 

“Yeah, thanks.” 

You opened your mouth to say I love you, but he’d already hung up. 

So. Why did it end up like this? 

Cameras flashed left and right, screams and whines from either side. You almost wanted to cover your ears and close your eyes. 

Zen had kissed Echo Girl at rehearsal, and apparently headlines were already being made, with you forgotten and tucked a the corner. In your mind, you knew he would immediately come to you and apologize. You would then tell him it’s okay, that it’s his job. 

But. He. Doesn’t. He only inclined his head to catch your stare and you smile at him. He doesn’t smile back. 

Whispers met your ears almost immediately. 

The girlfriend. / She’s here? / She hasn’t been here a long time. / I thought for sure they’d broken up. / He didn’t go apologize. / Does that mean they’re over?

Familiar voices berate you next. “She doesn’t even get mad. Well housemaids always obey their employers. I suppose she doesn’t have the right.” 

I shouldn’t have come.

The director calls for a break and you stand to give Zen lunch, but then you remember that he’s having eating with the director today. Now you just felt stupid, standing there as fans swarmed your boyfriend. 

They part like water for Moses when Echo Girl comes, though. She latched onto his side. Zen let out a sigh after a meager attempt to get her off and gives up. 

You find your voice then. “Zen.”

All eyes turn to you, but all that mattered were the ruby-red ones that were once warm like the hearth. Now they were ice cold. 

“Does she not know we’re eating with the director?” Echo Girl’s voice was poison to your ears. 

We’re. So it wasn’t a one-on-one with the director. You should’ve known. Zen worked day and night to get up on this new stage. Echo Girl or none, he would make pleasing the director his top priority.

“I told her this morning.” No, you didn’t. His eyes beg you not to ruin this for him. “She’ll understand. Won’t you, babe?” 

No, I won’t. But he’s convinced you would and walks out with her anyway. 

“Mint flavor.” Saeran says as he hands you a cup of ice cream. He then sat across from you. 

“Thank you, Saeran.” You say and he huffs in response. He continues to stare at you as you slowly eat. 

You’d bumped to each other quite literally while you were running out of that cursed building. He’d started working at an ice cream parlor, he’d said, and that he was just out on a break. 

“Are you going to tell me what happened?” He spoke quietly. 

You answered with a smile. He rolled his eyes. “Where is Saeyoung?”

A red eyebrow rose. “You don’t answer mine and you expect me to answer yours?”

You feel a lighthearted laugh bubble from inside you. “It makes me happy to see you so sociable, Saeran.”

His cheeks turn red as his hair at that. He’s silent after that and you wonder if you’ve said something wrong. 

“It’s not easy. Not yet, anyway. I can barely say two sentences to strangers.” He says with a shrug. 

You feel yourself smiling again. “Baby steps, Sae. Baby steps.” 

“So? Are you going to keep avoiding telling me what happened?” You hear him say but the world was already starting to black out. 

“You’ll find out,” You manage to weakly say. 

Hard footsteps meet Saeran’s ears and he turns to see MC’s boyfriend, Zen, stalking towards them. 

“WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT MC?” He yelled so loudly, the children in the shop started to leave. “DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE SUCH A SCENE?”


“Zen-” Your voice is small. And you wish you grew smaller. 

“DON’T!” He roared, palm slamming over the table. “Don’t even make excuses at this point, MC. You know how important this job is too me.”

“Good for your job, then. At least that’s important to you.” Saeran’s murderous voice cuts Zen’s outburst into two. 

He’d stayed quiet hoping MC would scream right back at the sorry son of a bitch. But whatever he believed was a heart tore apart at the face MC had pulled. 

“Saeran.” Zen was still seething. “Sorry. Can I talk to my girlfriend for a sec?”

“She’s your girlfriend? I thought she was just some dumb bitch from the way you were yelling at her.” Saeran spat. 

Zen was about ready to start a fight, but you couldn’t afford for that to happen. And Saeran was being your friend. He didn’t deserve to be caught between you like this. 

“Zen,” You say. “Let’s talk when we get home, okay?”

It took moments before Zen answered. “You go on ahead. I still have rehearsals.” Was all he said before storming out as destructively as he walked in.

