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Oooh what about Genji, Zen, Roadhog and Reaper headcanons for an s/o who is really busy with work and is stubborn in taking care of themselves, but is really caring about their lover's health? Like they would often find their s/o dozing off at their desk, but then other days their s/o would be the one worrying over THEM pulling all-nighters. Aah hope it makes sense - thank you though! Your writing is my absolute favorite!

brUH this so me though, I always worry more about everyone else when I’m the one having a mental breakdown every five minutes like wtf me think bout yourself for once (alsO SHH YOU NICE PERSON YOU)


  • While he knows responsibilities are important, he also knows you shouldn’t strain yourself. In his younger days he may have slacked off more than is…well, reasonable, but he’s since learned how to balance time for work and play. You, however, clearly do not have this skill.
  • Whenever he finds you hunched over on your laptop he doesn’t hesitate to gently pry it from your hands and put it aside. “Genji!” You always gripe at him but end up surrendering as he waits patiently, resting his chin in his hands. “Are you calm now, Y/N?” You grumpily nod to the man in front of you.
  • He quickly settles down next to you and pulls you into his arms. “You’re overworking yourself again.” He usually has his visor off when the two of you are alone, so there’s nothing in the way of him placing a soft kiss on your cheek while cupping the other. He chuckles as you blush. “You know I can’t stand seeing you like this.” After that he makes you rest with him, be it by doing yoga or just laying in his embrace.


  • You really don’t have to worry about Zen overworking himself, haha! But he definitely frets over you burning yourself out. Sometimes he keeps an eye on you while you work just to make sure you don’t exhaust yourself.
  • And in those moments when you do, he floats over to you. Usually you don’t even notice his presence until he takes your hands in his metal ones. Pretty effective at keeping you from working, I’d say. Zenyatta’s body language is enough to tell you he’s concerned, so you give in.
  • “Good; you must rest,” he motions for you to come closer. The omnic then pulls you into his lap. (I really wanna sit in his lap only because I’d be floating and that’s fuckin rad) “I don’t just mean your body, Y/N,” he runs his cool fingers over your shoulders and down your arms, feeling the tension in your muscles. “Your mind, as well. Worry less what others want of you, and rather what you want from yourself.” Ah, the benefits of having a philosophic boyfriend. Plus he gives you encouragement fist bumps when work is absolutely necessary.


Holy shit my first time writing for ze pavement pig! Hope I do him justice lol

  • First off, Roadhog does whatever the fuck Roadhog wants. No need to even think about him working himself to death. Hell, he doesn’t even hesitate to put Junkrat in his place because dammit this guy can be really annoying but he’s paying Roady good money.
  • He has no qualms about simply picking you up when you’re pushing yourself too much. And even though you may struggle, it always ends with you eventually just relaxing in his hold. “There’s a good boy/girl/lovely.” (I dunno lovely just seems like a nickname he’d use casually??) 
  • He easily shifts you so he’s got you resting in one arm. He’s so strong like what the fuck. (BETTER HOPE ZARYA DOESNT STEAL YOUR SWEETIE MAKO-) But usually he carries you away from your responsibilities to cool off. That ends up being you two just sitting and talking together more often than not, but there’s always the option to go watch Junkrat blow something up again. (One time his pants caught on fire and Mako laughed harder than you’d ever seen as Jamie flailed his arms and jumped right out of his trousers. It was gold.) 


  • Reaper’s issue is less overworking himself and more, like, forgetting how to rest his thoughts. Those, in turn, keep his body awake too. You often find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to find the other side of your bed empty. You get up and tend to find him gazing at the moon out the window. All you have to do is silently wrap your arms around his torso and he goes back to bed with you. On nights like that he pulls you close upon returning, and you don’t ask about what’s bugging him, instead letting him sleep. (Not that he does often. Normally he just stays up and hold you all night.)
  • Reaps is very blunt with his actions when he finds you toiling over something for far too long. He walks over in his emo boots, closing your laptop and picking up any papers around you before tearing them. Yeah, he can be an ass. “This paperwork doesn’t matter.” He crosses his arms. “Says you! Gabe, those were important files.”
  • Ah, here comes the soft Reyes™ With a scoff and roll of his eyes, he walks forward. He places one hand on your shoulder and looks you in the eyes before pulling you close to his chest. “Don’t strain yourself.” A hand runs through your hair as he mutters to you. Ya can’t help but hug him back. “..Fine. But you better not do that again.” “Sin promesas.” “Gabe!” Cue deep chuckle and a kiss on your forehead.

