So yesterday I finally met my very first ever Tumblr crush blogger/buddy Gino, a.k.a. Pnoydork!!!

It was pretty cool because he’s the second person that I’ve met on Tumblr that doesn’t live in Las Vegas but instead resides in Chicago. He plans however to move to LA really soon :)

It was kinda a hassle trying to hangout with him because he was with family but we finally found a way. I toured Gino, his cousin Zelda (ZeldavArt), and his younger brother around Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace. Possibly the highlight of me showing them around was when I took them to H&M at Caesar’s Palace which is a HUGE 3 floor store. You heard that right H&M fans… 3 floors… And here’s a picture of the store.

External image

We were there for a good while before I had to go home :( BUT it was awesome to finally meeting the Tumblr person that I have been following for a long time lol.

Who wants a free doodle?

You guys have been so awesome!  I can’t believe that my croissant doodle has reached 169 notes.  That’s pretty amazing, if you ask me.  Thank you for all the likes, reblogs, follows, and great support.

Now, I have a little contest for you.  I realized I’ve been making a lot of doodles lately, so why not share them with you?

Sample: http://instagram.com/p/eieUXsSZjZ/

To enter:

follow https://www.facebook.com/zeldavart,  like and reblog this post for a chance to win. I will be selecting 10 winners (10 each from tumblr and facebook), each receiving a doodle and of course a note from yours truly.

The finished doodles would be completed in a clean sheet of paper and will be delivered within 7 days of announcing the winners.  I will personally contact you through tumblr’s messaging system.  

The contest ends on Monday, November 11th, 2013.