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Wait, so Zeke (probably) doesn't know he has Royal eldian blood? Then again, he's a wild card and unpredictable as a character.

Ahhh! You’re right! As tempting as it is to use the Shocked Jim Halpert gif in response to this, I’ll use the relevant panel instead.

Kruger seems to think Zeke’s royal parentage has been kept a secret from the government and from Zeke himself. It’s possible if Zeke remembers any of that discussion, he’s chalked it up to being part of the brainwashing. 

But Eren knows. And he knows how the fist bump with the last royal affected him. Their next meeting is truly going to be interesting!

Attack on Titan chapter 88

The Owl, who we have known, has the name as Eren Krueger and his Titan Power is called ATTACK TITAN which young Eren is having. However, we all think whoever has Titan Power will be immortal. WRONG!!! Everything has its limits and 13 years is it. Eren said that he only had eight years left.

                                                  *poor Mikasa*

Moreover, I’m sure that Zeke didn’t really take the Power at the age of seven yet because that bastard looked as old as Krueger we saw in recent chapters. Consequently, I hope that idiot will die soon enough.

At the end of the chapter, it said: “ A story that must not be stopped”. Well, all the fans know what that means.

p/s: still 28 chapters more… and still waiting for my Annie.


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Didn't Grisha say he never treated Zeke other than a child with royal blood and would call him a future king, though?

He did. And I’m not adamant about this. 

Zeke may know he’s royal. He was seven years old when he betrayed his parents. Maybe that’s old enough to understand the need to keep his royal parentage a secret Or it’s possible he was convinced that his father’s talk of “you were born to be a king and lead us to greatness” was propaganda and the ravings of a mad man.

Kruger seems to believe that particular bullet has been dodged. If the government knew the Zeke was royal, he’d likely be in the Marleyan Warrior Breeding Program, not running around the countryside leading child warriors. 

I honestly don’t know. It’s something interesting to think about.

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