Robin is not Regina's soul mate

Everyone up in arms over the WickedHood baby. But when i watched that scene, it’s not the baby that’s the problem.
It’s that he didn’t believe her when she first told him the truth.
Watch Regina gave when he says “I know this is hard on all of us…"and dismisses her claim. She’s hurt.
She came in frantic to save him and he tossed her worries aside as a jealous woman.
To me that was the knife. Not the choosing "Marian” again. Not the baby. That lack of complete trust in her.
He didn’t believe her. As if she’d jump in a car, drive hours and knock down his door with this crazy story over jealousy of him going with his wife
That doubt he had in her killed it.
Robin is awful as a love interest for Regina. That’s not a soul mate

there are so many things wrong with Zelena being pregnant

  • she raped him
  • she raped him
  • she raped him
  • she raped him

Robin thought he was having consensual sex with his wife, but did not agree to having sex with Zelena. By manipulating him into having sex with her, she is a rapist. And by (probably deliberately) getting pregnant, she is now using his own code of honor to make him stay with her rather than letting him go home with his true love. She is guilting him into staying, trapping him and toying with his loyalties all so that she can get revenge on her sister. This is truly fucked up. I am so disgusted. 

Wait a minute…….If Zelena says she’s pregnant She has to be at least 6 weeks to know, it means She got pregnant right away, as soon as the new Hood family arrived in NY!

Wow RH didn’t wait a minute to go on with his life, right after He left his ‘soulmate’!

This unfortunately makes Regina even more pathetic cause She spent the same time crying over a page of a book. :/

Regina has a lot of questions
  • Regina:How long is this road trip?
  • Regina:why are you driving so fast?
  • Regina:where did the wolf come from?
  • Regina:what's Lily up too?
  • Regina:Where have you been hiding that gun?
  • Regina:do I get a gun?
  • Regina:you're not gonna shoot her, are you?
  • Regina:what is happening right now?
  • Regina:why won't you come back with me?
  • she pregnant?
  • Regina:I'm not following any of this plot.