You turned to Saeran, ready to apologize for the customers they’d lost. He simply nodded, even when you excused yourself to go to the restroom. That was, until he remembered there was no restroom here, only small a washing area tucked by the corner, one he could see from here. 

As you left, Saeran couldn’t help but ask his brother to keep an eye on you. He had to stop himself from following you to your apartment too, just in case you decided on something stupid. 

He’d seen the face you made as Zen yelled at you. He’d seen the way your tears halted, the way your face blanked and your shoulders stopped shaking altogether from the mirror’s reflection on the glass pane. 

He’d spent 21 years of his life that way. He couldn’t bear seeing you do the same.

Zen came home smelling like smoke and beer. He couldn’t look more annoyed to see you waiting up for him if he tried.

“You promised to quit smoking.” The words were barely out of your mouth and immediately you regret saying them.

A crash. Then another one. Two of the vases Jumin had given you were now a broken pieces on the floor and you thought you’d rather count them all than go through this allover again.

“You have no right to snap at me, MC.” Zen’s voice was dangerously low as he paced the living room floor.

“You were the one who almost lost me my job.” You meet his accusing stare and open your mouth to speak, only to be cut off.

“Do you know what the director said? He said you were pitiful. He said I never should have brought you on set if I was going to treat you like that.” His voice grew louder as his anger explodes. “Do you know how humiliating that was?”

Did he know how humiliating the whole debacle was for you?

“See? You’re doing it again.”

Your head snapped up to see him staring at you with something like disgust.

“You say nothing. Making everyone pity you, like you’re such a good girl and I’m the big bad boyfriend.”


“Jaehee messaged me, didn’t you know? She asked me if you were alright, because you were apparently so off when you met earlier.” His voice grows deeper as he moves closer to you.

What is he saying?

“Do you like playing victim, MC?” Zen was now in front of you, something dark you never thought you’d see gleaming in his eyes. His clothes reeked of alcohol and things stronger than that. It made you feel dizzy. “Do you like blaming other people for your issues?”

What is he talking about?

Victim? Blaming? Issues?

“Is this because I’m so busy now? Is it because you think I’m so out of reach that you have to stay so silent and resort to such ways to get my attention back?”

Silence? But silence was all you knew. If he didn’t want your silence…

Then what was left for you?

“Well, here I am! You’ve succeeded! Now talk, MC!” Your whole being shook as he grabbed a hold of your shoulders, almost pulling you up to stand in the process. 

“Zen-!” You sqeak. 

It’s hard to breathe. I can’t breathe.

“Tell me, MC! What exactly is the problem?! What happened to you?!” He was yelling now, and his voice rings in your ears. “What happened, huh? What exactly is the problem?!”

“Zen!” You scream and push him away. “Please. Please, just calm down.”

Your hands over your ears, you bite back tears as you cautiously step away from him. “Please, calm down, Zen. W-We can talk once you’re sober so-!

Another crash as an another ornament explodes into a thousand pieces. “TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED, MC?”He roared. “What happened to you? You were always so bright, so kind and supportive. God, I thought you were an angel when we met!”

In seconds, he was in front of you again, voice reverberating in your head. You can’t breathe. The world closes in and you fall to the floor, curling into yourself as your head tucks into your knees.

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

“Oh my God! Look at you right now! Are you trying to tell me that this is what I’ve done to you? That I’ve destroyed you so much that you can’t even tell me what I’ve done?” 

Don’t. Please. No more. Please. Please. Please.

“MC LOOK AT ME!” His hands yank your wrists apart. “You can’t even look at me anymore? Do you think I’m disgusting now, too?” His voice breaks and you somehow find it in you to speak.

“No, Zen. I could never-!” 

“If it’s not my fault, then is it yours?” He says, eyes crazed. “Is it your fault then? That you’ve become like this?”

“No.” You could barely hear yourself say it.

“Then whose fault is it then? If it’s not me, and it’s not you, then who?” 

Us.” You say through your river of tears, hitching breaths and rattling chest. “Zen, it’s usWe’re the problem.”

Zen starts to retaliate, but you weren’t done. Not yet. While your words were free and his ears were open, you would speak.

