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Hey! so do we have any theories about the language Ymir was able to read? like is it the old language spoken by Eldians before the era of walls? and if so, why do you think they've changed it at all?

Ah that’s a really interesting topic and I think it ties into the couple of unanswered questions we have.

I’m pretty sure at least the writing on the can and the alcohol are part of whatever language is currently being spoken on the marleyan mainland/the continent once ruled by Eldia.

First of all, Reiner’s intense reaction when realizing Ymir was able to read the letters. He wasn’t just surprised, he was staring at her in full disbelief. Add the beautiful musical cue; Reiner was basically shook. And I’m very confident that’s because he recognized that language, and, being in his warrior mind, added two things together and realized the implication of Ymir being able to read a language not used in the walled world=she’s from outside, just like him. 

Now if we consider that the language definitely comes from beyond the walls, and can be recognized by Ymir and Reiner (who are both from the mainland, albeit from different generations and backgrounds), we need to ask why boxes with supplies from outside can be found in an abandoned castle close to the wall. The obvious answer, as many have assumed since the manga, is that they are Zeke’s equipment. He’s the only one who had only recently been in contact with Marley and Paradis, and it makes sense for him to establish some sort of hideout/base of operations inside the walls, yet far from society. Castle Utgard is the perfect opportunity.

If I may add, these boxes seem identical to the supply boxes carried by Cartman during the Shiganshina battle; likely being of the same type: supplies for Zeke and allies to be used during their Paradis operations. From this we can infer a couple of things: Zeke was probably not alone during the clash arc, Cartman/Pieck probably already accompanied him back then. Zeke’s operation wasn’t just meant to last a single day; they may have spent quite a bit of time inside Utgard before launching their attack (we still don’t know the precise process of that operation as well as the reason for its rather convenient timing). But most importantly, it implies that the supplies located inside Utgard were brought from the mainland, used by the warrior teams, in official service. AKA, the language used on the can is very much in use on the marleyan side of the ocean, even in recent time.

Now, most of this is already more or less obvious, but I just wanted to emphasize that this language, although understood by Ymir, is still recent, and used by official military forces not in favor of Eldia. For me, that’s a confirmation that the can-language is not some form of ancient Eldian used by Ymir’s cultists, but rather a product of brainwashing and propaganda following the victory of Marley over Eldia and the shutting off by King 145.

The oppression of Eldians by Marley has a very racial, ethical background: Eldians are discriminated against simply because of the race they belong to, a race not seen as human. As Sgt.Maj Gross said, everyone wants the demons dead; and in order to destroy a whole race, their people aren’t just killed, their culture, history and heritage need to be destroyed too. Unfortunately I can’t think of a precise example, but I’m pretty sure these things have happened even in out human history. In order to wipe out culture and history, even language needs to be destroyed. This means banning certain vocabulary, changing expressions, even going as far as modifying letters or the whole alphabet, with the goal of wiping the Eldian culture and image off the face of the planet. It’s all part of Marley’s scheme.

Then, on the other side of things, the walled society is slave to the first kings ideology, who literally possesses the power of to short-circuit the brains and memories of millions of his subjects. I’m sure here too exists the possibility of rearranging the language to fit better into the utopia Fritz tried to create. 

The two statements above are just my personal theories, but I think its fact that can-language is still very much used beyond the walls. When it comes down to it, the differences can’t be too massive either, since the warrior kids, Ymir and Zeke all seem to be able to speak and read both variants, esp Ymir who hasn’t been trained to infiltrate Paradis. 

Those are my thoughts on the can-language dilemma. I’ve seen a few other posts going around about it too, namely Ghostmartyr’s, which is definitely worth checking out. Hope this helps!      


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You should own a falcon just saying preferably small so that you can see it grow taller that you lol. I would be super cute if you made gifts out of him or did vlog of you thinking about therories and such and it would be here cheering you with its cute screeching sounds. Naming it Mikasa would be good because she is always featured in the eek gifts or maybe eeky or eekot or ackertrash idk I just wanted to get that out of my head when I saw that tiny falcon video. Ahhh... Have a nice day !

When you know you can’t have a falcon because every raptor species is protected in Hong Kong…



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