Atmostas Baltija” is a song written by Boris Režņiks & Valdis Pavlovskis, which became popular in the 80′ies. It’s first verse is in latvian, the 2nd and 3rd - in lithuanian and estonian.

“Trīs māsas jūras malā stāv,
Tās nespēks un nogurums māc.
Tur bradāta zeme un dvēseles,
Trīs tautu gods un prāts.

Bet torņos jau likteņa zvani skan,
Un jūra bangoties sāk.
Trīs māsas no miega modušās,
Par sevi pastāvēt nāk.

Atmostas Baltija, atmostas Baltija,
Lietuva, Latvija, Igaunija! “

“Three sisters stand by the coast of sea
Their are pressed by weakness and tiredness.
There waded land and spirits
Of honour and sense of three nations.

But in the towers of destiny belling loud
And the sea starts to wave.
Three sisters wake up from the sleep,
 Come to stand for theirselves.

The Baltics is waking up,
the Baltics is waking up
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia!”