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Oooh how could I flirt with prof zenyatta?~

Merely hold an engaged and interesting conversation with him. Doesn’t matter what it’s about so long as it’s interactive and something you’re passionate about. Get his attention in a positive light that will have him remembering you fondly and you’ll be on your way to building a mutual attraction between you and the counselor.

 Also, just so we’re all clear here; if you try innuendos and suggestive nudges, it’s not going to work. 

He’s denser than I am and that’s already saying a lot. He won’t pick up on them and you’ll be wasting both his and your time and as a faculty member or student of the campus, time is something either of you have limited amounts of.

Comforting Heroes

(I was in the mood to write down my headcanons on some things the Overwatch heroes would do should their s/o be crying/upset. I lost my dog yesterday to cancer, so this is as much for me as it is for you guys.)

I’m starting off with some of the guys! Let me know if you guys want any more headcanons of this scenario for other heroes.

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Day 16 - Home

(And this is the end of the drabble series Winter Holiday! Thank you everyone for reading! Future drabbles will be separate from each other like before.)

- Zen has logged in –

Yoosung★: Hey Zen! Unpacked everything already?

ZEN: Nah, I dove right into bed when I got home
ZEN: Just woke up
ZEN: These 20 hour flights wreak havoc on my skin T.T

Yoosung★: Gonna take a few days to get rid of the jet-lag too

707: The holiday was loads of fun though~!
707: I’ve been uploading all our photos on the RFA tripter bot!

ZEN: Already?

MC: Yeah, it was a blast!
MC: I really loved my first holiday with you guys

Jaehee Kang: I’m very happy to hear that MC. ^_^
Jaehee Kang: I also enjoyed it.

Yoosung★: I agree but I’m still happy to be back
Yoosung★: I know it’s barely been 2 weeks, yet it feels like we’ve been away for a month
Yoosung★: I’ve missed so many LOLOL events!

Jumin Han: In my opinion our trip didn’t last long enough.

ZEN: Oh?? I can’t believe Mr. Work-a-holic is saying this.

MC: Same, I’m already dreading doing my own cooking and cleaning
MC: Oh wait, Jumin doesn’t have to worry about that

Jumin Han: I do cook sometimes

Yoosung★: Must be nice to be so rich

707: I have a feeling Hyung doesn’t miss the holiday itself lololol
707: He was on earlier chatting about how white fur wasn’t like white hair at all

ZEN: o////o WHAT

Jumin Han: It’s true though.

MC: Wow, first chat and already you guys are flirting

Yoosung★: I expected this the moment Zen logged in honestly

MC: Yeah, I guess

ZEN: We’re not?? Flirting!??

Jaehee Kang: It’s fine if it’s within the RFA – Korea isn’t as open as our holiday destination was.
Jaehee Kang: Though please try not to let it dominate every chat.

Yoosung★: Yeah have pity on the rest of us

ZEN: Jaehee, et tu?

Jumin Han: We’ve spent so much time together and I still find myself missing you.
Jumin Han: When will you move into the penthouse with me?

ZEN: !!!
ZEN: Last I checked, you still have a cat and I still have allergies

707: Interesting, he didn’t say no~

ZEN: Shut up Seven

Jumin Han: Elizabeth will be groomed daily and have her own suite to live in
Jumin Han: And I’ll get you the best cat allergy medication there is if needed
Jumin Han: I want to wake up with you every day.

MC: omg so romantic

707: Mr. Executive is so smooth 8D

ZEN: You know how I feel about you spending money on me ;;;;

707: Just give up already Zen, we know you’re going to say yes soon enough

Yoosung★: Ya

MC: Ya

Jumin Han: Ya

ZEN: Wow really????
ZEN: Maybe I like my apartment and want to stay here
ZEN: I have bags to unpack, I’m leaving

- Zen has logged off –

Jaehee Kang: Maybe we went too far?