“Do you really not understand what’s happening to us, Zen?” The hands on your wrists loosen a fraction. “Or is it that you don’t even understand what us means anymore?”

For a few moments, everything is silent. In front of you was the man you loved with all your heart, but also the man you hated most. But still you knew that Zen was not what destroyed you. You let him. And so, to blame was not him, not you. But what exists between you.

You pray that he understands, that even through his alcohol addled-brain, Zen would hear you. You prayed that the man you’d loved still lived, that he would come save you.

He didn’t.

The man in front of you begins to bellow in rage, yelling through your cries with words you once thought were foreign to him.

You see the man you loved die right in front of you, slowly, agonizingly, piece by piece. His existence spots with black and whatever he was before the day we became you and me, was lost to you.

“We are each other’s mirrors and our paths.” His words back then had stayed even when you’ve lost yours. 

But Zen, what should I do? When neither I, nor you, knows where ‘we’ has gone to?

Everything grows silent and your tears stop, too. Did he stop? You couldn’t know.

You couldn’t hear him anymore. The dead couldn’t speak.

Slowly, his fingers uncurl, and a tremor rocks his body. You think it’s over. As your arms drop to your side, you wonder if you should speak.

You didn’t. The dead couldn’t hear.

So you simply walk past him. Your eyes are tired, but tears no longer blur anything. Were you finally run dry?

Your phone rings by the bedside table, Saeyoung’s name lighting up the screen. The ringing ceased and you noted three-digit number of missed calls from either of the twins before you chucked your phone out the window.

“MC!” Zen’s booming voice makes you shrivel in fear. He runs to the window to check, but you no longer found it in you to care. 

“Where are you going?” His voice reaches you again. It cracks. He’s sober. You wonder if Zen’s back, too– the Zen who promised forever, the Zen who called you his sun, his moon, his stars.

But still you continue to pack, his protests now just a buzz in the back of your head. You blink and a cab slows in front of you. You move to open the door, but Zen slams it shut.

You may be deaf and mute, but you were not blind. Zen’s red eyes were very much alive with the emotion that had been missing for months. Regret had space in there too.

But then the shutters close and pain radiates from the marks on your wrists.

He sees something in your eyes. It terrifies him, breaks him, kills him to, but he steps aside and soon you tell the driver to drive.

Zen is dead. And the dead cannot come back to life.  

A/N: hey hey hey~

That… was long. I didn’t expect for this fic to even have two parts, I originally planned to create one-shot but my angst meter just hasn’t had enough. 

Thank you for reading!

The Zen of La Llorona

by Deborah Miranda

La Llorona rises over my town–
a solitary curve, sharpened by someone else’s fury.

I read a small gray Zen book
Everyone loses everything.

Lovers, families, friends, possessions, egos–
we keep nothing of this world, not even our bodies.

It’s as if you’d lost your favorite teacup, you see.
No amount of searching, weeping or wailing

will bring it back. If you want a drink,
use a different container.

Write a long series of passionate poems about your cup.
Hell, write a whole book. Obsession is the mother of creation.

But as you compose, sip from the new mug.
It will become your mug of choice.

You’ll lose that one, too. And so on.
In theory, anyway, we outlast dispossession:

Ceramic mugs, hearts, continents.
Outside, La Llorona’s knife slices the indigo heart

of silence. Nonsense, she howls. There’s always
something left to lose

UPBRAID (Jumin Han Fic) 2

part one here !!

It was tomorrow.

And there’s a color scheme you had to follow and everything. Females had to wear white/cream and guys had to wear black/gray.

“Zen. You’re still going right?” You ask him sat on the sofa in your apartment. “Mhm.” He answers. “Do you have any black or gray for the wedding?” 

“I think so.” He says, looking unsure. 

“I might have one that can fit you.” You bought a nice suit for Jumin once, you saved up for it and everything. You thought that it would be a special suit for him, since you had a few adjustments made. You were supposed to give to him, with that letter you spent hours writing, trying to figure out the words to use. 

You hand Zen the suit, and as he tries it on, there you sat, mind in space.

