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  • MC: [flirts with Seven in the chatroom]
  • 707: ______!! Do you have like, a crush on me or something?! Is that why you're being all chummy with me?!
  • MC: Saeyoung. We've been married for three years.

Smoking a few bowls as my bathtub fills 😌🌿☁️ after this floral alchemy salt soak I’ll be cleansing my crystals, charging them in the moonlight, creating a mandala & meditating, as well as a few other witchy things 🔮🌸🍃👑🐚✨

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Howdy, I was wondering if you could write about how the RFA react to MC just randomly popping up and saying ISNT IT FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA??? (Funny thing is I though of that when I was 200% sober) but they would pop up to say it at the worst times. Oh! And Happy holidays!

A/N: (HAPPY LATE HOLIDAYS IM SO SORRY MY BEAUTIFUL ANON ;A;) you sound like you have a sense of humour similar to mine, i like you ~Admin 404


           -He was in the middle of an EXTREMELY hard boss battle

           -His whole guild has been trying to beat this boss!!! For!!! DAYS

           -Every time they get close!!! They all lose their health!!


           -He was the only one left with health!! The boss had less than 10 points of health!


           -So! Focused!

           -You popped up from behind his chair, and yelled into his ear, “ISN’T IT FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA???”

           -He practically jumps out of his chair, and screeched! He was startled, and confused!! WHAT ARE YOU YELLING ABOUT, MC

           -HE WAS KILLED BY THE BOSS WHEN HE JUMPED!!! He was DEVASTATED!! He saw the apologetic look on your face and decided he could forgive you, after all, it’s just a game!!! He didn’t want to admit that he had no idea what you said, so he just…pretended he knew what you were talking about? -oh yeah, totally get it, mc, uh huh-


           -He was practicing his lines for so long!!

           -He just!! Couldn’t!! Wrap his head around it?

           -No matter how much he practices, no matter how many times he’s read it


           -After weeks of this torture, he’s finally had enough!

           -Sits there for hours repeating nothing but that ONE LINE


           -But he was thrown off guard when you burst through the front door, yelling some sort of nonsense

           -“DON’T YOU THINK IT’S FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA??” “MC, what in the world are you talking about??”

           -He stopped in his tracks and dramatically fell to his knees. He forgot the line in his confusion!! MC!!!! How could you do this to him!!! Now you have to help him learn this line!! He’s too stressed on learning this line to really think about what you said


           -She’s been swamped with work!

           - -okay but when isnt she??? poor baby-

           -Which means she’s sleep deprived! And running on coffee!

           -You tried to stay up with her the whole time, so she isn’t alone!

           -But!! She wasn’t new to this, so she was fine if you needed to sleep! It’s okay!

           -She was writing up a report about Jumin’s new stupid cat hotel project

           -Took a break to get some coffee, and came back to find you asleep in the chair, so she covered you up

           -Just as she sat down, and began to take a sip of coffee, you spring out of the chair and yell, “DON’T YOU THINK IT’S FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA?”

           -YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF HER! She jumped and spilt her coffee all over her report!! MC!!! What did you even say??? Were you sleep talking???

           -You felt so bad!!! You re-wrote the whole report that you ruined!! She kind of sat there in shock, trying to figure out what in the world you were talking about. Completely convinced it was a dream of yours, that’s what you were saying in your dream so that’s what you said outloud.


           -He was in a business meeting and his phone just kept ringing

           -Tried not to look at it because?? Meeting. He has to be professional

           -But it!!! Kept!!! Ringing!!

           -He saw that he had 7 missed calls from you! ARE YOU DYING?? ARE YOU OKAY????

           -Calls you back immediately! He sort of ducks down a little bit to try and hide the fact he’s on the phone

           -The moment you pick up, he’s questioning you in a hushed tone

           -“MC??? Are you okay??? What is so important that you needed to call so much?? Are you hurt?? Do I need to come home???”

