lupitalunita  asked:

Do you by chance have a saved picture of Arthur, Francine, and buster all looking down at a noose that the Brian drew in the episode were he decided to do comedy? I don't remember the episode name and I can't find the picture anywhere.

you are in luck, my friend. i watched that episode a few days ago and capped that exact scene. it’s from It’s A No-Brainer, season 5 ep 3!


귀엽다 ! 


hi guys!

I have big news to share with you all.

Super proud to welcome a new picture book I finished with Groundwood Books, written by Sara O’Leary.

“A Family is a Family is a Family”

It will be available on sept 1st on the House of Anansi/ Groundwood books site HERE

and available in your local bookstore or online September 13!