Random thought about The Get Down

Look how Zeke handles Mylene rejecting him.

Yeah he goes on a feels trip/bender with his boys.

And yeah he obviously hates the decision she made.

But he understands what she sees in him (or… doesn’t see, I guess).

He respects her decision, and he respects Mylene, and he doesn’t let anyone disrespect her, either.

Approximately 98.7% of the men on this planet need to follow this example.

  • tumblr:girls don't want boys girls want [insert random thing here]!!
  • tumblr:don't pay attention to boys!!
  • tumblr:no boy is worth risking your dreams!!
  • mylene cruz:*puts her needs before a relationship with zeke while still treating him like a friend and caring for him*
  • tumblr:i just dislike mylene she's so mean and heartless and she manipulates zeke :/
  • shaolin fantastic, minute one:if i ever see you again i will take your firstborn and sacrifice them to grand master flash
  • shaolin fantastic, minute two:zeke pay attention to me bros before hoes wait a minute we need her song pls get it for me
  • tumblr:shaolin!!! is!!! zeke's!!! bff!!!

some straight girl m/m shipper: omg i’m drawing them kissing!!! i’m such a sinner! i’m gonna go to hell lol XD

me: *takes a swig of milk bc i need to be strong for this* everything is a sin sharon. remember that one time you said you were okay even though you weren’t? that was a sin. that would land you in hell. stop acting like you weren’t already going to hell for your sins jessica.


“Dangerous” - All stars: Comfort, Marko, Paul, Fik-shun, Jonathan, and Robert

I’m so happy we finally have a hip hop all-star routine! This was like a mobster dance to me with everyone sitting at the table in the beginning and comfort walking behind them. It’s like these people are in charge and you should know sort of stance.

This was such an awesome routine from Luther. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Paul and Robert in this routine for some reason. I watched Fik-shun and Comfort a lot too because it’s their style and they nailed it, but Robert and Paul really stood out to me. Also I’m laughing at Marko krumping like a boss up there. It was the most ridiculously amazing thing I’ve seen.

I loved the beginning of this routine when they were all shrugging to the beat and dancing with the table. The entire routine was amazing though. Luther created anther amazing dance here. I loved every second of it. 


March On Washington -1963

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have A Dream Speech.”

Zeke claimed that he wanted to save Eren. Worst case scenario, he’s lying and fully intends to feed Eren to another warrior – or even take it himself – to secure the coordinate power. On the other hand, he might be sincere, and that is much more interesting. What exactly he wants to save Eren from is up for debate, but at the very least it implies a desire to keep him alive, and in the warrior village.

But I wonder how Zeke could secure Eren’s safety in the warrior village. According to the ANSWERS Fanbook, Zeke’s rank is similar to that of Levi’s. There is an implication that there are definitely higher ranking people in the village. No matter which way you look at it, the answer is that Zeke’s title as a war chief does not equal ultimate authority. 

It isn’t up to him whether Eren is allowed to live or be fed to another warrior then, is it? 

Which means if Zeke really wants to keep Eren alive and well in the village, the higher-ups would have to allow it. Just like in the beginning of the series when Eren’s existence as a shifter became public knowledge, it wasn’t Captain Levi nor Commander Erwin who could decide Eren’s fate – at the time it was Zackley, the head of the military branches. Later on the central government had that authority.

Given that Zeke and Eren are related (or rather heavily implied but not explicitly stated at this point), it’s likely that Zeke hopes to use this as leverage. After all, from the perspective of those higher-ups, why trust this kid to live among them when they have no idea who he is or if he would really be on their side? They have other warriors to take on that power, it would seem. Zeke would have to give them a pretty solid reason. Maybe their bloodline also has unique benefits when using the coordinate, abilities Eren is not yet actively aware of?

Regardless, I’m curious what Zeke’s plans are….then again for all we know the warriors have a much different hierarchy, and maybe Zeke has considerable authority despite his rank. Hard to say.