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I haven’t been feeling too well the past few days. I’ve been home from work, feeling restless and tired – you could say I feel a little empty. Lacking in something.
It’s also impossibly hot at the moment, and heat and ills don’t go well together. So when thinking about what I could do to make myself feel better, I found myself seeking comfort. I wanted a potion that was a total cure-all – so who better to turn to than Link.
This refreshing fruit juice smoothie is full of all that good stuff you need to help refill your hearts.

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In the very early, naive days of Gourmet Gaming I created a less than inspired Lon-Lon Milk cocktail which prompted my very first wave of complaints. “Lon-Lon Milk is just milk!”, “Alcoholic milk is Chateau Romani!” you all cried, and I listened. My limited Zelda knowledge (as far as I’m concerned the best Zelda game is Link’s Awakening) and my desire for a milky drink for my party left me embarrassed among my peers, so I thought it was about time I set things straight. Milky, nutty, spiced, sweet and sharp, this Chateau Romani is sure to restore all your hearts and boost your magic, so get your Rupees ready.

Chateau Romani label by txuspeKH on DeviantArt - I was going to make my own but this one was perfect already!

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Zelda Triforce Coasters

Grab a set of six high-class Triforce coasters expertly crafted from walnut and maple. Creates a great addition to the homes of Zelda fans and triangle lovers everywhere – who don’t like leaving disgusting water rings on the furniture.

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(I’m going to assume they’re a little aged up for this.  Also, caveat: I have never personally been drunk, so I don’t have a lot of frame-of-reference here.)

Green gets really emotional.  Once while drunk, he tried to hug all four of the others at the same time, saying “I love all you guys” with tears in his eyes.  If he continues drinking past that point, he probably passes out and starts snoring really quick.

Blue tries to tell jokes, but they make less and less sense the more he drinks.  When he’s really drunk, he ends up at the surrealist sort of “Why did the cucco cross the road?  Fourteen!” level of lolrandom humor.

Red holds his alcohol better than you’d expect – or maybe it’s just that he doesn’t have many inhibitions in the first place.  He’s maybe a little more cuddly than usual?  Really hard to tell, considering the baseline is already so high.

Vio doesn’t drink, because he hates feeling like he’s not in complete control of himself.  (He was faking it at the Fire Temple.)

A drunk Shadow is a Shadow who has lost all ability to discern good ideas from bad ideas.  Dare him to do something.  Just about anything.  He will do it.  He’ll probably shout “parkour!” first, too.  The fact that he actually can do parkour is worth nothing, either: he’s gonna fall flat on his face.

TP zelink hc: Zelda can drink Link under the table. He challenged her to a drinking game because he assumes it will be a very easy victory and he really wants to see her drunk (she declined numerous times because how childish and undignified). Eventually she accepts so he won’t pester her anymore. Two bottles of wine later, Zelda is stone cold sober staring at the pathetic sight that is Link passed out on the floor next to her. He later finds out her tolerance is so high because she hates the rest of the nobility so much she constantly drank at events just to make it through them