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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches IN 25 DAYS!

Open Your Eyes

Quote of the Day (try to guess which character said it, and in which game): “Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin…”



I’m really not used to recurves but I’m slowly getting back into the habits and learning the new bits. Thanks so much for the hella sweet level up gift, Nicc. U da best.


Name: Zelda Trevelyan

Age: 28 during the Conclave

Height: 5′2″

Class: Archer Rogue

Love Interest: Cullen

Here she is! Finally! My new OTP inquisitor for Cullen. Zelda Trevelyan.

For her appearance, I was going for cute without being *~BEAUTIFUL~*. I like to try to make my inquisitors look like real regular people. I don’t have any mods since I play on PS4, so this is all with standard options. She has the darkest brown hair option. I gave her bright blue eyes. (I had the default Marian Hawke kind of in mind as a starting point for the basics of Zelda’s appearance.) Light freckles. Subtle makeup. Somewhat big nose and narrow eyes.  

Zelda feels like her bow is another limb of her body. She’s been a skilled archer of wide renown in the Free Marches since she was very young. She’s won many awards and tourneys. Zelda will discover as the Herald (and eventual Inquisitor), however, that she is severely lacking in hand-to-hand combat skills. If only there was a former Templar commanding the Inquisition’s forces who could help her with a little private training… (WINK WINK) 

Here is Zelda meeting her future husband Cullen!

She’s already got her eyes on the prize. 

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This is so good.


This is where it all begins…


I’m just a cartoon that plays video games. Video games are my life. You’re either joining or are an obstacle in the way of rescuing Princess Zelda/an escort quest.

I found some cute mutuals last time, kind of after that again. I don’t mind chatting and exchanging @ twitter handles but I’m not looking for serious relationships. It’s not you, it’s me, I still love you anyway. xoxo

I’m always taking questions.



Today is ‘Peter shares music from an astounding Symphony’ day. Up now; Wind Waker Symphony.


Actually, whilst we’re at it. This piece embodies everything Zelda. Everything.