Pre-Christmas Redbubble Plug: Chemistry Edition

So, I think I’ve mentioned this before,The Disorganisation runs a Redbubble page. There’s a bunch of cool stuff on there that I’m pretty happy with, but some of my favourites are the Chemistry designs. I am a Chem Major about to finish my third year, who was honestly a bit tired of just seeing things spelt out in elements, so here’s a couple of more in-depth chemistry jokes:

I am Cyclopropane: under too much stress and probably should have fallen apart, but somehow still here. (my personal favourite, and best seller)

What the Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky? 

You are an Arsole

I have more science designs for sale, as well as others such as puns, political designs and others! Buy things for your nerdy friends!

Calling All Slam Poets

Calling all poets: We dare you to raise your voice. Speak up and join in our revolution What revolution? Slam Poetry of Nerdfighteria. Slam Poetry of Nerdfighteria was founded by Zabrisa Zelinski with the help of her friends. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves. Poetry should not be confined to only smaller venues but readily available for anybody to take part in and enjoy. We aim to spread quality poetry readings and performances across the internet by organising monthly slams on our youtube channel for anyone to see and comment on, as well as frequent updates through tumblr, twitter and instagram. Poetry should be heard, not silenced. Seen, not ignored. Displayed proudly, not hidden in a notebook or a document buried on a hard drive. It is because of this that we are calling out to the fellow poets in nerdfighteria. Help us tear up these conventions and celebrate creativity through the spoken and written word. The Nerdfighter Slam Poets.