707: Don’t worry, this is just part of his thought process :3

MC: Yoosung, toss me an event invite on LOLOL so I can force myself to stay awake

Yoosung★: On it!
Yoosung★: Seven, wanna join too?

707: Ofc, let’s go~~~~

- Message from Jumin Han: -
I’m sorry. Take your time to think about it. I love you.

- Message from ZEN: -
You’re a jerk

- Message from ZEN: -
I love you too

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I loved the young hero ask. If its not much trouble, what about a young hero who is untrusting, closed off and scared of contact with others. Life has been total shit for them up until this point. And cuz of this they have trouble trusting and connecting to others. But so desperately wants too.

No prob! I actually have like two other requests coming up in my inbox to continue that post as well, so I guess you guys enjoyed that post! Makes me happy to hear. (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

(Btw, this series takes place in a world where every OW character was actually a part of Overwatch, which is an AU in itself lol)

  • You and Hanzo get along really well. You’re both the ones who lean against the wall in the corner and don’t talk much. So, naturally, you eventually start talking lmao.
  • Gabe/Reaper is another companion of yours. He understands your inability to trust people, as does Hanzo, but Gabe has been treated horribly by life as well. And he’s managed to find his place. He wants to help you find yours.
  • Gabe wants you to try to start socializing and trusting people, but you have a request. You try to make a deal with Hanzo that you’ll start making friends, (or at least attempting to), if he at least tries to reconcile with Genji once.
  • He doesn’t agree, but just wait a while. Your progress’ll motivate him after a long while.
  • You feel more comfortable around the more mature/older agents, because a lot of the ones your age are flamboyant. You find it hard to feel confident in yourself around them at first.
  • Your first friend in your age group is Zenyatta. He’s just…too smart?? And super chill. You open up to him and he juST TAKES YOUR HEART IN HIS HANDS AND FIXES IT. It takes forever, but he restores a lot of the broken pieces of you.
  • You also meet Genji through that. You two start talking during meditation shit, and you tell Hanzo what his little bro is like these days. He doesn’t know you catch his sighs or bitter smiles he lets escape as you leave the room afterwards.
  • You do get the courage to start talking to the younger agents, aside from Zen, after a while. And you’re like, why did I avoid these people? Lena and Lucio are sweet as fuck and Hana is hilarious? Junkrat is honestly so ridiculous that you don’t even have to worry about being judged by him??
  • When you confess to people about your feelings/anxieties, the ones you get closer to offer their ways of helping. Zenyatta is one, but for example, say you and Lucio became really close. He’d find/make calming music for you whenever you were in an especially nervous situation. Say you and Genji get close; I see him joining you in conversation and throwing a supportive arm around your back if he sees you’re uncomfortable. 
  • Everyone just wants to help!! Also your close friends will definitely share their insecurities with you. Work together to heal!! Call Zenyatta and have a pizza meditation party!!!

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Do you have any headcanons for going on a date with Genji/Mcree/Hanzo/Bastion/Zenyatta? It's be cool if you could make the s/o gender neutral or male aligned!

☆(・ω・*)ゞ On it! Also sorry but I don’t do romantic Bastion things! I’d write some headcanons for just hanging out as friends with him but it’s getting late and tomorrow’s Monday. I gotta sleep!


  • He’s always up for going to a restaurant, but you, without fail, say no every time. In fact, when he first asked you out that almost made him think you’d rejected him! “Wait- no, that’s- YES. Yes, I will go on a date.” Food isn’t really the same for him since he’s a cyborg, so you just really don’t want to remind him of that. He thinks it’s really sweet, but he does still want to treat you to a nice dinner someday.
  • Since dates never really involve food, they often take place at museums or hiking trails. You like to go on walks with him through town/city centers often too. (You tell him not to, but every now and then he spoils you and buys you a little something.)


  • DANCING. This boy loves taking you dancing. And if you say you can’t he’s darn well gonna teach ya. “C’mon, darlin’, I gotcha.” And then once he has you pulled close to his chest: “See? Isn’t this nice?”
  • Slow dancing with Jesse is literally heaven. He’s naturally warm and when you’re snuggled against a warm cowboy who’s wearing flannel you will never go cold. He also has a habit of kissing the top of your head.
  • McCree is the guy who gives the cliché kiss on your doorstep. At the end of every and any date he always makes sure he gets a peck on the lips from you before you leave. He reminds you if you forget, haha!


