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The last image from Sunday’s stream! I usually do the final image of a request stream in color, and it’s usually a different topic that the rest. So we did pokemon for most of the stream and then the final request was Breath of the Wild Link as a Rito (from the same game, not the WW ones) Alas I do not own a Switch so I have not been able to play this game, but I love the design of the Ritos in it! Maybe someday I’ll get to actually play it, but I won’t purchase a Switch until there’s more games that interest me because I just can’t justify buying a system for only one game to myself. ^^’ (Even though dang I want to play this game real bad)

this art blog is turning into a zelda appreciation shrine and i don’t regret a thing


So I just got Arts & Artifacts, and inside it there was this Minish Cap artwork of Link facing a Darknut at the Palace of Winds, which I don’t think I ever saw before.

But that’s not really what interests me, what REALLY interests me is that here we can see Link wield the Three Sword aka the White Sword, infused with three Elements.

This is HUGE to me, cause we never got to see artwork of what the mid-forms between the Picori Blade and the Four Sword look like, I´m so happy.

I know the Goron tunic was to protect him from lethal heat and the Zora tunic was to help him breath underwater, but I wanted to design a Gerudo tunic. Maybe it’s made to help him deal with the heat of the desert as well as the chill? dkfjdk but also to mark him as an honorary member of the Gerudo tribe I guess? But also dark red/maroon and gold would just look so GOOd on Timebae.

Spirit Temple is my second favorite OoT temple, btw.


When i have a block I just draw them//dammit//i totally screwed up// tloz aus

I cant take how Link and Zelda share a look full of TENSION and Impa looks like she’s wondering what’s for dinner.
I bet she wants cucco soup.

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Design commission to @pocketseizure for both, Zelda (Twilight Princess) and Ganondorf (Wind Waker) - I don’t usually take design commissions but having the opportunity to make some new unofficial designs for both characters looked too much fun to pass by. 

I suggest you go read their little screenplay about their speculative, airships and sky pirate themed timeline for more information and inspiration for these as well ! A second commission will feature both characters and will be made soon.

Okay, I ought to work on this more but I am Tired™ so I’m gonna go shower and hit the hay because there’s work tomorrow.

(AU where no one tries to kill anyone else and they flirt to give other people aneurysms y/n?)