Euskara in ~250 words

By popular request, there you go Euskara (batua) in 300 words! (inspired by this post by @funwithlanguages). We had to skip the “prepositions” section since Euskara has sort of postpositions - this is, suffixes - but it’s a list of nearly 250 basic words that we hope you’ll enjoy.

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First Verbs / Lehen aditzak

  1. be = izan
  2. there is = egon
  3. have = ukan, eduki
  4. do = egin
  5. go = joan
  6. want = nahi
  7. can = ahal
  8. need = behar
  9. think = pentsatu, uste
  10. know = jakin
  11. say = esan
  12. like = gustatu
  13. speak = hitz egin, mintzatu
  14. learn = ikasi
  15. understand = ulertu


  1. and = eta
  2. or = edo / ala (when only 2 possibilities are offered)
  3. but = baina
  4. so (meaning “therefore”; e.g. “I wanted it, so I bought it”) = beraz
  5. if = (baldin) ba-

Question Words

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Hearing that it was indeed his love, Aslan relaxed a bit into his side. Still shivering, he turned over after the sheets and he had been detangled. Moving his hand, he covered his face and wiped at his tear filled eyes. “I…didn’t hurt you did I?” His voice soft and weak as he asked. The sandy blond assumed he’d been thrashing around judging by the events of his dreams.

“Sorry…” Certain Zelos was fine with it, he still felt like saying it. Sitting up, he felt how sweaty he was. Frowning, he sighed softly. “Think I’ll go take a bath…” He knew he probably wouldn’t feel good until he did.

Zelos loosened his hold on Aslan’s waist as the other man curled in on himself slightly, wiping at his tear-streaked face. His voice was hesitant and strained as he quietly asked if he’d hurt Zelos, and the redhead was quick to reassure him that he hadn’t.

“I’m fine, you didn’t even disturb me” he told Aslan softly, though perhaps that wasn’t the truth. He suspected Aslan’s restlessness had set off his own uneasy sleep. He reached out to cup Aslan’s face gently, turning it more toward himself and running his thumb over the damp line of Aslan’s cheekbone to brush away the lingering traces of tears. “Don’t worry about it” he added reassuringly as Aslan attempted to apologize. “I’ve woken you up plenty of times, I deserve a little payback, hm?” he asked, trying to inject a little humor into the moment.

Aslan sat up and shifted away, and Zelos let him go. The sandy-haired man was clearly still very upset by the images from his dreams. “Do you want a little company?” he offered, sitting up himself and pushing aside the remaining sheet wrapped around his waist. He hated the stillness and silence that typically kept him company after a nightmare, and hoped to offer Aslan an alternative. The other man had certainly offered him support countless times in the past.


Aslan had only given Zelos carnations because they were pretty and anything lasted longer normally than roses. Since Christmas nothing had really changed but he understood Zelos was a busier person now that he was back home. Granted despite all this, he still didn’t know where their relationship stood…
Seles had been spending a lot of time with him, he supposed she liked the company. Also, for an odd reason, his stories of Auldrant intrigued her. He didn’t mind her company, but she always made him think of Zelos.
He’d been scared, mostly, to give the flowers and other things to Zelos in person. Late at night, when the redhead probably thought him to be asleep, he stayed awake in bed, with the lights out, just to make sure he heard Zelos get home.
This is stupid. I don’t even know what this relationship is. From the stories Seles told him in return for his own, Zelos was a quite the ladies man. Then again, he knew that but still…he couldn’t help his feelings. Even if they weren’t returned…
A knock on his door made him jump. Quickly, he grabbed a shirt in case it was Seles. Yes, he’d been in bed with only his pants on. “It’s open.” He said as he pulled the shirt on. About to button it up he stopped and left it undone when Zelos came into the room.

He let himself in when Aslan called that the door was open,finding the sandy haired man standing beside his bed with his shirt unbuttoned as if he’d been in the midst of dressing. His greeting seemed almost troubled, and Zelos winced inwardly at the tone of his voice. He offered Aslan a smile though, striving for his usual nonchalance as he greeted him in return.

“Hey yourself. Did I catch you at a bad time?” he asked, indicating the unbuttoned shirt. A thought occurred to him and he asked “Did you have plans tonight?” Though he rarely left the Wilder manor, Aslan had gathered some attention, particularly since he was staying as Zelos’ personal guest. The nobility were curious about him, and the household staff likely hadn’t helped rumors any with the information that the stranger was from another world. Zelos himself had heard whispers between the maids about how attractive the stranger was, and he wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that Aslan had a date for the evening. It would serve him right to have someone else ask Aslan away first, waiting as long as he had.

Remembering the gift, he presented it suddenly, without preamble, thrusting the box toward Aslan. “I got you this” he announced. “I mean, I saw the flowers you got me and thought I’d get you something in return, hm? Thanks by the way, they’re lovely.” He stopped, realizing he probably sounded like an idiot, talking so much without waiting for an answer. Dropping his gaze sheepishly, he waited for Aslan to accept the box.

Nestled amid tissue paper inside was a glass rose, a deep red color with gilded gold at the tips of each carefully sculpted petal. There was also a small mirror in the bottom of the box, intended as a display mount for the rose. “It’s about time I got you something in return for everything you’ve done for me” Zelos said softly. “I mean, this isn’t much, but it’s a start maybe.” He chuckled and tucked his hands into his pockets, gaze flitting nervously around the room as he waited for a response.

aslanfrings  asked:

[text]: So cold. Need cuddles.

His phone vibrated and Zelos rolled over, fumbling for it and wondering who would even text at this hour. Any rational person would already be asleep, or at least he thought it was that late. The time stamp on the text indicated it was only two am, but in the wintertime that was plenty late enough for him to be in bed.

He stared at the phone for a moment, blinking sleep from his eyes. Was this an invitation? He sure as hell hoped it was.

[text] I’m on my way.

He stumbled out of bed and dragged a jacket over his pajamas, not even bothering with actual clothing. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t go right back to bed when he got over to Aslan’s place, if he had any say in the matter. The wind cut through his thin pants as if they weren’t even there as he sprinted the short distance between his front door and the car, and he swore under his breath. There was no way he would do this for just anyone, but there was something about the idea of cuddling Aslan that he couldn’t just ignore.

[text] I’ll bring hot chocolate

He sent the second text and fumbled for the keys, cursing the cold leather of the seats. Thank goodness Aslan’s apartment wasn’t too far away, because he was already 100% done with this being out of bed nonsense. He was going to wrap himself and Aslan in the biggest blanket the sandy-haired man owned the second he walked in through that door.