zelda knitting

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  • steven universe
  • stranger things
  • legend of zelda
  • atla or lok
  • voltron
  • scenery (forests, cities, sky)
  • aesthetic (pastel, pink, yellow etc)
  • flowers or plants
  • dragons
  • witchy stuff
  • knitting, crochet, weaving, or any other textile craft
  • tasteful, diverse nudity or nsfw

My newest nerdy knit project! Malon’s shawl from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Malon is one of my favorite characters in OoT, OH who am I kidding, they are all basically my favorite characters. I was obsessed with that game growing up. I still love it! Haha.

The shawl is a wool cotton blend and is very soft! The pin is sculpy. Additional information can be found here at my Etsy!

Oh…! I’m proud to present to you a sample of our very own Lon Lon Milk. You’ll be energized the moment you drink it! After you drink it, you can bring back the bottle and buy a refill, anytime you want!"— Talon

Finally finished this earflap hat!! Yay!! I love it <3  Not sure what I like more the little embroidered cow on the sides, the tassels, or the fact that it’s partially lined and super soft! The hat is 100% wool, minus the lining. The ears stick out in such an adorable way. The hat is inspired by the Lon Lon Milk bottles Link receives in Ocarina of Time.

Inquiries about this particular hat can be made here at my Etsy. :)