zelda fangame

I did this little illustration for Fangamer, for one of their “art card” sets. Basically, if you order stuff from Fangamer, there’s a chance you might get a print of this as a free bonus! Though this one probably won’t be sent out for another month or two.

Anyway, I always liked the idea of “cool” Impa being paired with NES Impa. They should make a game about that. But they’d never make something that interesting.

I’ve been working on this project called TLoZ: Path Of Heroes’ Past.

On the right you see a prototype of the “Hylian Glider”. This artifact came about when I thought of the Hylian Shield being able to become other useful items.
For its creation, I had to redesign a Hylian Shield (top) and then fragment it into pieces to manipulate it like a puzzle.
I’ll be talking about this and more on my YouTube channel. I actually recorded all the process, digital and traditional.

Other soon to talk about topics:
Link’s design
The Temple of Time

Canonical Facts about the King of Hyrule during Ocarina of Time according to NPC jabber, since he never appears himself in the game:

  • ended a 100+ year war and established peace
  • seemed to do this primarily through friendship–is Darunia’s Sworn Brother, and the Zoras are described as longtime allies
  • is smokin’ hot, someone you would say your bf was hotter than as a compliment

what an interesting guy. Too bad he never appears and dies off screen quietly, eh?

He gains more significance in Seventh Sage. His death is still early and untimely, but he has more to him than being apparently awesome off screen and dying young (and liking memetic Dinners). The Hylian Civil War was an interesting time for him.