  • He prefers to go on dates in places where it’s just the two of you. That way he doesn’t have to be self-conscious. He wants you to have fun, and he knows that his shyness towards affection in front of others would affect that.
  • Fun fact about being alone with Hanzo: PHYSICAL AFFECTION. It just happens. He holds your hand, he whispers little things in your ear to make you laugh, he openly stares at you endearingly…the whole sha-bang. 
  • I don’t think Hanzo is one to get cold, considering he always has an entire half of his chest exposed to the elements. So if you got cold? Here take his scarf. Or his jacket. Just taKE ALL THE THINGS STAY WARM. 


  • Dates with Zenyatta have a lot of variety, as he is a very open-minded individual and is pretty much up for anything. So they’re not just the relaxing things you’d expect. Though there are plenty of restful dates, lemme tell ya.
  • TAKE HIM OUT TO SEE THE CITY OMG. We know from his in-game dialogue with Genji that he is very much interested in learning about Hanamura, since Genji grew up there. Imagine how much he likes to see your favorite places! He asks a bunch of questions as you two make your way around the sights, and oh my gosh is it adorable.
  • Though he may not be able to enjoy food the way you do, Zenny actually likes restaurants. Especially little coffee shops where you can sit and chat for hours. Window seats are a must for him, and he holds your hand as you sip a warm drink and comment on whatever passes by your view.

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A little about yourself! What was your introduction to transformers? How did you find the fandom?

Oh gosh, me?  XD  Well, I guess I was always kind of vaguely aware of Transformers growing up, but I never had an interest in them.  (They were just a bunch of robots that turned into cars nbd lol!)

It was only when I heard about the relationships between the bots and the humans in TFP that I got interested (someone compared it to Iron Giant, so I was sold).  Given that I’m a sucker for xeno friendships, I went to check it out and I was hooked!  XD  I think I’ve watched just about every cartoon version now except the Energon stuff and Beast Wars.

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omg the request about reader being a young hero was the good stuff seriously, please do share more of your headcanons they are to die for!!!

eyyy bouta go see my therapist, but here’s this in the meantime? should I make tag for this? uhhhhh #young recruit should do it! check that tag to see what this is a continuation of, if you don’t already know!

  • Sombra and D.va are great gaming buddies!! 
  • Sombra is a prankster. You two are complete partners in crime. Reaper blames just about anything that happens at base on you. “Yo, the ice maker’s weird aga-” “Y/N and Sombra.” 
  • Based on those notes she left herself at Watchpoint Antarctica, Mei has both a youthful spirit and a habit of drawing a little. You like to spend downtime with her. Don’t tell anyone, but you like to draw little parodies of all your coworkers. Jack tends to be an old man who falls asleep in the middle of the war zone. Shh…
  • Genji has a clever mouth. And you like to laugh, plus you’re too young to really scold him. This means that during conferences and boring meetings, it’s normal for him to lean down and mutter funny little tidbits in your ear. Whether it be a stupid meme, some song lyrics he was reminded of, or a joke at the speaker’s expense, the rule that everything is 100% funnier when you can’t laugh is fully present here.
  • Zenyatta can make any kind of work way more fun. “Goddammit, I hate paperwork.” “Think of the pen as a river, and you control the flow.” “Mmm…” “A water slide is another good option.” “Heh, thanks Zen.” 
  • One of you favorite things to do is catch candid photos capturing your friends in compromising positions. You always put, “explain this picture to someone who doesn’t know anything about Overwatch,” as the caption. The comments are hilarious. 
  • You, D.va, Lena, Lucio, and Zenyatta all run the account. This makes for a wide variety of posts. At first it was just you, and for a while you were always behind the camera. Eventually people wanted to see your face, and that started the idea of having other people assist.
  • Sombra will occasionally hack into it and post what she calls ‘Fails of the Month’ or similar mocking posts. They usually are lists of funny insults or incidents that happened to everyone else.