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Lucy Preston + Historical Figures (6/?)

1.12 “The Murder of Jesse James ” - Jesse James; Robert and Charles Ford; U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves; U.S. Marshal Grant Johnson
1.14 “The Lost Generation” -  Charles Lindbergh; Ernest Hemingway; Josephine Baker; Picasso; Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald

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when reading the books i could only see luke as jeremy from phineas and ferb. that's all. nothing else. i just imagined him slightly darker skinned and with a fucking scar on his lip. really ruined his 'evil image' for me, tbh. but still funny to think on! - zeldas-secret-tiddy

Ah yes.  The Lightning Thief.  Razer of Olympus.  Host of Kronos.



Delayed Puppy Log 3: July 28, 02:12

Hello, Readers.

Something terrible happened me yesterday.

I was forced into water

Now, Reader, please don’t get me wrong. I love water for its drinking purposes. However, I fail to see what is wrong with my own bathing methods. My tongue is perfectly clean, after all. 

Because, yes, it seems that the water poured all over me was intended as a bath. Once again, the humans’ logic puzzles me to the greatest of degrees. But I shall persevere. After all, they have offered me not only a large, beautiful bed of their own, but they have (unknowingly) also let my bed be theirs.

In other news, a large box made of fabric appeared out of nowhere. It filled rapidly with the One with the Accent’s clothing. I tried to climb inside, as it looked to make for a good and comfortable box to play in, but alas, my legs are not quite long enough. And now the Accented Man has left and the fabric-covered box with him.

If you ask me, it’s a bit of relief. I just can’t understand the poor man at all.

Maureen introduced me to a very nice bearded man yesterday. He seemed rather enamored of me, as is only right. 

Speaking of such a deep, abiding love, Maureen is starting to seem a bit slow on the update. When I whine, there is a problem. I may need belly rubs or head scratches. I may be thirsty. I may need more cuddles than you are used to. But I am not to be ignored. For now, I will simply stop. But this is a battle that she shall not win.

Overall, though, things are going rather well. My new humans are very nice, if not always comprehensible, people. And the bedding accommodations are simply luxurious. 

Until next time, Reader.