zen buddha

The Tapestry

by Saṃsāran   

One day you may just be sitting down not doing much of anything and it will strike you. Sorrow. Not your sorrow. The sorrow of the world. Not some abstract sorrow. You will feel the sorrow of a mother who has lost a child. Then you will recognize that all mothers feel this same sorrow. 

A Christian mother. A Muslim mother. Every mother. Oh, it goes even deeper. You will then see that even animals feel this deep sorrow. It runs like a golden thread in a vast tapestry of many colors.

This sorrow does not overwhelm or destroy you. You see it repeated time and again. Then you have the realization that this sorrow is just one thread among many which connect us. You see that the tapestry is us. All of us. All sentient beings.The tapestry is who we are.