zelda fitgerald

He [would] watch me, asking me questions, about the boys I’d kissed, my favorite boys, whether I plotted to make them love me or if they all just loved me.

He’d watch me in the mirror while I fastened my garters and brushed my hair and picked through the piles of clothes on the floor for a clean slip, asking me why I didn’t keep up with the laundry, why I didn’t pick up the clothes, whether I intended to keep the rooms.“

- Call Me Zelda, Erika Robuck

In 7th grade we had to dress up as an author or literary figure and give a speech. I was Zelda Fitgerald, bound breasts and all, wearing an intricate beaded flapper dress that had once belonged to my great aunt.

“I was committed to a mental hospital, where I spent the rest of my days working on what was to be my magnum opus, until I died tragically in a fire. The end.”

Junior High was rough.