           -“ISN’T IT FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA?” You yelled so loud into the phone that he had to pull it away from his ear, everyone in the room could hear you

           -CONFUSION. WHY WERE YOU YELLING?? What did you even say??? He told you that he’d see you at home, and spent the rest of the meeting trying to analyze what you had said

           -The moment he walks through the door, he’s asking you about it, still trying to figure out what you had meant. ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT LET IT GO. You have to tell him what you meant and he has to accept it or you’ll never hear the end of it


           -He works from home so it’s never really a bother for him if you come in and are random

           -But he isn’t used to you being so quiet?

           -Lately, you’ve been sneaking up and scaring him from behind


           -Although, he does the same thing to you

           - -stop tryna get mad at me saeyoung, you’re just as bad-

           -The other day, he snuck up behind you and just screamed. That’s it, just screaming. Scared the hell out of you

           -So, you decided you were going to get revenge. You waited until he was in the kitchen, mid-sip in a PhD. Pepper. You pop up behind him and yell at the top of your lungs, “ISN’T IT FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA??”

           -He spit out his drink!! The soda went up his nose and everything! What the fuck did you just say???? He’s random as well but sometimes he thinks you’re worse

           -The two of you now have ANOTHER competition between the two of you: Who Can Be More Random, The Game


           -He was trying to take a photo of this beautiful bird that was sitting on a low branch

           -He’s been walking very slowly towards it for the past 10 minutes

           -So quiet!! So peaceful!! He was gonna get this damn shot!

           -Lifts his camera up to his eye, he’s about ready to click the shutter-release button…

           -Although you didn’t know that. You had no idea he was getting ready to take a picture

           -You open the door and call out to him


           -YOUR SHOUTING SCARED THE BIRD AWAY ;A; He was disappointed but, not mad at you!!! You didn’t know he was out there to take a picture, he didn’t tell you!

           -He did wonder what in the world you were talking about?

           -Were you okay?? Were you feeling well? Was it just something random? MC plEASE TELL HIM, HE WILL MOTHER YOU UNTIL YOU EXPLAIN


           -You can’t startle this poor little baby

           -Please don’t do it to him

           -He’s accepted that you, as well as his brother, are both extremely random

           -And not to mention, the two of you hardly make sense at all, like, ever

           -So he’s actually really used to it

           -Very little actually makes him stop and question you

           -But one day, as he’s sitting on the couch reading a book, you walk in and stand in the doorway

           -“Isn’t it funny when the carpet starts talking to ya?”

           -“…… MC, what the fuck are you talking about???”

           -He actually had to pause and look up at you because??? What does that even mean?? Don’T WALK OUT OF THE ROOM?? GET BACK IN HERE AND EXPLAIN WHAT YOU SAID, MC

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Can you do a request where the characters all know about the reset button and how they would reacts to MC clicking it after their route and how their answers and personality would change in the next one you did? (Please include Saeran, V and Rika if possible)

YAY ANGST >:D sorry this actually took me a long time to think about because omg this is too much character analysis… tbh i was going to leave this for later because it’s so complicated but I WANT TO WRITE ANGST… when i first read a bunch of reset theory posts i was literally so depressed for seven LOL.. like let the poor boy be happy he deserves so much

sorry but i couldn’t think of a really good characterization for saeran, v, and rika since they don’t have actual routes, so i didn’t include them :<

also this probably would’ve made more sense if i wrote them story-style but i got lazy ^~^


  • when you first reset, he was mostly dumbfounded
  • he had no idea what was going on, suddenly sitting on his bed with the messenger app open and realizing that he’d read this chatroom before
  • it finally clicks that you reset the game back to the beginning and he’s honestly so upset
  • did he mean nothing to you? was it that easy to have his feelings confirmed and then tossed aside?
  • but then he gets hopeful
  • maybe you just wanted to restart to experience falling in love with him again
  • so he plays along and sends those messages all over
  • he’ll even compare you to rika again, so that he can coax the same reactions out of you 
  • but even he could realize things were different when you were happily sweet-talking another member throughout the day
  • it honestly shatters him, and he distracts himself by excessively playing LOLOL nonstop
  • but as painful as it is, he decides to support whoever you’re aiming for
  • he’s happy to see you changing their life for the better, even if it’s not his this time
  • in every different route, he’ll never show you how much he’s hurting
  • he’ll just put on a smile and cheer you on
  • cause all he wants is for you to be happy


