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Zelo looked horrified that he’d hurt the other- but the short cuss had a gasp ripping from his lips as he looked at him wide eyed- plants shot up all around them, Zelo darted down trying desperately to grab all his books up.

He looked at the plants surrounding him as he put his hand on other’s shoulder/ Calm down or else all the books will fall down again… /he smiled softly/ And I really wouldn’t want that to happen. /he picked few last ones and stood up, giving the other helping hand./ Are you alright? 

Chulsoo has woke up and the sun is just about to rise. He just can’t fall asleep again because he thinks about how to tell Zelo that he’ll move out to his partner. He looks around in the room until he sees the paper and pencil and begins to write.

“Zelo. I’m moving out today because Heechul finally came back. It was really good to be here with you. I may come back to sleep over from time to time. I know I’ll come back to meet you at least!”

He reads the note a few times as he waits for you to wake up.

 zelodemigod said: Zelo was pleased the other seemed to like his present, but blushed a little as he picked the leaf off his shoulder, he pointed down to where the vines crawled up his legs, “I-I’ve g-got plenty m-more.. b-but thank you”

 -he crouches down to look at the vines- Are you doing that? or is this like day of the triffids? -he chuckles- By plenty more do you mean plenty more leaves or plenty more steaks? because if its the second option I might be following you home to raid your freezer -he grins wolfishly- 


Hakyeon couldn’t help but let a louder chuckle leave his throat at the confused  look on the tall boy’s face. he looked cute, in a manly kind of way. He bowed his head when the other introduced himself,“ Nice to meet you, Zelo.”

They stood there for a while in the door opening, kinda awkwardly peeking at each other before the eldest cleared his throat and made room free so the other could come in,“ You want to come in?”

Friends Forever, right? || Jonglo

Jongup missed the academy, no missed Zelo. He missed his best friend. One of his only friends. He sighed and sat out the gate walls. Would the gates allow him in? After all, he still his a demigod. He shrugged and dragged his hands through soil and rocks before picking up one. He looked up at the rooms, seeing Zelo’s room. He knew it was him from the vines creeping out of the window. “ZELO!” he screamed at the window, but it was no use. He clenched the rock and felt like an idiot. He knew he had muscle strength, he threw the rock to the others window, and missed. “Shit…” He threw several more at once, almost all of them going through it. He wanted the younger to see. He wanted his attention, no needed it. “ZELO!” He screamed again, hearing birds fly off in the distance from the echos.

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Zelo smiled at the god- he had remembered! Zelo wasn’t sure if he would or not. “G-good s-sir” He chirped happily, “A-and you? H-have y-you had a nice t-time a-away?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say it was all nice but there were some points where it wasn’t horrible,” he replied. If he could do anything, he’d make sure that none of them would ever have to see what he had. Although the memories suddenly resurfaced, he buried them again with a quick shake of his head and a slight grin. 

“This place looks as broken down and destroyed as I left it,” he stated with a slight chuckle. “No one bothered to rebuild in the past year eh?”

zelodemigod replied to your post:“I-I’m um- please d-don’t f-feel sad.. I’m really s-sorry what about w-what hestia s-aid.. w-we could s-share f-favourite?” The tall boy offered- looking quite nervous as plants grew rapidly about his feet.

“O-oh um.. s-sorry..” He said quietly blinking at the other- he wasn’t sure what else to say. Hestia had been a little mean. “I-I mean y-you’re n-not t-that short..” Zelo explained trying to make the other feel better.

(/he expected the other to turn on his heel and leave but when he didn’t– he blinked, eyebrows twitching together as the other tried to comfort him– to say he was surprised would be an understatement.) Of course I’m not that short. (/he mumbled after taking in their height differences, his nose crinkling in the slightest.) You aren’t even that tall. 

☼ -- zelodemigod

Like cockroaches, the lot of you. Not that I mean anything by it! It just seems as if everyone’s getting hornier these days. I keep telling them that they need a vacation, and look at the result of all that sexual frustration: an amusing bunch of demigods. But I digress. Come say hello to me, little boy. It’s rude to ignore your elders, don’t you know?

zelodemigod replied to your post: “H-hello there” The taller boy looked very shy, his gaze downwards as he introduced himself. “I-I’m Zelo- I-its nice to meet you.” He stuck his hand out, it shook a little as he did.

Zelo jumped a little as his hand was encased in cold- he looked up at her wide eyed. The vines that had grown over his feet curling defensively around him “Y-you’re so cold” Zelo muttered.

“I am now, am I not?” A small smile crept onto her her lips, somehow lighting up her pale visage.  Slowly, she released her grasp and took a step back, giving the male some personal space, like what everyone kept demanding to have. “Whose child are you?”