zelda boots



The awful sound of this made me laugh so hard! XD 


New Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC releasing next week!

The next batch of DLC for Hyrule Warriors, the Link’s Awakening pack, will be launching on June 30th! The big new addition is the new character Marin, who will be fighting with the Sea Lily Bell. Linkle also gets a new weapon: the Pegasus Boots! There will also be a new Adventure map, costumes for My Fairy, the works. But I, for one, am excited to see how Marin and Linkle’s Pegasus Boots will play!

I’d also like to point out how bang-on my predictions have been so far. Will we see Linebeck or Ravio in the future? Time will tell! -Wander

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Name: Alyssa. Or Arin. Or Dipper or Dip, if you want I’m cool with that too
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw
Fav color: blue! I also love green, purple, and orange. And all of them. Am a fan of colors
Fictional character I’d like as a sibling: Mabel??? Obviously??? My sis
Number of blankets I sleep with: uh, one usually but up to 5 if it gets cold enough I’m Love Blankets
Dream vacation: uh? Norway :^)
What I’m currently wearing: blue and white cotton sweater, black leggings, riding boots, Zelda necklace. V comfy
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Last thing googled: “atlanta high museum admission” I wanna take max there but it’s almost $15 a ticket!!! Expensive!!!!!! I hope they have student discounts
Favorite music artist: Deb talan, hurray for the riff raff. My music taste is not that exciting
Why I chose my url: hello my name is dipper pines and I’m a theatre asshole nice to meet you
Avg hrs sleep: NONE!!!!!!!!!!
Fav character: dipper pines (me), Karkat, Marceline, Hinata shouyo, Dave strider but I’m stopping myself there with hs characters because I’ll list like 10 of them and it’ll be embarrassing for all of us, Lin beifong, Nico di angelo, abed nadir
Dream job: being mentally stable enough to make art in all the ways I want to
Following: 334 i was keeping it around 300 but then I started following knitting blogs -_-

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