  • he’s devastated when he realizes you reset
  • it’s just a big mixture of disbelief and confusion
  • even when it’s obvious you’re aiming for another member of the RFA, he’s never going to stop sweet-talking you
  • because he’s desperate to have you back
  • his heart shatters a bit every time you greet someone else in the chatroom, or say goodbye to another member
  • he loves calling you though, because even if your heart changed, at least your voice didn’t
  • the only major difference is when he realizes you chose jumin’s route
  • jumin’s already ticked him off no matter what, but seeing you comfort and send those loving messages that he used to get from you was too much
  • he’s undeniably salty and bitter in jumin’s route because of that
  • but no matter what, he loves you so much
  • so all he can do is act as usual and wait for you to choose him again


  • she gets sullen when everything seems to restart
  • she doesn’t quite remember how, but you made a big impact on her life
  • and it’s all gone in the blink of an eye
  • she drowns herself in work as a distraction
  • even the prospect of no sleep doesn’t make her that upset anymore
  • at least it lowers the chances of her dreaming about you
  • she doesn’t even blame you for resetting
  • maybe this is how it should be
  • maybe she’s fated to being alone and working until retirement
  • after all, that is what the fortuneteller back then prophesied 
  • whenever she sees you happily chatting with the others in the chatroom, she steels herself and talks normally
  • she has many things to do, and she wouldn’t get in your way
  • the reset was just a sign that it wasn’t meant to last
  • so she’ll watch over you and guide you to whatever path that was meant for you


  • oh hell no
  • you did not just reset on him
  • he wasn’t accepting that
  • he’ll be extremely curt towards you in the beginning few days
  • he’s just so salty
  • but he gets impatient and starts mentioning the possibility of you visiting his home
  • maybe you’ll realize your feelings if you stayed with him for a bit
  • of course, you’re all confused and say you can’t leave the apartment
  • he shuts himself off and acts emotionless 24/7 now
  • he’s especially snippy when he enters the chatroom and sees zen chatting away with you
  • but every time he sees you move further and further away from him, it’s another crushing sense of unhappiness
  • each reset only multiplies his displeasure
  • although he never truly abandons the possibility that you might come back into his arms, he’s left with one lingering thought
  • “i can’t trust women”


i didn’t write a lot for bae since i feel like he knows about the resets already… like there have been theories and moments where 707 just breaks the 4th wall and i’m just there like ALRIGHT THEN lmfao but i’ll just put a few tidbits cause yay angst

  • he was completely withdrawn the first time you reset
  • all of his happiness just slipped out of his fingers with the press of a button
  • but he made this game, so wasn’t it to be expected?
  • this was what he deserved, with the life he was living
  • he wasn’t meant to stay in the light
  • permanent happiness was something he wasn’t allowed to hope for
  • he realized that fully once you reset
  • he’ll maintain his persona and act as the bright and happy 707 in the chatrooms
  • but there will be times when he breaks (ex “Unstable Seven” in the jumin route)
  • but even if you forget him, he’ll always love you
  • he might fade from your memory, but he’ll always keep you in his heart no matter where you go

I celebrated the first full moon of 2017 by preparing some fallen birch bark I had collected in the summer for ceremonial use and by setting my intentions before meditating ~
I also spent some time reflecting and releasing after researching the planetary influences of this full moon

I went out for a nice family dinner (I filled up on yummy biscuits and veggies) then went to my sister’s house for the night! I meant to do a tarot reading as well but I forgot my deck at home 🙈💞
I didn’t pack things for a ritual but I still improvised w my pocket stones, a couple bay leaves & a few candles. It was actually very lovely though as the energies have been and still are so uplifting and wonderful!! I’m now just snuggled w her puppy, the softest blanket, a hot tea and a good book while sending you all my best 🕯🌸 ✨

the only person in the rfa who actually eats and sleeps properly is jumin and that’s only cuz he has people who meticulously control that for him, everyone else in the group is a hot mess chugging soda or milk and hoping they don’t pass out in the next 36 hours, how relatable can ya get.

