I can finally show what I was working on!💥💥😆 I decided to make a redesign of all my favourite couples from my favourite series! I picked as subject japanese inspired designs, but I may do different styles in future!
Character design has always been my favourite thing in life so I really wanted to try something like that for characters that I love 💖
LET’S START WITH LINK AND ZELDA💖💖💖 I unfortunately haven’t play #breathofthewild yet, but I really wanted to draw them with their last outfits!💙 Hope you’ll enjoy and even If I’ve my own list of characters let me know what you’d like to see!😚
I was planning on doing Noctis/Luna or Sora/Kairi next, what do you think?

My Instagram for wips and stories: @ilabarattolo 


more zelink but this time it’s post botw and zelda is the queen of hyrule while link is the prince consort

they’re also a bit older so they have a little girl named roma ain’t she cute

give me this nintendo i want them to be happy


がんこ英傑の異国料理/Link cooks Ramen.


This is my first BotW fanart.  I want Link to cook ramen because I love ramen.

In BotW Hyrule kingdom, there are many kinds of rice food.I love that!

But if it’s possible,I want to cook bread or noodle…