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Would you be able to do Kisaragi and Kanna brother headcanons? :3

  • Kanna was horrified when Kisaragi shot down a bird. Since Kanna can fly in dragon form, he doesn’t want to fly anymore in fear of being shot by Kisaragi. Kisaragi doesn’t understand why he won’t continue his usual routine of flying over the forest. Telling a dragon from a bird isn’t that hard.
  • They’re the dork brothers. The combination of both happy and utterly dorky. Kanna suggest all these unrealistic ideas while Kisaragi tries to help him accomplish them. They never succeed. They either cause explosions or get thrown into cleaning duty.
  • Kisaragi’s the guy who always gets Kanna out of trouble with his irresistable baby face. It’s kind of a bad thing to do, but Kisaragi would do anything for his brother. Kanna really looks up to him.
  • Somehow it’s Takumi that gets scolded whenever Kisaragi and Kanna both get into trouble. Takumi is sure to pass it back to them. Kamui is the one who stops Takumi and huddles her precious children close.
  • Kanna once got lost in the forest without his dragonstone. After hours of searching, Kisaragi was the one to find him crying in the middle of the forest.
  • Kanna loves squeezing Kisaragi. Kisaragi is just so huggable that Kanna will just wrap his arms around Kisaragi and squeeze tight. Kisaragi is trying to scramble away most of the time.
  • Kisaragi once told Kanna that he wanted to wield the Fuujin bow. Kanna tried to respond with something about wielding his mother’s weapon, but it was mostly the same weapons Kanna had. He didn’t know what to do at that point.
  • Kisaragi is the responsible older brother. Kind of. They both don’t care about being royals.

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