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Ehehe, hello Bailey!! ; u ; UMMMMMMMM…………

  1. I don’t eat much… like generally only once a day, and rarely anything big.
  2. I sleep with two fans and a movie on.
  3. Tigers have been my ultimate favorite animal for 8 years!
  4. I read an unhealthy amount of BL.
  5. I spent 50 minutes on this.
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1. Tell me about one person you feel had changed your life significantly.

There are a lot of people I could tell you about, a lot of people here on tumblr I could tell you about. I’m not sure which one to pick… Let’s go with Gianna! She’s such an amazing person, she’s so sweet, caring, an amazing friend, adventurous, talented, gorgeous inside and out and gives the best speeches while drinking. She’s really changed the way I try to approach things as she talks a lot about trying to be a wholesome person and enjoying life. I’m trying to take some of her teachings to heart, and every time I follow her advise it’s always the best <3 She’s been so supportive recently and has made my life so much better~

2. What’s your default music to cheer yourself up?

Vivaldi. (lol surprisingly not flumpool)

3. If you had to give up one thing you enjoy on a regular basis for the greater good, what would it be?

Would it be cheating if I said froyo? Because I used to eat it all the time and now it makes me ill so I stopped hahah. Oh wow, what would I give up now? Starbucks. It would be hard, but I could go back to my green tea and soy cappichinos and not caramel anything and everythings.

4. Tell me one moment you’re particularly proud of, whether in the past or something more recent.

I don’t do “proud of” very well. I’m quicker to find fault, find things that should be improved, or what not sooner than I’ll say “Hey, I’m proud of this.” I guess I’m proud of being able to support and have the life style I do / did in 2012 although that’s all changing and I’m going cray? lol

5. What about a fictional character you wouldn’t mind having in your life?

All I can think is “Anyone but the Winchesters”. I’m not sure? I’m perfectly happy observing not participating… Maybe Gandalf. 

6. On that note, tell me about your favorite book and why is it so.

Washington Square Park by Henry James. This is going to sound really silly, but I love on occasion being able to read / think in a vacuum and not talk to people and share theories and explanations  Not a lot of people read James (He was a misogynist asshole with sentences the length of the page) but his writing is brilliant and his characters take on such a wide range or action. There is an amazing moment in the book where you go “WAIT, IT’S ACTUALLY ALL ABOUT THIS?” and then fades back into another meaning.

7. What is one thing you would want to tell someone right now?

hi <3 

8. What’s your ideal activity for a rainy day?

SLEEP. MORE SLEEP. (I’m really tired… I operate on rainy days the same as any other day hahha)

9. What is something that is a sure fire way to make you blush?

I blush really easily as I get embarrassed easily- I also turn pink if I laugh too much haha

10. What is the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone?

This one was hard. It’s odd to put labels on something like “It was nice that I did this.” There is one thing I can think of though: I bought one of my best friends a bridal dress. I may or may not have cried when I saw her in it and that was the end of that hahah

11. Tell me about your favorite piece of accessory, whether it’s something you wear or use.

I have a bunch of things I really love as someone made or gave them to me. I might have to go with my white and silver ring as I wear it everyday and get really fidgety without it. 


1. You have two beverages for the rest of your life. What are they? (If you pick water, you are not allowed to boil it for tea/coffee or add powders for juice ect.)

2. Monsters are real. What monster(s) would you prefer to have to deal with? (Zombies, Vampires, Nazgul, Wendigo…)

3. When you were a kid, what were your top career choices?

4. Tell me about your dokis- choose a person or a series or a place!

5. You can travel anywhere in the world, only condition is it has to be somewhere you’ve never been. Where are you going?

6. Is there a skill you would like to learn if you had the time? 

7. What languages do you know / have studied?

8. Do you have a stuffed animal that means a lot to you or has been around a long time? What is their name / story?

9. How long have you known your longest-known-friend-who-you-are-still-on-close-terms-with?

10. What do you do when tumblr crashes?

11. Would you rather go to a Aquarium/Zoo or a Museum?

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Same, Let’s have shat on feelings together. ):

Okay yes I’ll get the ice cream ready and we’ll have some good long feels over pints of delicious