jennigma  asked:

Would you share the story of how you learned to draw? Your sketches are impressive in how they catch the heart of their subjects.

Thanks for the compliment! Don’t know if there is much of story there - I have always loved to draw, doodle and paint. There were times when I did it more intensly and seriously than others and times when I completely forgot about it. Since I got Paper in January of this year, I rediscovered how much I enjoy it and I now use it mostly in the evenings to unstress from the day. 

As for ‘capturing the heart’ of my subjects… well, that can be attributed as much to luck as it can to anything else. For portraits (human or canine) I use a photograph on my phone as reference and just keep working at … or playing with … the image in Paper until it evokes a feeling or a smile. Then I consider it done. 

There is however, one story - or a memory - that I consider to be the starting place for my love of drawing. I must have been seven or eight years old. I was with my parents visiting an elderly lady and I remember her sitting in a living room filled with plants, paintings and persian rugs. She even had a persian rug draped over the table she was sitting at.  In front of her, on top of the rug on the table, was a sketchbook. I remember standing beside her and watching her sketch a landscape with a road, trees, farmhouse and billowing clouds. Then she did the most surprising thing: she took an eraser and starting pulling the eraser in long diagonal lines over the drawing. “What is she doing?”, I thought. And then I saw it: sun-beams!!! I was flabbergasted and amazed. In my mind an eraser was for removing things, and here she was, using an eraser to add things!!! On the ride home we stopped at a store and I got a sketchbook, a pencil and an eraser.