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RFA + Saeran. MC coming home drunk off her ass and she can barely walk and she won't go to bed no matter what how would they take care of her?

ModUnknown here finally bringing you this HC scenario!! I tried to get inspired by some of my personal drunk stories lol!! Drunk can be fun…  I mean don’t drink!! drinking is bad!! hehe please enjoy these HCs!! Thank you!! :D

Jaehee HC

Saeran (Sorry i always start of with him first bc thats my boo)

  • You had just came back from a regular RFA party. Saeran was still getting used to being around others but he wasn’t ready for a huge party. 
  • You were the person he was most comfortable with and opened up to you the most after the whole mint eye situation calmed down.
  • He trusted the RFA to take good care of you while at the party but he forgot to let them know to also watch out with how much you drink.
  • Well it was too late for that and you were drunk as hell. As a matter of fact, everyone was drunk as hell celebrating the most successful party ever!
  • So when you got home and failed to silently lay in bed without waking Saeran up, you knew you were screwed.
  • You tripped by the table and dropped the flower vase that was on it.
  • You sat on your knees and closed your eyes, just waiting for Saeran to come out the door.
  • “MC WHAT HAPPENED?!” There he goes
  • “Saeran, I’m so sorry!” You sniffed a little bit.
  • He looked at you confused on why you would apologize to him until he realized that you were not normal
  • “Mc, are you drunk?”
    “Maybe…” your sniffles turned into giggles as you noticed how cute he looked all worried about you.
  • He just sighed and picked you up bridal style to bed
    “Aw Saeran. I can’t wait for you to carry me like this at our honeymoon.” You mumbled as you nuzzled your cheek on his.
  • This boy got embarrassed like super embarrassed. You picturing yourself marrying him? deep down it felt good to hear such thing.
  • After he laid you down, he did the same next to you and just stared at you wondering who the hell let you drink so much.
  • “Saeran..” You cuddled next to him and dug your head on his chest.
    “I really need to say something. It’s really important.”
  • You sounded really worried so this worried him even more.
    “W-what is it?” he even stuttered. He knew about that saying where drunk people tend to be the most honest.. so he was definitely more afraid.
  • “I just… I just need to know..” You dug your head deeper into his chest and gripped his shirt a little tighter.
  • That was it. He sat you up and asked you to please let it out.
  • “But Saeran..It’s actually more like a question..” You started to play around with the bed sheets. 
  • “Mc… just. tell. me” You can tell he was getting impatient.
  • “Do…” You could’t even look at him.
    “Do you think pigeons have feelings?”
  • “what” Saeran was left with an empty facial expression. like did you really just make a big deal.. for pigeons?
  • You just started to giggle more and ended up throwing yourself to him, making him fall back on his pillow.
    “You know I love you right?” You said, planting kisses over and over again on his lips. 
  • You continued to cuddle him and let him know all night that you loved him. You just couldn’t shut up over how much he meant to you.
  • He felt all fuzzy and warm inside to have someone like you. 
  • He held onto you tightly for the rest of the night to make sure you also felt loved and told you that you were the best thing to ever happen to him.
  • The following morning he prepared you a warm bubble bath and ended up joining you.. ;)


  • You and Yoosung had barely came back from a one of your family’s parties. 
  • Your family went all out with these parties and they would get drunk off their asses. (I’m Mexican so our parties are always so lit with food and drinks lol)
  • Yoosung didn’t want to drink due to the fact it was one of your family’s parties and he wasn’t used to being drunk. Another was the fact that he was driving.
  • You arrived by clinging on to Yoosung’s arm. He could barely keep his own balance with you tripping with every little thing. And going up the stairs in the apartment wasn’t a help at all.
  • Once you got in, you immediately went straight to the kitchen. Yoosung was expecting you to head to bed but was surprised to see you there.
  • “Mc.. didn’t you just eat? I know you’re super drunk so you need to sleep!” He pouted because he knew that you were about to go all out in the kitchen.
  • “But baby, I’m not sleepy.” You closed the fridge and skipped your way towards him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a peck on the lips.
  • “Ooh. Let’s dance!” The way you were positioned gave you the idea.
    “But I don’t know how to dance.” He nervously chuckled.
    “It’s okay, just follow my lead!” You responded with so much confidence but the moment you tried to, you tripped bringing Yoosung down with you.
  • Yoosung landed on top of you and quickly asked if you were okay. You just laughed it off and turned him around so you can be laying on top of him.
  • “Hey Yoosung.. You know you’re the best, right? Like I love you so much and I never want to leave your side.” 
  • After all the mumbling and making Yoosung blush, you finally fell asleep on Yoosung’s chest. He didn’t dare to move you so he fell asleep with you on the floor.
  • The following morning he got up early and prepared his special breakfast dish for you. His Omurice! Which you love despite how messy it can get. 
  • He also made sure you relaxed the whole day and joined you to watch some movies.
    Agh, Yoosung would be the sweetest husband ever >.<


