zelo's letter


“I like the blonde one.”

This is probably one of the first B.A.P jokes I have been exposed to while I fell deeper into the B.A.P fandom. Admittedly, it is a rather overused one but still amusing to me nonetheless. The funny memes made by both fans and by B.A.P themselves is one of the many reasons why I like B.A.P and their fandom. 

Came for the great music, live performances and visuals but definitely stayed for the rather hilarious yet sweet personalities. 

Cheers to 5 years and beyond! 🍻 


2 years with B.A.P... ♥
  • 2012: Youngjae's stomach baby fat, ZELO talking while sleeping and don't like to shower.
  • 2012: TA-DAH it's B.A.P ♥ B.A.P diary ♥ Killing camp
  • 2012: BBC's- "Uh they look like Block B", Primadonna's angry because of B.A.P's fandom name then Hongki tweeted a picture with BANG&ZELO calling his fans "Babo baby".
  • 2012: Showing that B.A.P also has AEGYO side by promoting a cute song.
  • 2012: Awards awards awards and awards.
  • 2013: ONE SHOT comeback, Youtube twitter account posting B.A.P's ONE SHOT M/V.
  • 2013: B.A.P L.O.E 2013, Himchan's injured hand, ZELO and Himchan's letters on L.O.E ((What made hyungs make fun of ZELO crying on radio interviews))
  • 2013: B.A.P and Shinhwa Plagiarize Controversy ((TS you little dumb we'll never forget your reply to this ugh))
  • 2013: The teacher scolded Zelo and Ricky for being late to class because when the bell rang, they were at mini market.
  • 2013: Tour, flight, tour tour, flight flight flight, tour (...)
  • 2013: Luhan sharing his food with Daehyun at MBC Idol Championship.
  • 2013: B.A.P feeling at home in America and many spoiler pictures and fanaccounts from their M/Vs filmed in America.
  • 2013: Himchan promised to not drink too much coffee in 2014.
  • 2014: Chris Brown following JongUp on twitter.
  • 2014: Himchan, ZELO, Youngjae, JongUp crossdressing.
  • 2014: Already started killing BABYs with a full length album and let's wait and see what will happen this year ♥

Uhm.. Daehyun.. I was crying rivers just now because of Zelo’s letter and then I see you imitating him on this video. LOL Babo :< 

BABYz loves Himchan

We BABYz should be supporting our boys, B.A.P don’t you think? So…does bringing up old wound about the past, means supporting? Think about it for awhile…

I guess most of you probably know this by now, Himchan’s “Loof” incident…it was brought up again when BABYz sang along Hurricane but purposely uses “Loof” instead of “Roof” during the New York LOE tour…I’m guessing some babyz don’t think that it’s anything, but you can never know the person’s feelings deep inside…

I feel Himchan’s pain tbh, not because I’m a fan, it’s because I experienced this before (and still experiencing it tbh), that’s why I have a soft spot about Himchan’s insecurities and what not…

He’s human afterall, my fellow BABYz, he has feelings just like you and I…He doesn’t show it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel it… The Strong Chan on the inside is not always The Strong Chan on the outsideunderstandable?

I guess a lot of…more rational BABYz has said all of these words to all BABYz before but I just want to be a reminder about Himchan and his insecurities…

He is perfect the way he looks, he’s an ulzzang, we all know it…but, when a BABYz said one thing about his weight, he starves himself and becomes skinnier…all for us…This situation is similar to the “loof” incident, they need to redo the album, just because of that mispronunciation, why? Because BABYz pointed it out and started making fun of it…doesn’t it seem harsh?? and does he deserve all these negativity from us whom actually suppose to support them and not bring them more down? think about that babyz…

I guess I’ll stop here…it’s getting late in my country (as I’ll be queuing this post) and I just wanna say…I hope you BABYz understand his feelings, forget about all of this incident, sing along the right lyrics, and enjoy your concert as happy as they (B.A.P) enjoy perform it for you guys… :)

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Tales of Festival 2015 Day 2.

Note: I went to both days this year and my day 1 summary can be found here.

Today’s menu was:

*Special skit, loosely based on the Japanese fairytale “Kaguya Hime”.

*Introduction of the voice actors and talk.

*20th anniversary fill in the blank game

*Special announcement: 2016 Tales of Zestiria TV anime.

*Special announcement: Mobile Tales game content

*Special announcement: Hello Kitty collaboration 

*Musical guest; Do As Infinity

*Goodbyes and release of more floating styrofoam hearts

(Informal) Event summary:

(Sorry this one is patchier than most of my others. I was really freaking out about being so close to the stage and wanted to enjoy it without taking notes.)

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I don’t think you guys wanna know how I look like right now but.. I must look pathetic. I mean.. I can’t breathe properly because of this, haha.. Zelo.. T^T