What was that letter about? Did you ever take it out of the suit? Why didn’t you give him the suit?

“MC?” You hear Zen call out your name. “Are you okay?” He asks. You nod your head and ask why. “Is it okay if I wear this to the wedding? It fits fine.” He lets go of the thought he just had. “Yeah, sure.” You snap yourself back into reality. 

After lunch, Zen makes a call outside the balcony. “Who’d you phone?” You ask, casually scrolling through Tumblr. “Jaehee. Had to ask her about something.” 

“Cool.” You say, still scrolling

“What happened on the fifth of March?” He all of a sudden brings up

You failed your most important exam, the place you were part-timing at shut down and you had just gotten into a fight with Jumin. That was the worst, you were at the bottom of everything at that time. The letter that was in the suit, Zen had found, was messy hand writing and dried tear stains.

You start to tear up. Drop after drop, your chest just ached more remembering.

You explain everything you had to, and you could see in Zen’s expression that the blood inside him was at its boiling point. He helped you calm down as you helped him.

The day of the wedding, sunset afternoon, giant open grass area, peaceful river bank nearby. You had fixed your makeup, worn that pretty cream dress and your ankle strap heels.

Eventually, you find Jaehee. And you two sit next to her for the ceremony.

“I’m glad you came, MC.” Jaehee whispers to you as the bride and groom exchange vows. “I hope Jumin isn’t mad that I came.” You whisper back.

Jaehee all  of a sudden spaced out, maybe she realized something or whatever?

“Mr. Han.” She says under her breath. “He arrived late.” She says. “I have absolutely no idea of his whereabouts.”


You turn to talk to Zen on your left, but he disappeared. He was missing. As well as Jumin Han. You report to Jaehee, and the both of you split up to look for them.

You, searching, but looking at nothing but the ground, jump into a black suit. The black suit had that lingering scent you found familiar. You look up to find the same black hair on the same head that fell asleep on your lap while you pulled all nighters, trying to study.

“MC?” The voice echoed at the back of your head. You met once again with the piercing pair of grey eyes.

And the best thing you could think of doing?

Running away. Which you did. You managed to make your way out of that crowd, away from the tall man. You find an empty table, and sit down. Your feet were killing you. You should’ve worn the flats, the ones Zen told you to wear wile you were at the apartment. Fuck.

“MC, are you alright?” Zen comes up to you out of nowhere, scaring the shit out of you. You nod. “Do your feet hurt already?” He asks. You nod, making him giggle. He hands you the flats you had at home. You look at him confused. “I knew you were going to get tired and want to go bare foot eventually. But I can’t let a princess go around barefoot, right?” He smiles, then helps you remove your heels, slipping on the flats after. He hands you the heels, and asks you to keep hold of them first, leaving to go to some dude who called him.

god why is zen such a cutie help

You drag yourself to the bathroom, miraculously. And like a stupid head, you forget to lock the door. It was a shared bathroom for everyone, so anyone who was anyone could come in. Doesn’t matter, you were just going to wash your hands anyway. You could hear Zen’s voice asking around for Jumin. Uh-oh.

Then the door opens.

Mister Jumin fucking Han

You freak out. “I was just leaving, you can use the bathroom.” You say, making your way to the door. About 1 step away form the outside freedomness,  Jumin gets a hold of your arm, pulls you back in, and locks the door.

“You come to the event, and out of all the people you could have brought, ZEN?” His tone goes out the roof. “Jesus christ, MC! You could have brought someone else!” He basically scolds you. He looks at you, developing a devilish smirk.

“Maybe you need to be taught a lesson, kitten.” His body moving fast, in the blink of an eye, your back against the wall. You were pinned to the wall with his strong hands, was this good or bad?

He smashed his lips against yours and continued that session for awhile. He whispers for you to wrap your legs around his waist, which for some reason, you so willingly did.

“Your dress.” He says, trying not to break up that ongoing kiss. “It looks so fucking great on you.” He sighs, in a good way.

“I can’t believe you made me wait.” He said under a breath. This fucking short dress.” He kept going. “And the straps.” He peeps a smile. “I wasn’t even the first to see you wear it. How dare you.” He says, smiling devilishly again, breaking the kiss. “I guess I’ll have to be the first one to see you take the dress off, hun.”