  • You had a girl’s night with some friends at a local bar.
  • Zen trusted you 100% so he let you have your fun while he rehearsed for his upcoming play.
  • The thing was, that you didn’t plan to get drunk.. but were persuaded by your friends to keep on taking some shots.
  • So at the end you had to call Zen to pick you up. You could barely even dial his phone number that’s how bad it was.
  • He got worried over how drunk you sounded so he told you to stay put and he’ll be there soon.
  • After you got home, you laid in the couch and started mumbling over how disappointing you were in yourself for drinking. 
  • “MC, let’s go to bed.” Zen kept on insisting but you weren’t listening.
    It was already late and he was pretty tired himself.
  • “Fine. I’ll go to bed by myself.”

  • “Zen, nooo!” You hugged him from behind and he just smirked because he knew you don’t like to go to bed without him.
  • “Babe you need some rest. Let’s go.”
    “But im too drunk to sleeeeeep!!” 
  • You kept pulling him back to make him stay but he dragged you with him so you can finally get some rest. You know Zen and his beauty sleep.
  • Once he got you in bed, he thought you would easily knock out but boy was he wrong.
  • “Zen what would you do if i show up one day with a cat?”
    “What if a dress up as a cat instead?”
    “What do you think you would’ve been doing if I never met you?”
    “Shouldn’t fire trucks technically be called water trucks?”

  • That was it. Zen knew he wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon.
    “Mc… close your eyes and picture your happy place.” He said to try and help you sleep. He didn’t want you to wake up feeling bad or anything.
  • “But my happy place is here with you Zen!” You wrapped your arms around him and became the big spoon.
    “You’re so cheesy when you’re drunk” He giggled.
  • “Cheese?” You picked up your head the moment you heard the word. You just loved food.
  • “Oh no.. I said please! please go to sleep MC.” This time he was the big spoon and started playing with your hair.
  • You were going to complain but were in pure bliss once his fingers started to twirl your hair and massaged your scalp. It took you a few seconds for you to knock out.
  • The following morning, Zen had prepared some water and some pain relievers just in case you woke up with a hangover.
  • Which you didn’t and you thanked the gods
  • But you were grateful for his kind act.


  • You worked for Jumin along with Jaehee. He had hosted a party for the success of his latest project that helped the company big time.
  • You attended the party with no intent to get drunk but after ??? glasses of Jumin’s most strongest wine… welp so much for that.
  • You managed to stay calm throughout the party but on your way home, that’s when it started to hit you the most.
  • You arrived at Seven’s place and couldn’t even put the pass code properly so you banged on the door instead.
  • “Mc, why-”
    “Babe!!” You launched yourself at him, almost dropping him on the floor.
  • “Wait, are you drunk??” He laughed, pulling back. Once he saw the look in your lazy eyes, he knew you were.
  • He took you indoors and told you to lay down and rest. He was in the middle of work so he would join you when he was done.
  • You couldn’t sleep at all. You were mumbling, singing, and even turned on the tv and started to comment over every single little thing.
  • You laid in bed, quiet for a bit since you were lost in your drunk thoughts.
  • Seven was barely laying down in bed after awhile.
  • You scooted yourself next to him and put your face near his.
    “Saeyoung… I need an answer.”

    “An answer for?” He looked at you.
  • You took a deep breath before asking your question.
    “Do you think aliens exist and they’re walking among us disguised as humans?
  • Seven stayed quiet for a moment and even cut himself off when he was about to speak.
  • “What if I’m an alien?” You continued.
  • He sat up and faced forward. “MC………… Good question..”
  • Next thing you know, you were both now in the computer with a bunch of printed paper all over, of research they’ve made over aliens.
  • “What if Zen is an alien?” You asked him.

