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"This isn't going to end well, Tony..."

zelynxia  asked:

That gifset with Taylor Swift lyrics is a repost. Here's the original romancenovel. co. vu / post/148058173306 - for someone who used to reblog 'don't repost fanworks :(' posts, that's pretty funny considering all the source-checking you missed. I know the tag has much less now to offer but that's all the more reasons to be careful, don't you think. 4 DAYS. The original one is only 4 days old. Whatever.

First of all, thank you for telling me it’s a repost. I’ve taken it down.

Second of all, fuck you. Fuck you for your second passive aggressive comments because that was completely uncalled for. A simple ‘it’s a repost you can take it down’ would have been nice. But no, you had to go further. And I don’t appreciate you bashing the blog/me on your own blog, either. If you have something to say just come here and tell me.

Do you want to try running this blog? Do all the tagging, the source checking, the coding, the reblogging? Because if you want to try it go ahead. God forbid I make a mistake in the 4 years of running this thing for everyone. I enjoy doing it, I enjoy the pairing, it’s where I’ve met some of the best friends I’ve ever had. It’s where I have some of the most loveliest and most supportive followers on this negative website. 

Do you want me to tell you what’s been going on in my real life and the immense stress and illness I’ve been dealing with the past few months? Because you know that can cause people to make mistakes as well.

Am I somehow responsible for the entire frostiron tag on tumblr and make sure things are a-okay? No. Am I responsible for each post that shows up in the tag to make sure if it’s a repost or not? No.

I made a mistake. I’m sorry to the original creator of the gifset because I know that reposters are a shitty thing. 

So before you come and leave comments about my shitty source checking and it only being 4 days and whatever, maybe consider that I am human and can fuck up and give me some slack because I try my best. Next time maybe think about that before sending in comments like you have.

Publishing this for everyone not to get sympathy or to start anything, but to convey that if I ever do make a mistake with this blog again (which is probably a guarantee) to please let me know and I am more than happy to help solve the problem. It’s when comments like these are made that are insulting and make me angry.

End of conversation, we now return to your regularly scheduled blogging.


Frostiron ● Could You Be Mine ?  by
Zelynxia <3

Tony/Loki feat. Jarvis

Tony to Loki:

There he goes
My baby walks so slow
Sexual tic-tac-toe
Yeah, I know we both know
It isn’t time, no
But could you be m-mine?

We’ll never get too far
Just you, me, and the bar
Silly ménage à trois, sometimes
Would you be m-mine?
Would you be m-mine?
Would you be m-mine?

Oh baby, light’s on
But your mom’s not home (but your brother is)
I’m sick of laying down alone, hey
With this fever, fever, yeah
My one and own
I wanna get you alone
Give you fever, fever, yeah

zelynxia  asked:

Since nobody is gonna ask, The Avengers!

zely you are a gift

1. bake cupcakes for: steve, thor
2. trust with the keys to my car: natasha
3. put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: tony because he’s the only one who would appreciate the joke and not kill me
4. have a crush on: everyone in the avengers is a babe let’s be real here
5. pack up and leave if they moved next door: sorry bruce
6. vote for President: tony
7. pick as my partner in a buddy movie: clint
8. pair up: tony and loki (they’d make a great team if loki wasn’t batshit insane), tony and steve, tony and thor. tony for everyone!
9. vote off the island and into the volcano: loki (sorry bb you are bad for earth and us petty humans)
10. wheedle into fixing my MP3 player: tony

Guess who has just finished her first frostiron video? eheheheh Just need to send it over to the wonderful Zelynxia so she can tell me how shit it is :D but I don’t care; I like it and I fucking did it!! ehhehehe

I want to do cartwheels, but I’d probably break a hip - so instead I’ll settle for a boyband air grab :D feel free to join me darlings!!

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'#speaking of psychopaths', You just killed me Lita.

you think i’m kidding but it makes sense

he might seem like the most adorable creature on the planet but he ain’t fooling me

common characteristics among psychopaths:

  • superficial charm and average intelligence
  • absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations
  • lack of remorse or shame
  • pathological egocentricity and incapacity to love
  • failure to follow any life plan

and here we witness gavin attempting to suffocate the cat

taimproblem replied to your post “fel-as-in-tumbld replied to your post “One of them trained too hard…”

I’ll… join the confession train; I read that too.

ohwhatamidoinghere replied to your post “fel-as-in-tumbld replied to your post “One of them trained too hard…”

Avoue que ça rend la phrase plus marrante

zelynxia replied to your post “fel-as-in-tumbld replied to your post “One of them trained too hard…”

that’s your fault for writing organism after words such like ‘hard’ and 'coming’, really. (and 'trained’ maybe. hmm, kinky!)

You guys are all perverts.

aonorunic replied to your photo: that’s a small army. we could go to war we should…

Who are we fighting?


the-vet-and-her-tardis replied to your photothat’s a small army. we could go to war we should…

Can I be your second in command? I win StarCraft all the time, I totally have war experience.


bassooooooooon replied to your photothat’s a small army. we could go to war we should…



zelynxia replied to your photo: that’s a small army. we could go to war we should…

Yay, congratulations! *throws tons of confetti, buries everything under confetti (maybe corpses)*


megtheirishangel replied to your photo: that’s a small army. we could go to war we should…

We’ll follow you to Hell Nika. We are your loyal soldiers!


 the-hound-of-sherlock said: don’t get too angry, I think they are slash newbies :D I think when we started shipping slash we were just as bad XD

I’m pretty sure I never thought of one of the guys (of any ship i ever shipped) as a ‘girl’.

One thing is to jokingly say “I’M NOT THE GIRL OF THE RELATIONSHIP”. The other is when you’re serious.

 zelynxia said: why, but WHY? This saddens me a lot. Try “Where do you see a fucking female character in my motherfucking ship, please?” So much for politeness~

This is pretty much what I said, but less aggressively lol


 grinningflowers said: Damn you FF.net and your stupidity! (How is it so hard to comprehend that you don’t need to set gender to people in a relationship?)

Honestly, people on AO3 sounds more intelligent. Perhaps because everyone on AO3 (or most of the people) have a tumblr and we know about shit like that.

Also, people on FF.NET are totally newbies. Hardly ever do I find good people there. Usually the “good people” have accounts on AO3 and/or Tumblr too.

zelynxia  asked:

Hi, I'm in love with your voice, what do I do

Welll….. For starters. you can listen to the clip again. 

For seconds, you can try to forget my sweet dulcet tones and sexy accent. but you’ll fail.

For thirds, you can select a passage from a book or something and I’ll record myself reading it to you. Or, you know, I can read you my grocery list.