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Noir Photocards

Out of all 25 Photocards, not only 9 of them are marked with 🌟 BINGO on the back but also 6 of them are the photocards are like an information based on the Noir album and SKYDIVE MV. Out of 25, 1 photocard is a group version.

Bang Yongguk: His position is the Producer (By the way, he is a producer in real life, like the one he composed their songs if I am not mistaken). Item is a Zippo Lighter.

Himchan: His position is the Director but are you talking about like in the movies??? LOL! But why is the item is a Pen and not a Gun??? O_O

Daehyun: Not only his position is the Ace but HE IS A SPY! How can he is a spy? Please let me know! Item is a Watch (the one he holds it in the album is an antique pocket watch).

Youngjae: His position is the Brain. Item is a Dart.

Jongup: DUN, DUN, DUNNNNNN!! JONGUP IS THE KILLER AND HE’S THE X! Which is this can be too scary, just saying. *Plays Killer in Background*

Zelo: His position is a Sniper. Item is a Gun. OMG, the youngest member is growing up so fast! (By the way, this is the picture of me when I got a Zelo Information Photocard).


I would like to thank you to @daehyunny and @moonkope for the pictures of the CHEAT SHEET OF NOIR PHOTOCARDS and finding the Jongup information photocard.