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B.A.P reaction pretty please my favorite unnies? When you both like eachother but are just friends, and you decide to see if he felt the same way by shyly kissing them?

Hi there our favorite dongsaeng~ anything for you! This request is so cuteeee! I hope you like the way it turns out~



You lean over and end up kissing him on the corner of his lips rather than on his cheek and he is so overwhelmed and shocked he makes this face (first part of gif) the turns his head “Don’t look at me right now…” he says with a large smile and blush, his hand up to hide them (second part of gif) - but he soon moves his hand and gives you a gentle kiss to test the waters, both of you blushing and laughing afterward. 

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Your lips barley touched his when he turned is head at the call of his name, but cue overreaction and him playing dead. He sits up not long after with a bright smile and plants a gentle but playful kiss on your lips “I knew you couldn’t resist me!” “Really Himchan, really?”

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“Oppa.” you call lightly and he turns to see what you want, when you quickly but softly kiss him on the lips. When neither of you move you chance another kiss, this time putting more pressure before sitting back to where you were to begin with. “Y/N…” he trails off squeezing his face and thinking of how your lips felt on his “I uh…” he starts but simply reaches to pull you in for a proper kiss. 

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When you move to give Youngjae a sweet, soft kiss he is too shocked to react and just stares at you (gif). He is this way for a minute or so, making you nervous, “Did you die?” You ask kind of jokingly “I think so cause that’s only ever happened in my dreams…” He says still making that dumb face “Can we do it again, just to make sure I’m not actually dead?”

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You guys were watching a drama and munching on snacks when you turn his face towards yours and quickly peck his lips, immediately acting like nothing happened and shoving a cookie in your mouth. He stares at you, mouth too full to talk, and chews really quickly -nearly chocking- just to shyly move closer to you and also place a small quick kiss on you lips before following what you did and acting like nothing happened, but both of your blushes and big smiles tell all.

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He saw you scoot closer to him but didn’t think anything of it until your hand was on his arm and you were stretching to leave a shy kiss on his cheeck. He immediately smiles because he likes it of course, but also because you were just so cute about it. When he recovers a little he leans over and kisses your temple, ending with you laying on his shoulder and him happily being your pillow when you fall asleep.

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OKAY BOYS AND GIRLS. STRAP ON YOUR DILDOS (i mean jk your seatbelts) SEATBELTS!!!! I HAVE A STORY FOR Y'ALL TODAY. *deep breaths after hyperventilating all night and morning, slams fists on table* GUISE. BANG YONGGUK IS THE SOFTEST LITTLE BEAN ANGEL BOO BEAR LEADER THAT HAS EVER EXISTED. DON’T TRY TO FIGHT ME BECAUSE THE MAN HAS BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH AND DESERVES TO BE PROTECTED AND LOVED. Seriously, this concert was INCREDIBLE AND AMAZING AND LIFE ALTERING BECAUSE LAWD EACH MEMBER DISPLAYED A DIFFERENT AMOUNT OF EXTRA DURING THE CONCERT. Let me start by saying MAKNAE ZELO. JELLO BOY YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN. YOU WERE SO EXTRA DURING THE FAN INTERACTION WITH JORDAN ON STAGE. The boy has grown because he knows about romancing the ladies. HE DEDICATED HIS ENGLISH SOLO SONG/STAGE TO JORDAN, THE FAN HE PICKED OUT FROM THE CROWD. Also… may I add that Moon Jongup is an ULTIMATE BIAS WRECKER. THAT BOY’S HIPS ARE ILLEGAL. SOMEBODY CALL 9-1-1 BECAUSE I ALMOST DIED DURING HIS SOLO STAGE. IM FINNA PRESS CHARGES ON HIM AND YONGGUK SINCE HIS FINE ASS DECIDED TO LIFT HIS SHIRT UP DURING THE ENCORE. ****** I see what you boys are doing ******** But that’s not even all of it. During the hi-touch event (which by the way WENT FASTER THAN I COULD EVEN BLINK BECAUSE THEY RUSHED US), I saw Yongguk first, yelped before I could even get there and ….. *sigh* THE BOY GRABBED ON TO MY HAND FOR A SECOND LONGER. HE IS A GRABBER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Then I remember seeing Jongup and I called out to him before I hi-fived him and he looked at my Budweiser Beer hat then smiled at me and immediately after that I remember touching Himchan, who was the last one… Let me tell you about this man… HE HAS THE SOFTEST HANDS I HAVE EVER TOUCHED. MY LAWD JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR I COULD HAVE SWORN THIS MAN RUBBED BABY LOTION, BUTTER, ALOE, AND COCOA BUTTER ON HIS HANDS BEFOREHAND BECAUSE I WAS SHOOK FROM FEELING THE SOFTNESS OF HIS HANDS. IT WAS LIKE TOUCHING COTTON CANDY. God… Okay and then afterwards, my friend and I both got a photo op with them. I figured this was my moment to leave a lasting impression on my manz. So I walk up to Yongguk and Jongup, who were right next to each other (my friend stood next to Guk since thats her bias and Im BangHimUp boas). I use this opportunity to talk to them and I go, “YOUR CHIQUITA IS HERE!” and Lord have mercy on my soul, I got both Jongup and Yongguk to laugh and in that moment, we were infinite because Yongguk and I locked eyes for a brief moment before they took the picture. God, he has the most BEAUTIFUL gummy smile I’ve ever seen. They took two pictures and I had to crouch down since JongUp and I were the same height so afterwards I turn to say bye to Guk, he waved at me and then JongUp was about to reach out to shake my hand by they ushered us out really quickly. My friend and I were driving home and it wasn’t until we got to a redlight that she tells me “I can’t believe Yongguk said, ‘Bye Chiquita.” *SKKKKKKKKKKKKKRRRRRRRRRRRT* BITCH WHAT!?!?!?!? NO HE DID NOT. NO HE DID NOOOTTTT BANG YONGGUK DID NOT JUST CALL ME CHIQUITA!!!!!!! I almost damn near crashed my car when I heard that and I’m mad that I didn’t but my god… I will never forget this moment. Bye Chiquita…. C H I Q U I T A Bless B.A.P for putting out that song.

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