AU where Zen and MC have been bestfriends for almost their whole lives and they live together brcause their families suck and one day MC gets si fucking gay for a Cafe Barista, aka JaeHee

Zen wingmans and MC is a flailing gay potato.

Turns out this Barista is actually the owner of Kang Cafe.

Also feat. Yoosung their little nerd brother. (not really related but u get it)

  • 707: haha i too choose to eat salad when there is a salad bar ;)
  • ZEN: is your bowl full of just shredded cheese
  • 707: no
  • ZEN:
  • 707: [dumping ranch into his bowl]
  • 707: i'm not uncultured okay
Mystic Messenger Mall AU


  • Jumin Han as the son of the mall chain owner that basically lives in the pet store & managed to walk off with five kittens shoved inside his jacket before Jaehee chased him down & made him sign a check
  • Zen as the one makeup artist at the high end makeup store that makes you cry because he could walk in w/ eyebags & bed head but still look runway ready 
  • 707 as the mall rat that likes showing up the manager of the apple store & every other tech store in the mall, he refuses every job offer & always manages to hack into the pa system to play a clarinet cover of my heart will go on 
  • Jaehee as head of security who really wants to quit her job but that would mean she wouldn’t be able to sigh over Zen & the mall would set ablaze with everyone’s shenanigans 
  • Yoosung as the tired college student who works at the game store & manages to have the best sales as he’s played more than half of the store’s game selections 
  • V as Jumin’s church buddy that mysteriously vanishes when needed
  • Rika as the kiosk vendor who’s rumored to be dead as no one’s seen her since the first day the mall opened 


All of Hindu and classical Zen literature is full of the principle of reclaiming power - taking whatever energy we are given and altering it to its opposite component. For example, pleasure and rage are two coexisting potentials in the first chakra. By allowing ourselves to experience the ecstasy of “hedonistic” pleasure, we actually create the synaptical capacity for converting rage. Then when rage rises up within us, we can move that energy, that rage, into the pleasure center by tilting the pelvis slightly forward and moving the energy up. It is then used to regenerate our bodies instead of causing destruction. One of the classic Tibetan drawings of the chakras has a yin and yang in each chakra; this drawing is a precise representation of the refocusing of power and allowing it to turn back into its opposite, should one choose not to use it in its original form. In this way, there is no suppression of power. It is a much healthier process.

It often seems that there is no appropriate place for expressing many kinds of feelings. To avoid experiencing those feelings in the second chakra, many of us tend to hold back the power of the first. The result of this suppression is a first chakra that runs counterclockwise. By running this chakra backward, we do not lose those unexpressed feelings but keep them suppressed. As a result, we do not have access to their power. In other words, instead of sending energy up the system, it is dissipated into the ground. We are losing a vast amount of energy and power. If we can turn the chakra around, then energy will again begin to flow appropriately, giving us access to our power once more.

Power is ours, but to understand it we have to use it. “Use it or lose it” is a contemporary adage that applies here. This cannot be an intellectual process; we have to feel the fire, use the power safely and wisely. We must be conscious of how and where we use it, and while doing so, we must also give that same life force back to others. We have to allow others their own power and their own use of it. Until each of us has more power, the success of one will threaten another. We can change this dynamic if, in our success, we empower others, particularly our friends, by giving them energy. This is the secret to energy work. We must always remember that the universe is the source of unlimited energy. This source is inexhaustible, and we can always tap into it to keep ourselves from being drained by others.

headcanon where 707 forces zen to watch cool cat saves the kids, giving zen a full on phobia of cats 

jumin is also there but he leaves after like the first few minutes and because 707 is a goddamn juminzen shipper he wants them to watch their romantic movie together

yoosung lowkey enjoys the movie with his bf 707 but doesn’t tell him he enjoyed the movie

and jaehee doesn’t even arrive at the “movie night” nice choice BEST CHOICE