    “Could explain his mutated hair color.” He added and you both just laughed.
  • After a good hour or so, you both had knocked out . Seven on his chair and you on his lap.
  • The following morning you had woken up on the bed instead with Seven no where to be seen. The smell of coffee traveled around the house.
  • “Good morning babe!! I found some cool alien documentaries on Netflix!!” He said when you walked in the kitchen.
  • You both then spent the whole day cuddling and watching alien documentaries. excitingly talking about the marriage at the space station with a bunch of alien guests.


  • You had gone to your cousin’s to have some drinks.
  • Once you arrived home, Jumin was filling up some paper work. 
  • You were starving and Jumin didn’t have any food on his fridge. Which is due to the fact he gets his personal chef to deliver the meals.
  • “Jumin, I’m super duper hungry!” You whined as you lazily laid in the couch.
    “MC, it’s late, you’re so drunk and a meal at this hour can be harmful for your body.”
  • You let out a sigh and walked towards the window. You spotted a McDonalds a few buildings from Jumin’s place.
  • You looked at him and waited for him to get up so you can walk out.
  • You were drunk so thinking rationally was not even an option.
  • He went to the bathroom and this was your chance to go. You successfully made your way to Mcdonalds and ordered a meal.
  • Jumin didn’t see you around and started to panic once he saw that you were actually gone.
  • He called all his security and had every exit blocked and secured.
    He even sent his security to go outside the building to see if you were around.
  • After a dreadful 10 minutes, Jumin got a call that you’ve been found. He rushed toward you and found you sitting on the grass eating some chicken nuggets.
  • “MC!” He sighed in relief. 
    “Oh Jumin, do you want some chicken nuggets?” you smiled, extending your arm with the box.
  • He carried you home as you ate and he immediately put you to bed.
  • He made sure to have some extra security guards around.
  • The following morning you woke up to Jumin’s personal doctor in the house. You were confused why and Jumin responded that you ate too late and you may wake up super sick, possibly with a hangover.
  • The rest of the day he made sure you ate healthy and made sure you never starved. 

V (I made V’s a little different bc i seem to like to torture myself :)))

  • You were with V attending one of his friend’s parties. It was a bunch of photographers who held a party every year just to chill. The party took place at a reception ball with a bar.
  • This was your first time going to one of his parties. So you had no idea who his friends were and it was their first time meeting you.
  • You stayed silent by V’s side and just enjoyed your drink.
  • A friend of his that he hasn’t spoken to for 3 years came up and greeted V with excitement.
    “V! My man! I was waiting for that invite for your wedding with the lovely Rika!” He added.
  • You despised Rika for everything she did and her mistreatment towards V so you definitely felt angry being reminded.
  • “Oh about that..”
  • “I’m gonna get another drink..” You told V, interrupting and pretending everything was fine.
  • His friend kept V occupied and you spent the rest of the night drinking at the bar to push away your emotions.
  • Once V saw you had a little to much too drink, he decided to go home.
  • He helped you indoors and tried to take you to bed but you kept pulling back.
  • “I dont want to sleep in bed!” You were a wreck. Being in a relationship with V meant knowing and accepting the fact that he once loved Rika and seeing how good everyone spoke of her made you feel like you were not good enough.
  • “MC, Why are you acting this way with me?” V stopped pulling and looked at you so worryingly.
  • “I just dont want to sleep!” You turned around and tried to hold back your tears. But your sniffing was uncontrollable.
  • “Why are you crying? Please talk to me.” He pulled you in for a hug and that’s when you broke down and told him how you felt. You both fell on your knees and you sobbed on his chest.
  • He held you tighter and told you to never compare yourself to her. 
    “I may have called her my sun but in reality, the sun is so damaging to us. You… You’re so much greater than that. You’re my universe and my love for you is infinite.”
  • You stayed in his arms until you fell asleep in them.
  • He took you to bed and the following morning he planned a date out and gave you a promise ring to prove how devoted he was to you. Also to make your day so much better

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Strapping Young Lad - Thalamus & Zen

Making money, save my mind
Made up manic form you fake
Close your eyes and believe
Believe that the garden is all that you need
Believe you must bow to your knees
Believe what you want to believe
…Just believe
…IN US!!!
We’re all we have now
We’re all we have now…

Lyrics to believe….