zen can cook

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Can I request domestic headcannons for Zen x MC, maybe something like cooking,night/morning routines, cuddles ect. Bonus points for the tiny couple arguments about the dishes and who pays for dinner that ends with the words with "fudge you and your beautiful face" and "fudge you and your amazing personality" then kiss if that makes any sense. Who hogs the blanket and kicks who out of the bed as neither MC or Zen are used to sharing a bed in the first few months of being together? Thank you ☺😄

  • You’re always the first one to wake up, since Zen always claims he needs his beauty sleep. But you don’t mind, and make sure there’s coffee ready for him when he does wake up.
  • Zen prefers showering together, and he honestly tells you that’s because he loves seeing you bare. You’re not complaining either, have you seen those abs?
  • Zen can cook very well, but your skills are also quite good. So on sundays you’ll both be spending time together in the kitchen and cook together.
  • Regularly takes you out on dates, and refuses to let you pay for anything. He can afford it and wants to spoil you as much as he can.
  • “Ssshh, I’m paying, princess.” “Fudge you and your beautiful face…”
  • Sometimes you do secretly pay for your meals, and when he finds out, narrows his eyes and you and offers you a cute pout. 
  • “Fudge you and your amazing personality…” 
  • You’d roll your eyes at him, but just lean in and peck his cheek, making a blush form on his pale face. He’ll turn his head and peck your lips instead.
  • Dishes are the only thing you actually argue about. Zen always claims he’s done them the day before, while you just know you had been doing them for a week already.
  • “If you don’t do the dishes today, I’ll be paying for our next date.”
  • “Fine…”
  • You are suffering from cold-feet syndrom, and the perfect lace to warm them up is Zen’s lower back. So you smirk and press them against his warm skin. 
  • He squeals and almost falls out of bed.
  • “Why are your feet so god damn cold.” “I don’t know, but you’re warm.” 
  • He’ll eventually accept the fact that this will happen quite often, and just grab all the blankets and roll himself up to distract from your cold feet.
  • “Can I have some of the blanket.”
  • Only if you keep your feet away from my back.”
RFA react to an MC that can’t cook

Yoosung Kim:

-Tried out your cooking
-Didn’t like it…
-But when you look at him like that, he can’t say no
-So he ate all of the food you made
-Didn’t have the heart to tell until after 3 months when you were both playing LOLOL

Zen / Hyun Ryu:

-Maybe it’s a minor mistake?
-It doesn’t taste THAT bad…
-Yeah, no, it’s fucking terrible.
-Almost spit it out as soon as the spoon touched his mouth
-You both buy store-bought food for the weekdays and learn to cook on the weekends together.
- I don’t think Zen can cook more than omelettes tbh

Jaehee Kang:

-It didn’t look appetizing
-And certainly didn’t taste very pleasant either.
-Spits it out in a second
-”On second thought, let’s just buy some Chinese tonight!”
- Learn to cook from her

Jumin Han: 

-He picks up the spoon, places it in his mouth, swallows the rice and just stares at you; all with a poker face.
-”Which chef made this? They should be fired.”
“It was me Juju…”
- You’re so offended but he apologizes over and over again
- Says it’s fine but if you want, he could book you some cooking classes


-This boy can’t cook for shit either
-Vanderwood used to make him all his meals in University (Or was it said to be college? I can’t quite recall… #UK life be like)
-But he knows your cooking is bad
-He teases you for a while before noticing how uncomfortable you were
-The two of you end up making dinner everyday using recipes off google
- RIP Saeran