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Would you be able to do Takumi and Kanna as father/son head canons?


  • Takumi doesn’t let Kanna touch his bow. It’s because there was a time he was teaching Kanna archery, but Kanna accidentally released his dragon powers and ripped the bow into shreds.
  • Takumi is sad that Kanna inherited no distinct traits from him. He at least wants to teach him archery, but every time Kanna lands a bulls eye he turns into a dragon to let out a victory roar.
  • Kanna grabs onto Takumi’s sleeve when he sleeps. The order from left to right is Takumi, Kanna, Kisaragi, and Kamui. Although sometimes Kisaragi climbs out of bed and snuggles against Takumi.
  • When Kanna was just a little child, he would bite Takumi. Takumi still holds that grudge against him even when he’s grown up.
  • Kanna can’t braid hair. He offered to braid Takumi’s, but Takumi didn’t know that he couldn’t braid her properly. They spent the rest of the day trying to undo the tangles when Takumi screamed he wasn’t going to cut his hair.
  • Kanna hides inside Takumi’s fluffy coat thing around his butt when he’s scared. It’s warm and it’s close to Takumi.
  • When Takumi first learned that Kanna had nightmares, he thought of it as a personal issue he had to solve himself. He taught Kanna how to block out nightmares since Takumi would have nightmares of his own.
  • Takumi feels like it’s his fault that Kanna is a mama’s boy since he was one too.
  • Takumi would tell stories about Mikoto to Kanna. Kanna really wants to meet Mikoto, not knowing she’s…well, dead. He learns later on, and realizes how childish he was. He apologized to Takumi, but that only made Takumi love Kanna more.
  • Takumi is the one who chases after Kanna when he runs around naked.


【AvelCain/パノラマ虚構ゼノン/マーブルヘッド/The 3rd Birthday/HOLYCLOCK/MeteoroiD/Azero/VRZEL】
高田馬場 -Takadanobaba- AREA
明鏡止水 -Meikyoushisui- vol. 13


Seek out the beautiful things. Find beautiful personalities. Connect with them and grow. Test their mind and take knowledge from them. Constantly learn and discover ways to be productive. Most of all, be passionate about that which you are doing.

Tonight is a Blue Moon - Meaning it’s the second Full Moon happening this month - An astrological event that won’t occur again until some time in 2018. This Full Moon isn’t asking you to change - It’s going to force you. Prepare yourself to take risks. Embrace anything unexpected. Try to find gratitude for everything that pushes you to your edge - Because even if you feel that things are falling apart, know that you are not unraveling - You are actually just breaking through self imposed limitations. Surrender and you will experience true freedom. If you find yourself confused during this time, always remind yourself that you are a creature unlike any other - I want you to make that your Blue Moon mantra and use it to support your transformation. Focus on thoughts of expansion and inspiration - But use your judgement - Do not give energy to things that do not need it. A new chapter in your personal development is coming, and its going to be a beautiful and positive journey. I encourage you to release fear and worry in order to make room for peace and harmony. Consciously choosing to settle in to a peaceful state of being allows you to appreciate and enjoy all of the good things coming, and ensures that you don’t miss a thing. Open your heart to receiving the people and things that are around you because all of it is about to change your life, for the better. ♒️🌌🌕 #fullmoon #bluemoon #tarot #tarotscopes #tarotcards #insight #spiritjunkie by jillianvillafane

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Lo Zen del Buddha

Io considero la posizione dei re e dei governanti come quella dei granelli di polvere. Osservo tesori di oro e di gemme come se fossero mattoni e ciottoli. Guardo le più belle vesti di seta come cenci strappati. Vedo le miriadi di mondi dell’universo come i piccoli semi di un frutto, e il più grande lago dell’India come una goccia d’olio sul mio piede. Mi accorgo che gli insegnamenti del mondo sono l’illusione di maghi. Distinguo il più elevato concetto di emancipazione come un broccato d’oro in un sogno, e considero il sacro sentiero degli illuminati come fiori che si schiudano ai nostri occhi. Vedo la meditazione come il pilastro di una montagna, il Nirvana come un incubo delle ore diurne. Considero il giudizio del bene e del male come la danza serpentina di un drago, e il sorgere e il tramontare delle credenze come null’altro che le tracce lasciate dalle quattro stagioni

Trying something very slightly different, kinda liking it! Hope everyone has had a nice day and if not, remember it’s nearly Friday wohhoooooo :) 🌻 #mandala #mandalaart #mandalatattoo #drawing #pen #ink #artist #artwork #goodvibes #meditate #hippie #hippielife #bohemian #pattern #pretty #detail #doodles #doodleart #zen #zenart #zendoodle