US soldier says farewell at Penn Station (Pennsylvania Station, New York), before being posted abroad in December 1943. (Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt) Eisenstaedt when speaking of the time he photographed American soldiers saying farewell to their wives and sweethearts in 1943 on assignment for ‘Life’ Magazine: “I just kept motionless like a statue.” he said. “They never saw me clicking away. For the kind of photography I do, one has to be very unobtrusive and to blend in with the crowd.”

(Colorised by Gisele Nash from America)

“Springtime”, watercolor, 5x7" (March 2012)

        Finally it’s spring!  Although it really feels like we hopped on to summer in my region, I’m so glad I’m finally able to see flowers sprouting from trees.  Everything is waking up and starting to become green again.  Although I missed St. Patrick’s Day, I still believe that this picture can be enjoyed the entire season.  Don’t you?

         I really love looking at flowers even though I’m allergic to pollen because they make the world beautiful just through their presence.  


“Hairy Mess” (a series) graphite 4x4 (January 2012) 

          This is a tribute to girls with messy hair like me.  Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been battling with my hair daily.  I have never learned to appreciate my hair until recently when I discovered that it could be a good way to convey your thoughts.

*High resolution pictures will be uploaded later