He looks at you, knowing you wanted that kiss. He once again pushes his lips against yours, pulling away again, teasing you. Eventually, he presses his aggressive lips against yours, once again pinning you to the wall. You could feel the smirk. His hands travel fast to various destinations of your body.

Where was this going?

FIND OUT NEXT TIME HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE is it ok to write smut lol I haven’t posted any nsfw online so idk :> feedback !!! I know its bad :-( meh



@harunyandere said:

Then how about.. “ What I want is not only your blood, but your body, soul, everything ” ((yea it’s about zen being a vampire scene)) it’ll be good if its nsfw perhaps XD if u don’t mind ofc.. thank you! ❤

Anonymous said:

  • …“I got the role! We’re going to be leads together!”
  • …For Zen’s Birthday Event (in nsfw okay?): “If you’re not saying my name, don’t say anything at all”
  • …“Holy fuck I love you”

Thirsty, thirsty anons~ lololol. Here you go~!


Playing with fire

Zen was a little worried as he waited for your call, wanting to know if he was supposed to congratulate or comfort you instead. You tried out for the female lead in a musical he was  starring in, but the competition was fierce, ranging from upcoming actresses to veteran actresses.

He wanted to coach you, give you a couple of pointers before the audition, but you stubbornly refused his help, claiming that you wanted to figure out the piece on your own.

His phone rang from somewhere on the couch, so he scrambled to find it, and found a lone “I’m on my way home“ sms, no other details pertaining to your status.

He heard the door open after several minutes, so he rushed to welcome you by the entrance. He couldn’t get a read on you because your face was void of any emotion, and you looked a little pale.

“How were the auditions, babe?”

“I think it’d be best if we sat down first, Zenny,” you say simply, heading to the couch with him following worriedly.

“You see, Zenny…”



“MC, please, I’m already nervous enough; the suspense is killing me!”

“I got the role! We’re going to be leads together!!!”

Zen’s eyes widen at this, his mouth forming an “O” as you proceed to tackle him onto the couch, raining kisses on his face.

“G'dammit MC, stop scaring me like that! I almost had a heart attack!”

“Sorry Zenny, but I just can’t resist! Aaaaah I’m just so happy right now~!”

“That’s okay, but holy shit, I’m so proud of you right now. I love you!”

He embraces you tightly, happy that he gets to act with you onstage. He had seen you practicing tirelessly, and knew that you were absolutely qualified for the role. It was also advantageous for him, what with your chemistry and all. You knew each other’s quirks, and there would be little to no awkwardness on the intimate scenes throughout the whole production.

“MC, what I want is not only your blood, but your body, soul, everything,“ he recites out loud, picturing out the scene in his head.

He hears you mumbling in reply, so he asks you what you said, and you raise your head and smile cheekily.

“I said, you can suck my blood anytime, but not until I suck you first. Hehe.“

“Babe, you know you’re playing with fire, right? And that’s not even the right line.“

“Yes, I know. But are you telling me you’re refusing nookie time with me, Mr. Hyun Ryu?“ you had moved lower this time, and you were massaging his hardening length through his gray sweatpants.

Zen was watching your every move, his eyes dilated, and his breaths deep and slow. He let out a soft moan when you started mouthing him through the fabric, gripping your hair to try to gain control of the pace.

“Me? Never. But if you’re not saying my name, don’t say anything at all.“

My boy’s ...

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Mika-kun, He’ll always be the first <look at that baby blue eyes he has 💓>

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even Prince Hakuryuu-dono is on my list, I love him of course. :3

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Rin-kun even though your the son of ….can’t say it…but your really brave and cute! lemme fangirl!!

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Okayyyy since I added Rin-kun’s dad the Demon Lord…or should I say…Sa- Maou-sama. :)

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Zen-sama why!! you blessed my tumblr already thank you very much!!!

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of course I cannot forget about my dear Gray-sama as well :)

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and lastly but not the least…TH FUTURE KING, ALIBABA SALUJA!!! MY FAVE BLONDE TOO. ❤✌

(( i guess that my part 1 for a while.))


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