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ok but to add onto your zelink kids, zelda always sings her lullaby to get them to go to sleep.


I have this dumb headcanon that both Link and Zelda are good at singing but she only sings to her kids and Link when he needs it and he sings just for her and no one else.

Like imagine one day Link comes home from traveling somewhere and it’s super late and he’s just so t i r e d but he walks into his home and there’s Zelda, singing a soft lullaby to one of their kids because they were fussing. Link literally just stands there and so many emotions just pass through the guy because never in his his life did he ever think he’d feel this content… this whole… but here he is. His Zelda, his children, his home… all of its real and he pinches himself so that he constantly reassures himself that’s it’s real. She’s safe and they’re happy now.

And Zelda finally notices him and goes for a hug, but she’s holding a sleeping baby and the fireplace is glowing behind her and Link begs himself to NEVER forget this image. He just scoops Zelda into his arms and kisses her so much even though he was only away for like 2 days. She has to laugh quietly cause she doesn’t wanna wake the baby but Zelda smooches him back and tells him she loves him so so much.

The boys are awake but the lil rascals are just watching super quietly from their doorway and seeing their dad they barrel out and tackle him. Link just picks them both up and tells them to go to bed and that he loves them so much but dear hylia if the baby wakes up NONE of them are sleeping so he’ll wrestle them first thing in the morning. They give him hugs and “I love you’s” and immediately go to sleep.

Link sees the baby tucked in her crib and proceeds upstairs to his room and just snuggles Zelda, singing softly to her as they just lie there, feeling safe and warm and happy.


I made this into a zelink post because I’m fucking trash and tbh what did u really expect ♪( ´▽`)

Hi there! This project is really interesting and I have a lot of fics I could submit.  I’m linking my four favorite one-shots from the past two zelink weeks, so you can pick whichever ones you like.

smile – child timeline oot zelink as kids, just after the end of the game. 

scars – child timeline oot zelink after they’ve grown up. 

aftermath – tp zelink just after the end of the game

a new world – tp zelink. fluff.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!