Spoiler alert: he did, in fact, die.

The writing for Breath of the Wild is kinda… eh, so I’m just gonna pretend Link is a reckless idiot.

Before you comment/tag this comic with Fi/Skyward Sword hate consider this: don’t.

Hey #Sidon fans…have you still been wondering who voices this handsome fish-man? 

What if I told you I’ve known & NOW I CAN OFFICIALLY TELL?

The voice actor for Sidon in Breath of the Wild gave me the Green Light to talk about their involvement! I’m going to drop the news at 5 PM Pacific/ 8 PM Eastern Time TODAY.

For reference, the currently listed voiceover artist for the role on Behind the Voice Actors (Bill Rogers) is INCORRECT. The official VA for Sidon has not been announced before now!

The news will be posted on here as well as on Twitter, so don’t miss out if you’ve been curious! This is not a joke or a fake-out; I was given permission to release the official info and will be doing so at the stated time. :D


So I haven’t gotten Breath of the Wild yet, but I DO know that the Temple of Time is still standing!! And even though the Master Sword isn’t where it used to be, I wonder if Link still feels something when he’s in that place.

Like the Temple of Time theme in this game is so heartbreaking and hesitant, like someone’s trying to remember something important.

And I wonder if that happens to Link a lot, like he’ll come across a place that was dear to him in a past life and break down into tears and not know why.

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                    ZELDA, PRINCESS OF HYRULE

"Your path seems to mirror your father's. You've dedicated yourself 
  to becoming a knight, as well. Your commitment to the training 
necessary to fulfill your goal is really quite admirable. I see now 
 why you would be the chosen one. What if...One day...You realized 
   that you just weren't mean to be a fighter. Yet the only thing 
   people ever said...was that you were born into a family of the 
 royal guard,  and so no matter what you thought, you had to become 
 a knight. If that was the only thing you were ever told...I wonder
          then...would you have chosen a different path?"