Twitters & Tumblrs to Follow


i’m looking for people to follow and follow back on twitter (AND/OR here)

reblog with your twitter handle if you’re into :

-Kpop (especially BTS, EXO, GOT7, Block-B to name a few, wanting to get into others)

-Legend of Zelda anything, i effin’ love anything zelda

-Nature, forests, wild animals, landscapes, basically any pictures that have nature as a centre

- League of Legends  or Hearthstone themed

- Kawaii, Beauty, fashion, anything cute and frilly, Hello kitty Rillakuma, Japanese/Korean fashion  or make-up

- Adventure Time 

-Anime/Manga ; Always up for new ones!! If its gory or scary, no more than what tokyo ghoul is. ( Preferred genres : Romance, Action, Fantasy, Yaoi, Yuri, Magical Girl, Comedy)


If you’re looking for specific themed tumblrs, check this out : http://lady-hana.tumblr.com/TumblrThemes