zelda genderbend

It was about time I did some proper Breath of the Wild Fanart!

I’ll be at this years Otakuthon on the 4-5-6th of August! So I’m trying to make a few new print for the occasion~

Link has such a great range of clothe in BotW I couldn’t resist picking my favorites to turn them in prints! Hopefully I’ll have enough time to finish a few other! :D

captainlatifa  asked:

what would link looks like if he is a girl in your art style? (sorry bad english)

:DDDD not so much is different, except for the boobs and longer hair xDD

he would take a lot of selfies i guess ;3 he already did that in the first place but still XDD

I don’t like when people change names of “genderbended” characters, making it female"/“male”, and especially dislike changing “Link” to “Linklett” (????) or “Linky” (I MEAN WHAT)
She’s just goddamn Link, and that’s it!
Ganon will be Ganon forever, I don’t think Gerudo even have “male” names. 
And Zelda… well I guess “Zelda” is more of a title than a name… all royal girls in Hyrule are Zeldas?… in honor of that one Zelda who was born thousands of years after the actual first Zelda princess. Fun with timelines. But who cares, let’s say this young prince over here holds Hylia’s spirit and therefore he’s considered to be princess Zelda. Zelda is Zelda no matter how she looks, and that’s canon. Also “Zelda” is such a great name, it’s so pretty and unique, gosh I love it.