zelda oracles of seasons

Its dangerous to go alone…

This is one of the prints that were available at Anime North that I forgot to upload. Had a lot of fun incorporating all of the Links. Can you recognize them all?


I edited Nayru a bit more, still not completely happy with her, but I LOVE how I did Din~ Still I feel like Din should have gotten more attention as a character, whereas Nayru had some kind of purpose….but imagine them meeting? Din dancing to Nayru’s music, being cute together *blushies* Maybe even performing in Hyrule’s court to Princess Zelda!

guys, guys, guy….

have you ever seen the concept art for Ganondorf for the Oracles series??? he doesn’t actually appear in the games–save for a hidden boss of his beat form after the games are linked–but there is concept art of him and i fucking love it. 

look, just look at this:

doesn’t that look unsettling as fuck? can you guys imagine the mannerisms of this Ganondorf?


The Legend Of Zelda taught me that:

- It takes time to get a heart

- Music can make you travel

- Doesn’t matter what mask you wear, you will always be yourself

- The world is full of secrets

- Time is gold

- Friendship between a boy and a girl is possible

- Don’t let your own demons defeat you

- Trust your instincts

- Always learn new things

- Everybody has a story to tell


Hey ! Happy Birthday to my favorite video game series of all time ! ♥

The Legend of Zelda →February 21, 1986

Let’s celebrate ! (ノ ・∀・)ノ゙✧°

The Signs Favorite Zelda Games
  • Aries: Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons
  • Taurus: Spirit Tracks
  • Gemini: Four Swords
  • Cancer: Hyrule Warriors
  • Leo: Majora's Mask
  • Virgo: Triforce Heroes
  • Libra: Breath of the Wild
  • Scorpio: Wind Waker
  • Sagittarius: A Link Between Worlds
  • Capricorn: Ocarina of Time
  • Aquarius: Twilight Princess
  • Pisces: Skyward Sword