It wasn’t until they have kids that Stiles realizes how much Derek loves Halloween, but once he figures it out he made sure that their house was the spookiest on the block and that they have all the best pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.  Laura picks them out and then makes Stiles carry all of them to the Jeep.

Derek loves everything about the Halloween season.  When he was a kid they would decorate the whole house and go all out on costumes, but now that he has his own kids his favorite part is seeing how much they love it too.

Laura insists on being Yoda, and Derek is sure that Stiles put her up to it, but he can’t say no to her.  Not when she’s grinning from ear to ear because they found Yoda shoes.

And little Claudia is still too young to pick out her own costume, she’s only 9 months after all, but she does look adorable in her bear costume. 

He even let’s Laura pick out his costume.  She hands him a Superman suit and tells him that he’s like Superman already because he’s so strong and he helps people without them knowing. He doesn’t tear up at all when she says that, shut up Stiles.

Stiles manages to get away with just wearing a Mario hat, but Derek’s determined to get him in a real costume next year.  Maybe they’ll do a family costume like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. 


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