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Reasons why I’d like that the BOTW DLC is set during the pre-Calamity Ganon...

Because that increases the chances to see the Sheikah Court Poet…

I really like the music played by the parrot (never remember his name xD) in Breath of the Wild so I did a piano version

Arrangement by me

Song by Nintendo

((Just a little information: I never look at music sheets, all my arrangement are made by only listening to the songs, unfortunately I don’t know how to write a music sheet))

Absolutely beautiful Zelda medley arranged and performed by Katell Roz’

#180. Ganondorf, Ghirahim, and Zant once owned karaoke night by trioing Bring Me to Life. Ghirahim was the main, Zant the harmony, and Ganon as the guy. After amazing everyone with how well the sounded, they became a boy band called Ganzantahim.

my miiverse drawings [1/5] - zelda themed

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Putting in that request with the flower shop AU and the "I hate you so much" bouquet for Revali/Link! :D oh my gosh this sounds so demanding even after chatting to you shdjkflh please and thank you, if you want to, oh gods

Revali doesn’t like Link. He doesn’t like how the Princess chose him above Revali, the best archer in the Rito, thank you very much. He doesn’t like how Link refuses to talk to him (or anybody else, but that shouldn’t matter). He doesn’t like how Link’s hair glistens gold in the sunlight, or how his eyes are as blue and deep as the sky, or how when he smiles—

Anyway, the point is, he doesn’t like him. So. That’s all you need to know, really.

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Hateno Housemates Pt 3 (Post-BOTW Zelink)

Some domestic Zelink fluff as requested by @liv-andletdie. Part Three of Four!
| Part One | Part Two | Part Four | AO3 Link |

(Hateno Housemates is now also on AO3!)

Pairing: Zelda x Link
Setting: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild (postgame)
Words: 1300


Link knelt by the vegetable plot in the garden of his Hateno house, inspecting a fully-grown hearty radish. He turned over the sturdy leaves between a thumb and a forefinger, face twisted in thought, before snatching up the little gardening book that sat at his side. Radishes typically take around six weeks to grow to maturity. He’d underlined the sentence twice, for the precise reason that he’d only planted the radishes a fortnight prior. Perhaps the Hateno soil was unusually rich, or perhaps the book was outdated. Zelda had salvaged it from the Hyrule Castle Library for him after he’d mentioned wanting to try his hand at gardening. They’d built four vegetable plots together in the yard next to their Hateno house, and Zelda had returned from her next trip to Hyrule Castle with a large bundle of books on everything from composting to cultivation.

Link lowered his book, and eyed the radishes skeptically. On the last day that he and Zelda had shared in Hateno, Link’s radish plot contained little more than sprouts – but Zelda had assured him that radishes were hardy, and would grow no matter the skill of their gardener. In fact, she had seemed a tad too sure of the matter. Link reached into his shirt, and pulled out the faintly glowing message medallion.

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Gerudo Valley
Koji Kondo
Gerudo Valley

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Gerudo Valley (Ocarina Arrangement) [12 Hole C Ocarina Tabs+Notation]

Composed by Koji Kondo
Arranged by Shadoninja
Nintendo © 1998

Not really a fan of the way I had to notate the intro but it’s there if you want to play it.

Get the sheet music for this song and more:

Lost Woods
Lost Woods

I remember listening to this album ages ago, and thought I’d use it for my first original post on this blog. Of all the remixes and orchestrated versions of the Lost Woods Theme/Saria’s Song, this one stands out the most to me for its originality, and it has always boggled my mine to think this is an official soundtrack album for Ocarina of Time. The entire album together is hit or miss, but this track is really chill, and great to listen to if you wanna change things up with Zelda music.

Music Name Challenge, more or less tagged by @zenathered

Mother I’m Here - Bastion OST [Russian Ver.]

All Day -  A Tribe Called Red Ft. Kool A.D. and Chippewa Travelers

Radio-Friendly Unit Shifter -Nirvana [Warning, loud audio squeal]

Tal Tal Heights - Orchestral Arrangement [Zelda: Link’s Awakening OST]

Í Tokuni - Eivør

Nebo [ НЕБО] - Max Barskih

Fondu au noir -  Coeur de pirate


Electric Toothbrush - Jet Set Radio OST

Easy- Son Lux

Polovtsian Dances [Aka.Gliding Dance of the Maidens/ Prince Igor Act.2] -  Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Alice’s Theme - Shadow Hearts OST

When I Was Otherwise -Gazelle Twin

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Elsa sighed gently, she really didn't like doing this but with the rise of danger coming to her, both physically and sexually, she was gonna have to enroll a knight to help her. Thankfully a friend in Hyrule recommended someone for the ice queen as she sent them a request to come to the castle as soon as she could for trials. (dirtiestprincessaround)

Linkle had recieved a message from Princess Zelda herself! She had a request for her. She was to travel to Arendelle to aid the Queen there for a while. Of course she accepted. Zelda even arranged all the transport since… Well Linkle had a way of getting lost with both a map and a compass. She was dressed in thick brown and green clothes, something she packed for the journey. She was being led in by the guards to meet the queen herself. Once before her, she gave a bend at the waist to bow. “Queen Elsa, I am Linkle of Hyrule. I was sent by our princess.”

(@dirtiestprincessaround )

Temple of Time: Choir Arrangement
Nathanael Platier
Temple of Time: Choir Arrangement

Temple of Time Latin Choir Arrangement

Hero of Time, lift your sword to defeat an evil darkness.

Let your light shine to dispel the evil that has risen again.

The darkness is strong.

Only you have the power.

You are the only hope left … we believe in you …

Go and fight the darkness.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. I know it’s not perfectly translated and it doesn’t matter. It’s better than using “lorem ipsum” haha!

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