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i had to

also i’m not doing all of the other costumes because fuck that


It’s done! blog art for my FD RP blog @eternityslegacy or some kind. Idk, I just wanted to try out a new technique tbh

This was very fun to do tho!! I mean I did copas a lot of stuff from Layth to Azel and vice versa, but these two are both very fun to experiment with, especially with their contrasting colors/hues lol

A Tale of Spiders, Vipers, and Crows Chapter 15

A Legend of Zelda (Zelgan Based) Fan-Story

This story updates on Saturdays and is based on @figmentforms A Tale of Two Rulers, and the Zelgan kids of @s-kinnaly Zerrick, Rhogard,  Egarholt, Oronah, and Naro are my own characters.  As always even if you don’t like this particular story please do check out those two because they make some amazing stuff.  If you are craving more Legend of Zelda related stuff you can also check out @blueganon , They write pretty well, so I’d recommend checking them out.

I dropped the ball as one would a planet.  Life since October hasn’t been the best and while I’ve received a lot of support I can’t help but feel bad about just how late this update is.  To list off some of the things, I had family in the hospital a the same time.  Ever growing demands at work, got sick five times in the space of a single month, had my computer die and needed to be replaced.  Lordy the list goes on.  I detailed out some of my plans last month when I originally planned to post this chapter which just reinforced just how late I feel in posting this.

But anyways, I really hope you all enjoy.  I worked extra hard on getting this chapter done and a lot goes down.  It may feel a little all over the place but it as least gets us all on track to where the story is headed.

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End of Chapter 2

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WIP (Work in Progress) - Great Fairy Fountain (slowwww)

I have the first half of the piece up to speed and good to go but I need to slow down when practicing these measures that I have difficulty with… Hopefully I’ll have the full song ready (and of course smoother / faster than this) in a few days…

Okay so this video isn’t all that great but if you’d like nice audio quality / download links for future videos, please consider donating towards the audio equipment fund!


So..,, I will be getting botw this Friday, and knowing me I am going to be drawing a lot, so I am assuming as I go along in the game I am going to be drawing the things I see. Including spoiler-y things

I will be tagging any art with spoilers with “botw spoilers” for at least the first month or so after release. I recommend blacklisting that tag to avoid spoilers if you so wish.

Hype for everyone getting the game and who will be watching a play through! 5 days to release!